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Monday, February 15, 2010

Adar is Here! Purim is Coming!

Adar is here! Adar is here! Purim is coming! Purim is coming! It's time for our joy to increase, our merriment to ascend, and of course it's time to "nosh some Hamantashin" - and what better way to induce the spirit of Adar than to listen to Radio Free Nachlaot? We'll be featuring a variety of Purim-themed Torahs as well as music guaranteed to put you in the mood to put on masks, and take them off. Purim is all about revealing what's been concealed, exposing the reality of HaShem's Providence in this World even when it's hidden from our eyes. Join us on our journey!
After Rebbe Nachman's "Tikkun HaKlali" this morning we start the day with Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show with a pastiche of songs dedicated to the theme of Women - the archetypes, the heroines, the muses, the Esthers and the Vashtis in all of us. Tonight we'll be featuring music from The Who's Quadrophenia - the classic Rock Opera - with plenty of great stuff in-between.

Today's Torah Schedule:
1pm, 5:45pm - Rav Betzalel Phillip Edwards' series on the Chevrya continues (Part 4)
3pm - Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on Purim - "L'Chaim - To Life!" Why do we drink on Purim? Stay tuned to find out!
6pm - Rabbi Mendel Kaplan on Purim - "Decoding the Megilla's Message" - is there a secret code embedded within Megilla Esther? Chabad Rabbi Mendel Kaplan answers that question and more.

Today's Music Schedule:
8am - 1pm - Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show. Crazy love songs!
1pm - 6pm - "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features music from Adeloyada, Akiva Gersh, Knesiyat HaSechel, In Lakech, and Oneg Shemesh.
7:30pm - Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol. 1 (2005)
9:00pm - The Who - Quadrophenia!
10:30pm - The Jerry Garcia Band Capitol Theater Early and Late Shows (1982)