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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's already Wednesday, people!

Yes it is! Something about Yom Tov on Monday, and Isru Chag on Tuesday, so even though it's Wednesday, Wednesday,  I keep singing "Monday, Monday" -- which might explain why our Israeli Soul afternoon will head into a blues-day afternoon, featuring all sorts of Blues music - Women with the Blues, Old time blues, and even some of the newer blues singers - all leading up to 9:00 PM when Maya will be on the air, tonight featuring the classic U2 album, "ACHTUNG BABY."

Maya says that "this album has sold over 35 million records to date and is a classic break through for rock music and concerts. Zoo t.v.-the world wide tour that followed the album made music history."  Maya is going to play the album and give us all the information that we need to have to know the album in a more intimate way. That's right, 9-11 PM, Maya will lead us into her world of night-time rock music, tonight, up close and persoinal with U2.

And after that?  Lorelai will be driving the bus right through 'til Thursday night when, yes, once again we'll be "cookin' for Shabbos!."

And for all of our video fans out there --
Heart to Heart and The Returning Light will not be broadcast this week.
Sunday Night Live will be back this Sunday Night, between 8 and 11 PM with our special guest: R' Avrohom Sutton.

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