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Monday, May 16, 2011

Miracle or Mitzvah, Anyone?


Dear Radio Free Nachlaot Friends, Fans and Family,

We need a miracle every day: and today we need a mitzvah, too!

We're reaching out looking for a miracle or a mitzvah, or both. Our PC laptop (pictured above in it's natural setting within "Undisclosed Studio A") is leaving us this week, and we need a replacement.

This current laptop was donated to us one year ago by some friends in Australia, who now need it back. It was donated in response to what we're now calling "The Great Jerusalem Day Robbery of 5770," which was the day (actually, evening) last May that Lorelai's apartment in Nachlaot was robbed and she lost, amongst other things, her personal laptop with which Radio Free Nachlaot actually STARTED and had been running the radio station (along with RFN co-founder Steve Levine's computer) 24/6 since we began broadcasting in late November, 2009.

We're asking for you help. If you have a PC laptop (our broadcast software doesn't work with Mac, sorry) that you'd like to DONATE to Radio Free Nachlaot, that would be a mitzvah gadolah, and your donated laptop would have the pleasure of being the conduit for all the best music, talk & Torah coming out of Jerusalem! It would be the highest kavod (honor) a laptop could have - and it's also the "working laptop" that goes on location shoots & anywhere outside our studio broadcast system. Our specials such as the Nachlaot Tu'B'Shvat broadcast, our weekly Shiur with Ozer Bergman, the concert with Pey Dalid that we broadcast from Ulpan Etzion, etc. etc. can't be done without a laptop broadcast computer.


Alternatively, we have started a "REPLACEMENT LAP TOP" Donation opportunity if you'd like to DONATE so we can purchase another laptop here in Israel. Please send your donation via PayPal which can be found on our web site at or by clicking on this PayPal link:

Thank you for considering our request - and thank you for listening to RADIO FREE NACHLAOT!

Lorelai Kude
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