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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Night Live featuring the Tehina Tapes

That's right folks, tonight we will feature some more "home-cookin'" with a pre-recorded session from just last Motzoei Shabbos up in Studio Tzadi (for Tzfat) with Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer, Eliezer Dov Goldenberg, and then with Andy "Alps" Alpern and Izzy joining in.
Preparing for the Third Annual, International Temple Mount Awareness Day "Happening" (or extravaganza, if you'd like) takes more time and is more tiring than you think.  So tonight, Sunday Night Live will have Steve live in Studio "B" with Lorelai "Live on Tape" and our tentative guest will just have to wait!!!!
I mean, we wouldn't not do a Sunday Night Live show just because we're tired and don't sleep, or, hmmm - 
no, I just checked with the Judges and lack of sleep doesn't merit a cancel, just a reconfigure.
....bottom line?
Sunday Night Live
8:00 PM
featuring the Tehina Tapes.
Don't Miss it.
Pita not included.

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