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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, July 15, 2013

9th of Av is Upon us.

Tisha B'av. Again. ....and what's there to say.  We've been saying it all week.  all month.  We don't cry for what we had and lost. We cry for what we don't have - that which we have not yet been worthy enough to create. Worthy enough.  "Zoche."  Having Zchut, Zchuyot.  What is it? Mitzvah Point? Stars on some chart in Heaven - you get enough stars and you can pass go, collect your 200 Silver coins and proceed to Olam Habaah?
You know, I think it's the No Pain, No Gain theory.  The less we work at something, the less we'll acheive that which we were shooting for.  Comfortably Numb? Able to see the horizon without any compunction about never getting there?  Hey, I work hard. I know what it's like to be tired and want to just buzz out to some visual entertainment.  No thinking required.  I know all about that!
But you know, beyond making excuses for ourselves, I think tisha b'av comes along and takes away the excuses, blows our cover wide open.  We're not eating and drinking and not learning, and not having the "simcha side of life" because we didn't do the work we (each and everyone of us has our job) needed to do.
so, we'll fast.
I hope we'll take it seriously and think about IT.
Radio Free Nachlaot will try to help us along by continuing to play Torah Lectures related to the 9 Days and Tisha b'av right up until mid-day on the 10th of AV.
...and then.....well, let's get there, and we'll tell you all about it.

now, it's only 4:25. Maybe Geulah will come in the few hours we have left.
maybe, just maybe......