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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hey RFN friends, fans and family!

In the interest of instant gratification ("The only kind worth having," as Lorelai has been known to say) we're posting some quick links to recordings made over the last several months of some of our most recent and wonderful original programs!

Feel free to "Link Up" with any and all of these recordings, they're free to listen to and to download!

Our interview with RABBI AARON LEIBOWITZ, broadcast on October 13th, 2013, candidate for Jerusalem City Council with the "Yerushalmim" Party  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with ARYEH NAFTALY, broadcast on October 6th, 2013 during which he unfolds his landmark musical project, "The Songs of Songs: Words and Music by King Solomon" CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with "Chiro Divine," Chiropractor DR. TOVA TERI GOLDFINE ("Dr. Tova") broadcast on September 29th, exploring the roots of health and healing CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with musician ALLAN SOBERMAN, broadcast on October 1st, recording artist and son of renown Cantor Morris Soberman CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with MICKEY HART recorded in Jerusalem on August 22nd, 2013 after his gig on Mt. Scopus with the Mickey Hart Band! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PART ONE and then when you're done, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PART TWO! 

Our interview with divine Vocalist CRYSTAL MONEE HALL, recorded after her performance in Jerusalem with the Mickey Hart Band on August 22nd. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with JONATHON LIPSIN, Founder of the legendary "Incredible Records," recorded during his visit to Jerusalem in August, 2013. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our live show with musician YOSEF DANIEL VILLARREAL, which was broadcast during August 2013 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  

Lorelai's on-the-road interview with JERILYN LEE BRANDILUS, author of the Grateful Dead Family Album, recorded live at "Jerry Day 2013" in San Francisco CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Lorelai's on-the-road interview with Jerry Day Founder TOM MURPHY, recorded live at Jerry Day 2013 in San Francisco CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SHARYA WITT's Melava Malka for Rav Dovid Hertzberg's yartzeit, recorded at the Happy Minyan in Los Angeles, July 2013 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
and click here to listen to the Melava Malka music and Torah

Our interview with renown voice teacher and internationally acclaimed author MIRIAM JASKIEROWICZ ARMAN, originally broadcast July 3rd, 2013 from the International Institute of Voice Development in Tzfat, Israel CLICK HERE TO LISTEN