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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hey Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'???

That's right, it's Thursday, already! Tonight, not only will we be "Cookin' for Shabbos!" but we'll be celebrating 2 very special birthdays. Nigleh and Nistar - Revealed and Concealed. Revealed -Ringo is 71. Concealed - that birthday girl's identity is safe with me!  All I want to say is that today's music will be inspired by both Birthday people who each in their own way have made a mark on my musical conciousness. More than that all I can say is that we'll let the music speak for itself, wishing a good life to all those who's birthday or un-birthday happens to be today. Hmmm - I think that includes everybody!

Hey Everybody: STAY TUNED!  We start "Cookin' for Shabbos" at 10 pm - but don't wait until then, we'll be "preparing" all day long.

Don't Forget - This week's Sunday Night Live will feature our friend, Nadav Serling.  Nadav's "word-beat" rhythms and poetry are bound to captivate!  Join us, 8 -11 PM, Jslm time, for our special type of Radio on TV, brought to you by BE THERE ISRAEL( - If you have an event here (in Israel) and the whole world can't come to you, we can bring you to the whole world!

We have a big week coming up, but for right now - Come join the party - C Ya on the Radio, everybody!