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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's Thursday - Yes, it's come around again!!!!

Happy Thursday Everybody.
More of the same, but never a repeat? Except for the new stuf....
(Btw  Did you hear Rena on the Radio?  That might become a new regular show, you know?)
Yes,we go round and round, hopefully getting further and further, higher and higher, toward our goals.
Goals? Do we have GOALS? Well, maybe it's just to be, maybe it's to connect with the Shoresh of our Neshama - maybe it's -- fill in the blanks folks, and while you're doing that, remember Radio Free Nachlaot, where Jerry meets Shlomo and everything in between -- Music, Talk and Torah - the perfect soundtrack for your lives....really. trust me. want to buy a bridge?
Thursday - Rabbi Richman's Parshat Hashavua at 7:00 PM
Steve's Cookin for Shabbos show at 10 - but you know we like to get started early....
Then there's Friday:
2:00 Not for Kids Only Childrens' Hour
3:30 'til Shabbos - Down the Road to Shabbos...
and there's Motzoei Shabbos:
Melave Malke from Tzfat with Lorelai and Benzion and an always surprise cast of thousands....--> Saturday Night music - programmed to help us move back into the week.
and - don't forget Sunday --
not only is it Yom Yerushalayim, but it's Sunday Night Live this week, with Steve and Lorelai, Live from Studio B with a soon to be confirmed special guest,
Live Music, Finally !!!!!
so, what else is there to say?
Good Shabbos everybody.
C Ya on the Radio!!!!!