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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Morning Yerushalayim, Nachlaot and the World

Good Morning Yerushalayim, Nachlaot and the World!

It's going to be a Grateful Dead morning -- with Torah and Music all day and then around 6:00 PM, leading into Steve's Cooking For Shabbos show, in honor of the opening of the Allman Brothers March Madness shows in NY (this year at the Universal Theatre, not the Beacon) we will play the Allman Brothers at the Beacon from last year - 3/12/09 -- It's a Hot show for a Hot day --so stay cool with Radio Free Nachlaot - all day, everyday!

And for all you schedule people out there:

Music : At Noon we continue with the Grateful Dead -- picking up with Dark Star -->followed by Shlomo, Shlomo and Raz, and then at aprox 3:30 - the Idan Raichel Project, at 4:30 In Lakech, 5:4o - Branford Marsalis and 6 'ish the Allman Brothers Band 3/12/09 Beacon Theatre, NY.

Torah: 5:30 - R' Betzalel Edwards /Mei Hashiloach on Pesach, Part 2

And don't forget -- It's Thursday which means tonight we get to prepare for Shabbos with Steve -- you never know what he's got cookin' in his musical stew --