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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Skruffy Jazz, Maya in the Evening, and How Jerry Garcia will help you STAY COOL

It's a well-known fact that Radio Free Nachlaot's 9 Days of Jerry event celebrates "The Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday and yartzeit. The concept of the "Days Between" is really relevant right now as we linger in the "days between" 17 Tammuz and Rosh Chodesh Av ... not quite one thing, not quite another. Yes we're not playing live music on "Sunday Night Live," yes we're toning down the recorded music we're playing, yes we're preparing to go all-Torah from Rosh Chodesh Av to Tisha b'Av .... because that's what we do. But it's not necessarily comfortable - at all. Especially with the temperatures soaring and another heat wave expected any day, and the impending move (to an as-yet undiscovered undisclosed location) of Undisclosed Studio B ... everything feels a little SKETCHY. So our only real solution to that feeling, at this point, is to try to focus on staying cool.
Breathe. Enjoy some Cherry Garcia ice cream (or frozen yogurt). After all, every time we think about The 9 Days of Jerry, we think about Cherry Garcia. The cool solution to the hot days of summer.
Join The Crimson Stone at High Noon today for some cool jazz, and DJ Maya at 9pm Jerusalem time for her music of the night show ... we're with you in all kinds of weather.