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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


ZIGGY MARLEY and the Easy All-Stars are in Israel, gevaldt! Scheduled to play "The Road to Zion" Tour in Jerusalem's Gan Sacher on Thursday, Ziggy is giving a press conference this morning in Tel Aviv and our intrepid reporter Lorelai Kude is off to TA to see Ziggy and ask him the all-important question: Where are you for Shabbos? Because of course ... he's INVITED. After all, he's practically family - his wife Orly is Israeli, he's the son of Bob Marley z"l who of course has deep Rasta-Jew reggae roots (and on a personal level there's only one degree of separation between us at Radio Free Nachlaot and Ziggy, and that's our friend Amy "Night Nurse" Wachtel, Reggae DJ/Impresario). So by us, he's mishpocha.
Ziggy Marley will be headlining the ROAD TO ZION TOUR which comes to Jerusalem's Gan Sacher this coming Thursday night - tickets available via "Mister Ticket" ( - don't miss it, Zion Train is coming our way, people!
And Ziggy - if you're listening - Shabbos is coming, Shabbos is coming and you, Orly & the kids are invited for dinner - just let us know how many places to set - there's always room at Radio Free Nachlaot's Shabbos table for you!