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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Israel!

Happy Birthday "Modern State" of Israel! You're 62 years young today - and a pretty good placeholder for the Kingdom of Israel (it should be revealed quickly and in our day!).  

Rav Kook said that Modern Israel is the first-fruits of the Redemption, and not only do we believe that, we've staked our lives, our families, our fortunes (such as they are) and our sacred honor (to paraphrase the Founding Fathers of the U.S.) on that idea.

Not that we're saying everything here is perfect - far from it. We are very aware that we're living in the uncomfortable and imperfect space between post-Zionism and the pre-Messianic Era, and much of what happens here rings with dissonance between those two poles. But no matter what - there's nothing like waking up in the Jewish Homeland! What's that we smell - can it be the haze of BBQ smoke already hanging over the Holy City like a cloud this morning? Yes, nothing says National Patriotism like grilled meat - if you're in Jerusalem come join the world's biggest BBQ at Gan Sacher today, if you're elsewhere in the Country enjoy our birthday - and Radio Free Nachlaot will continue to bring you the music and Torahs most suited for this special day - we ARE playing several versions of the Grateful Dead's "Fire on the Mountain" as a tribute to the "Al HaAish" (BBQ) culture.

One has to wonder why Israelis insist on grilling a quantity of meat suitable for a small army on a grill the size of a postage stamp? Obviously they've never heard of Texas, or a George Foreman Grill - and yet, they make it happen. Happy Birthday Israel, you're lookin' good and smelling great today - Yom Huledet Sameach!