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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Schvitzing b'Midbar

Shavua Tov - It's HOT HOT HOT today in Jerusalem and it's starting to dawn on us that Summer is coming again to the Middle East (did it ever really leave?) and Temperature Control Management Systems need to be put into place ASAP!

First: ice cubes! Yes, one of the hardest-to-obtain items in the Holy Land, when you ask for ice in your drink at almost any restaurant you're sure to be looked at as if you asked the Waiter to run to the top of Mt. Hermon to fetch the ice for you (which is in fact what USED to have to happen in order to get ice). Million Dollar Business Idea du Jour: ice machines at every Macolet in town (just like in California you can't go into ANY 7-11 or mini-market without finding an ice freezer & bags of ice - the only place I've seen bags of ice for sale are at Gas Stations here!)

Second: Cool Music! Listen to Radio Free Nachlaot from anywhere in the world on your computer AND now on your iPhone!