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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Skruffy Jazz at High Noon, Maya's "Music for the Night" and "Dust in the Wind"

Wednesday is the SKRUFFY JAZZ SHOW at High Noon - now going on it's third week, and already we have a special guest joining The Crimson Stone in-studio today: Israeli musical prodigy Erez Foyer. 12N Jerusalem time ... sure to be a WONDERFUL show, don't miss it!

Steve and Lorelai will be checking in at various times today from Undisclosed Studio G (which couldn't be more filled with dust than if it was an actual dust pile - the Jerusalem Media Group is LITERALLY "Under Construction!"). Lorelai has finally figured out (after DAYS of painfully itchy scratchy dusty eyes and throat) that wearing a dust mask AND goggles (or constantly cleaning her glasses) is the only way to keep sane (and maintain decent respiration) during what is sure to be known as "the Construction Era."

Then tonight - when the dust settles - our DJ MAYA will be bringing us "MUSIC OF THE NIGHT." Apparently Maya has been very DARK in her blog lately (you should read MAYA'S WORLD OF MUSIC, by the way!) and she's been attracting visitors to her blog (and fans of her shows) from all sorts of interesting places (Eastern Europe is BIG on Maya!). Listen to "Music of the Night" with Maya at 9pm Jerusalem time tonight!

Wherever you're listening to us from (96 countries world-wide) we say: Shalom, y'all! Happy Wednesday!