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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday already!

Yes, It's Thursday already!!! what ya gonna do 'bout that?
We're going to get ready for Shabbos, that's what !
Today's Soundtrack to Shabbos will include
Israeli Soul - 1:00 - 6:00 today featuring:
2:40 - 3:40 Moshe Shur and Sons - A Shur Thing
4:30 - Udi Davidi - Speak to Him
Today's Torah schedule is:
1:00 - Rabbi Chaim Richman - Parshas Hashavua
2:00 - Rabbi Betzalel Edwards -Judging Others
And don't forget -
8:00 - 9:00 Rebbe Nachman with Rabbi Ozer Bergman - re-broadcast*
Important Music News of the Day (maybe even the week?)

9:00 pm 'ish -- PAPA MALI featuring Papa Mali on guitar, with Bill Kreutzman (Grateful Dead) and George Porter (bass-The Meters) live from the Great American Music Hall, San Fransisco, California, 4/9/10 -- yes, just a few weeks ago!!!

To this humble Music Director (one of 2 here at RFN) PAPA MALI is the "freshest" version of the post Jerry - Dead bands to come along -- they're more than a cover band, they're PAPA MALI --Let's begin to get to know them together tonight on Radio Free Nachlaot.

Now, that'll be "cookin'" for Shabbos, you know what I mean??!!

*Please Note: Due to the theft and therefore unavailability of one of our "broadcast" pcs, we will not be able to broadcast R' Ozer Bergman's shiur this evening. We will re-broadcast last week's shiur between 8 and 9 Pm - Chazarah is always good!
We are recording tonight's shiur, and we will broadcast it in the upcoming days.
Stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot for information on broadcast and rebroadcast of all shiurim.
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