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Friday, May 27, 2011

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos

So, I ask you - is it the end of this week, or already the beginning of the next?
I start "cookin' for Shabbos" (Steve here) on Thursday night, head "down the road to Shabbos" including the Not For Kids Only Childrens' Hour (2 -3:30PM) and continue on through to Sunday Night Live which of course included our Motzoei Shabbos - Melave Malke where Shlomo meets Saturday Night and just before that a break for Shabbos allowing a little time for prayer, study, food and sleep.  Next up, Monday - a non studio day for me but a busy day for Lorelai at the radio-wheel, rising to amazing musical heights during the Not for Drag Queens only show, and then it's Tuesday.  We start out with Maya in the Mid-Morning, go on to harvest the Homegrown at 7 PM which leads us to Rockin' and-a-Rollin' until much too late to mention. Wednesday night Maya leads us into her world of music (which most of the times is "our world of music") and then it's "Video/Radio Thursday" with "Heart to Heart" (2 PM) and the Returning Light (4PM) - Lorelai with guests - intimate topical/Torah conversations complete with charts and maps and "astrological" interpretations spoken in a language only a "select" few can understand.  At 7:30 we  head off "Video-wise" to a Rebbe Nachman Chabura led by R' Ozer Bergman and for the radio listeners when we don't simulcast the chabura westart with our H'ors D'ouvres portion of the "cookin' for Shabbos" show, and then by 10:00 PM we're - guess what - back to "cookin' for Shabbos."
It's a wheel. It's a cycle of life.  Where are you / me on the wheel?  I don't always know -- but at least I know I don't know - that's something, right?
What I do know is that music guide us, accompany us, and carry us along.
And that's what (Radio Free Nachlaot) is here for. We're here to provide the good vibes soundtrack for your life.
It's a noble notion.
Hey, here's another "noble" notion - DO YOU WANT TO HELP?
"How" you ask?
First and foremost - keep Listening. Keep telling your friends to listen.
Second, and coming up fast -- Send Rubles (shekels or dollars preferred). - Paypal on the web page works - or:
Hire us to broadcast your wedding or simcha or event (
Advertise, or get your friends to advertise on the radio.  Here's an idea - sponsor a show!

You know, we're here for you -- now you can be here for us also. What an idea!!!
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos
I bless us all ( you all should bless me back) that as long as the  wheel keep spinning round we should be able to hold on tight - and enjoy the ride! - which I guess brings me back to from where I started.
What day is today?
I know, it's Friday!

And don't forget:  Coming up - Sunday Night Live - this Sunday, May 29th, 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM featuring Yehuda Katz! 
Watch us on the Radio!

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos.
We thank, and love you all!