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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, May 10, 2010

Too Hot To Handle

Hamseen - hot stifling weather - used to be in the days of the Ottoman Empire that murders committed during Hamseen weather were downgraded from murder to involuntary manslaughter (or at least the Ottoman Empire version of such a thing) because everyone knows this weather makes you CRAZY. Stay with us on Radio Free Nachlaot while we try to stay cool and sane.

Lena Horne  - singer, actress, Civil Rights Activist, 8 time Grammy Award Winner and vocalist extraordinaire, passed from this world this morning. We're hearing some Lena classics on "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" this morning. Did you know Lena's second husband, musical arranger Lennie Hayton was Jewish? Theirs was truly a "Mixed Marriage" during a time in American history when it wasn't so commonplace for a woman of color to be married to a "white" man - let alone a Jewish man. Her daughter Gail married Jewish screenwriter and director Sidney Lumet, keeping it all in the family. No one sings "Stormy Weather" like Lena - we'll miss her beauty and spirit.

It's also the birthday of U2 Frontman BONO, prompting us to play "The Joshua Tree" in it's entirety today - always a pleasure to hear.

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm: Lorelai's Interview with "Cool Jew" Author Lisa Alcalay Klug
  • 2pm: Rabbi Immanuel Schochet - Ba'Midbar
  • 3pm: Rabbi Moshe New "Moses, David and the Baal Shem Tov"
  • 4pm: Rabbi Moshe New: Shavuot - An Overview
  • 5pm: Rabbi Immanuel Schochet - Shavuot Insights

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm : Lorelai's Monday Edition of "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show with mini-tribute to Lena Horne as well as new music from Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon and more.
  • 1pm - 6pm: Israeli Soul Afternoon features Mizrachi Music, Breslav Tunes and music from Oren Levi. HaKol b'Evrit! :)
  • 6pm: U2 - The Joshua Tree (Happy Birthday, Bono!)
  • 7pm: Buddy Guy: Alone & Acoustic
  • 8pm - The Band - The Last Waltz (yes, the whole thing - nice!)
  • 10:30pm - Counting Crows "Saturday Night and Sunday Mornings"
  • 11:30pm - Elton John "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"
  • Midnight - 3am: The Grateful Dead Road Trips Vol. 2 No. 3- "Wall of Sound" (Oh, yeah!)
We expect to be feeling a whole lot better when this Hamseen breaks - oh yes, we've got a feeling it can't last too much longer - stay cool folks & stay with us on Radio Free Nachlaot today!