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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rosh Hashonnah is coming, Rosh Hashonnah is coming!!!

Reb Leibele teaches that unlike other nations, who, the night before their day of judgement are somber, don't eat, dress in serious (black) clothing, sit trembling and worrying, we Jews, the night before we stand in judgement dress in white, eat and sing and dance, are happy with a surety that we will be forgiven, redeemed, and have the lease on LIFE renewed for all LIVING CREATURES AND CREATION ITSELF!  Mamash unbelievable. What is going on?
Reb Leibele tells us that in fact it is a Miracle from the Master of the World, the King of Kings, that he grants us our wishes, and renews our leases on LIFE, with all the specific caveats that apply to each and every individual creation.
I want to say that we know this, we are counting on this, and just the same way that our prayers are answered before we ask, we give thanks - we sing and dance - before we recieve the judgement.
Our energies from here, from down below ascend to the highest places, and bring down Shefa, Divine Effluence - Good Vibes from the highest places above.
It's Tuesday --> Rosh Hashonnah around here.  Unfortunately technical difficulties have pre-empted Maya's last show of the year. I guess we just don't want the word "last" anywhere near Maya's name, not on our roster, at least.  IY"H, she will be back with a Vengence next Tuesday, 11-1 to Rock our mid mornings, and feed our mid day musical munchies.  Having said that, there is still a lot going on 'round here.

7;00 - 8:30 PM - The Homegrown Hour (Math?) Yes, there is always time for Homegrown, time to  listen to new music sent to us by YOU.  Remember, Mp3 files are preferred, and yes, you know the drill: send your files to  We'll even try to tell you when we'll play your song!

8:30 PM -->  Tuesday Night's "That's Rock and Roll" show is merging with "Cookin' for Shabbos" this week, as we head down the road to Rosh Hashonnah.  You can be sure there will be plenty of good vibes music, talk and Torah to get us ready for the BIG DAY!

Chazal tell us that even though we have 2 days of Rosh Hashonnah, it's really one long day. THE BIG DAY is coming down upon us.

The books (do you think HKBH is using an E Book?) are open.

Let's dance ourselves into the book of life - for ourselves, our families, our friends, our communities, our nation, all nations and the WHOLE WORLD.

As for us, Radio Free Nachlaot?  We'll keep doing our part - providing you with the best soundtrack for your life!

Chag Sameyach everybody. Shanah Tovah Oomtookah.  Have a Sweet New Year!