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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, July 12, 2013

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos.

You know, Shlomo (Carlebach) says ( and I am paraphrasing) that Jews are amazing people - no one like us - one day we're on the floor crying (9th of Av) and the next minute we're up and singing and dancing - (tu b'av - 15th of Av) (I like to say, Shabbos Nachamu!) - so, even though we are erev Shabbos Chazon - about to enjoy the oneg of Shabbos prior to going back to the Aveilut (mourning) of the end of the 9 days and Tisha B'av (9th of Av) i think that it's fitting to think about the singing and the dancing, and what better place to sing and dance than at Kraft Stadium, Woodstock Festival Number 5 !!!!! (even if I'm not performing there, and RFN is not broadcasting!!!!!)
please read on, people!

Back by popular demand! Your favorite Jerusalem Hippy Summer Fest!
!!!פסטיבל וודסטוק חוזר
Michael Greilsammer & his band become Led Zeppelin for the night. Ummagumma play the Beatles. Lijah & The Firecats tribute Cat Stevens. Libi rocks on with hits from Woodstock. Natan Galili performs Bob Dylan. Ori Naftaly and the Blues Set with hits from Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, Santana, Joe Cocker & Hendrix.
Fun for all the family - excellent music, booths, juggling, face-painting & much much more!
Bring out your tie dyes, your hippy-Tu B'Av lovin attitudes and let's party!

מיכאל גריסלאמר מבצע לד זפלין. אומה גומה יבצעו ביטלס, לייג׳ה וחתולי האש ישירו קט סטיבנס. ליבי תרעיד את הבמה קלסיקות מוודסטוק, נתן גלילי בסט אקוסטי של דילן ואורי נפתלי ייתן בראש עם שירים של הנדריקס, קלפטון, ג׳ניס ג׳ופלין, סנטרה ועוד.
כיף לכל המשפחה: מוזיקה אדירה, דוכנים, ג׳אגלינג ועוד ועוד ועוד.

Tickets: online at and at Kraft Stadium - 02 623 6443
Special Early Bird Rate of 80nis per adult ONLY UNTIL JUNE 25th Discounts for Soldiers, Students, Yerushalmi card holders (only online via Bimot) and family discounts.
Adult tickets after June 25th - 100nis
Family Discounts - 2 adults (100 each) + 30nis per kid (up to 15 years) 4th kid + = free!
Soldiers & Students - 80nis for all details
Yerushalmi - 70nis only via Bimot *6226
Tickets on the day of the Festival:
Adult: 140nis
Student/Soldier: 100nis
Yerushalm Cardi: 110nis

For more details call Adam at Kraft - 02 623 6443
or e mail Nadia on

כרטיסים: מכירה מוקדמת (עד ה 25.6) 80 שח.
מבוגר: 100 שח
סטודנט/חייל 80 שח
כרטיס ירושלמי (רק דרך בימות *6226) 70 שח
עד ליום ההופעה. מחירים בדלת:
מבוגר: 140
סטודנט/חייל 100
ירושלמי: 110
02 623 6443
And Don't forget - 

Wednesday Night, 11:00 PM - Radio Free Nachloat will salute Woodstock 5 with a special broadcast featuring music from last year's Woodstock IV, original Woodstock music, and some tickets to give-a-way, as well.

I think we're going to get Maya to be in the "woodstock" spirit between 9 - 11, but, regardless, Wednesday Night, 11:00 PM  "A Salute to Woodstock 5", right here on the radio!

C Ya on the Radio !!!!!

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