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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy #70 Levon

It's Levon Helm's 70th Birthday - Happy Birthday Levon! Right on the tail of Bob Dylan's 69th . (It was Bob Dylan with whom he and the band played all those so many years ago)

Levon has in fact, endured, and at 70 years old is still making that country rock, blues and roll he has been known for.

Levon's current performance career revolves around perfomances in his Woodstock barn called "The Midnight Ramble." To celebrate Levon's birthday in style, we will bring you a Midnight Ramble from 3/12/10 (just last march) featuring Donald Fagen from Steely Dan. You might need to adjust treble/bass/and volume but this "hot" show certainly outweighs any audio imperfections. Remember, this took place only 2 months ago!! What a way to celebrate being alive. Doing what you do!!! (which is what we do, right here at Radio Free Nachlaot! We do what we do! )

Today's schedule is:

1:00 PM - Israeli Soul will feature the men and women playing together in the most tzinut of ways --

We will begin with a "learning/interview" withLorelai and our friend R' Benzion Lehrer.

2:00 PM - Rabbi David Arons - Seeing G-d Part 4

5:00PM - Shlomo Sings with the Children

and tonight --

9:00 PM - The Levon Helm Band featuring Donald Fagen - Midnight Bramble recorded March 12th, 2010.

Again, Happy Birthday wishes and Thanks to you - Levon - Thanks for all the great music - Wishes and blessings for you to Celebrate Life, stay healthy, and keep going strong!,

BTW - this just in: Peggy Lee, Steevie Nicks and Sally Ride are also birthday girls! At 6:30 we'll do a short set for them, and at 8:00 - Peggy Lee's 1953 release - Black Coffee!