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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What do you do the day after the biggest day ever?

Yesterday's 2nd Annual Temple Mount Awareness Day program was insanely wonderful - we had thousands of visitors to our web site watching the show from all over the world, wonderful generous individuals who sponsored the program, fantastic guests, a dedicated all-volunteer support staff, mad ninja producers and technicians, and altogether the 6 hour program seemed like it went by in less than an hour (at least from our "inside" point of view) - and we had some fun and bumpy technological moments, but hey, that's LIVE broadcasting!

We have to thank BE THERE ISRAEL for streaming the event in wonderful quality real-time video to thousands of people world-wide. If you have ANY kind of event in Israel you need people anywhere to be able to see - BE THERE ISRAEL is your solution!

To watch the recorded version of the program - all almost-6 hours of it (we edited out the system reboots and "housekeeping" moments) - CLICK HERE or copy and paste this URL into your browser:  ... there were a few audio issues in the first few minutes of the show but once you get past those ... it's smooth sailing (and viewing!) :)

It's so important to remember that EVERY day should be Temple Mount Awareness Day. We want to invite you to visit THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE and enter the world of the Holy Temple!  Please support the work of the Temple Institute!

Those of you who have been with Radio Free Nachlaot since our humble beginnings in November 2009 are no strangers to Rabbi Chaim Richman. We've been broadcasting his weekly Torah portion pieces, "Light Unto the Nations" show, "Temple Talk" and of course the original programming we've done with him both on the radio and now in live streaming video.

In fact, the picture on this post is of Rabbi Richman bestowing a Holy Bagel discount card upon Lorelai on the occasion of her birthday. Holy Bagel - Holy Temple - holy, holy, holy is the LORD G*d of Hosts, the whole world is filled with His glory! Rabbi Richman has always brought holiness and goodness to us - and we're proud to be able to feature his programming on Radio Free Nachlaot. In case you missed it the first time, CLICK HERE to watch our special video radio show we did with Rabbi Richman when he recently returned from America on February 10th of this year.

We wanted to make sure you know more about our special guests from yesterday.

The work of Attorney Baruch Ben Yosef, Temple Mount Legal Scholar who was our guest during Hour 1 of the show can be seen at LaMikdash.

The work of Archeologist Yitzchak "Tzachi" Zweig , Founder and Director of the Temple Mount Sifting Project, (our guest during Hour 2) can be seen at the CITY OF DAVID site.

The work of our guest during Hour 3, Yisrael Medad, Veteran Temple Mount Scholar and Activist, Director of Educational Resources at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center, can be found at his blog "My Right Word."

Hour 4 featured the music of Rabbi David Louis and the "Mikdash All-Stars." Rabbi Louis only believes in LIVE music - he's a purist! and so the only way you'll get to see him again is by watching Radio Free Nachlaot - gevaldt, we're ready to make him our house band and we were VERY reluctant to allow him to leave the studios last night - next time he comes we may not let him out!

Reuven Prager of Beged Ivri was our special guest during Hour 5. We need to have him back, his presentation was fascinating and we just didn't have enough time - we need at least another hour with him!

... and of course, Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven can always be found by visiting THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE - send them a message of support today!

BIG UP and BIG THANKS to our Director, Ian Estricher, our co-executive producer Daniel Shugert, our sound ninja David Levi, our awesome crew Yosef Adest, David Simon, Brian (Yosef) Friedman, Missy Schlade and our wonderful communications and logistics staff Maya Yakabov and Chana Klein.

So... what DO you do the day after the biggest day ever?

Speaking of Maya (who volunteered on our crew yesterday, B"H) ... unbelievable, but she's doing her show tonight! An AEROSMITH TRIBUTE SHOW, yes that's right, our DJ Maya will be bringing Aerosmith to the RFN airwaves tonight (Wednesday) from 9-11pm Jerusalem time (that means people in the U.S. can really listen).

Maya's Mid-Afternoon show will be back next Tuesday at 11am Jerusalem time - that's TWICE a week now, Maya in the Mid-Afternoon Tuesdays at 11am and Maya at (Almost) Midnight, Wednesdays at 9pm. Check out her blog at MAYA'S WORLD OF MUSIC and read all about it!

As for Steve and Lorelai ... where do WE go from here? Last night after the show, neither Steve nor Lorelai were able to formulate a complete sentence.The "We're Just Too Blown Away By What Just Happened" Syndrome was in full force. But don't worry ... we'll think of something. After all, Steve (as Musical Director of Radio Free Nachlaot) has already declared that when the day does come, with G*d's help, that we are able to broadcast RFN live from the Temple Mount, the first song he'll play will be "HIGHER AND HIGHER" (the Bruce Springsteen "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" version).

So maybe that's the answer - there's only one way to go from here (after we get a little sleep): HIGHER AND HIGHER.

And as The Boss says at the end of the song: "THAT'S ROCK 'N' ROLL!"