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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Shabbos HaGadol is Coming!

Shabbos HaGadol is coming! It's the GREAT BIG Shabbos right before Pesach, we're poised between cleaning and chametz-removal and being "Kosher l'Pesach" - some of us have completed our homes, most of us are still somewhere in-between .... but ALL of us have to stop, right before Pesach - stop, and breathe, and be enveloped in the peace and tranquility of Shabbos. Maybe that's one reason why it's called Shabbos HaGadol, because it's GADOL - a big deal - to stop this trajectory of pre-Pesach activity. But it's all about stopping, and just BEING ... in Shabbos, together, as we take a little taste of "Olam HaBa'a" (the World to Come) right before we're to be tasting matzoh, the bread of our redemption.
Have a restful Shabbos everyone ... we'll be back Saturday night and then off again Monday night through Tuesday night for Pesach in Jerusalem ... yes we keep ONE DAY of Yom Tov, our listeners in Chutz l'Eretz will miss a whole day of programming - hey, yet another reason for you to make Aliyah and join us... NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!!!
Shabbat Shalom! Good Shabbos, good Shabbos!