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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


Shtar is coming to "Sunday Night Live" April 10th!
We're so proud to announce the hot new bad SHTAR will be our guests for the final musical performance on "Sunday Night Live" before we break for Pesach and the Omer season (we won't have live music again on SNL until the week after Lag B'Omer ).

Don't worry. We'll still have lots of great video programming, but no live music during the Seifrot haOmer season - from Pesach to Lag B'Omer. What better way to wind up a stellar "Season One" of live video programming than with Shtar?

SHTAR: A unique blend of hip-hop and pop with a twist. Shtark; Stylish; G’Shmack. A kaleidoscope of words, melody, beats and sounds. Distinctively Jewish and yet Addictively Gritty, Sophisticated, and Deep. You don’t know what you’re living for until you know what you’re willing to Die for...

The Shtar crew is a 5 piece machine that pumps out pure cuts; This Voltron musical makeup is comprised of Seattle’s own Ori M’Ori on microphone sanctification, London massive Binyamin Adam orchestration and guitar illustration, Dan Isaac with the vocal purification, Avi Sommers from NYC laying thick BASSick and Jerusalem's own Tzvi Solomons keeping the time right.

Shtar represent Israel now but grew up on underground hip-hop, pop and indie and are on a worldwide plot to spread reality met with melody compounded with a capital FRESH.

SHTAR! Sunday April 10th, 8:30pm Jerusalem time - in live streaming video - on RADIO FREE NACHLAOT!