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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yom HaAtzmaout: Happy 63rd Birthday, Israel! You Look Mahvahlous, Dahlink!

Who is even more beautiful at 63 than she was at 36? The lovely and talented State of Israel, of course! We're celebrating her 63rd Birthday as only Israelis can - with firecrackers and the official kick-off of "Al HaAish" Season (otherwise known as BBQ season!). Israelis LOVE to BBQ meat on tiny little grills - on Israeli Independence Day - Yom HaAtzmaout - everyone brings out their little grills and spends all day grilling and chilling. True that we are missing the Beit HaMikdash (Holy Temple) where the Cohenim would be cooking up the sacrifices every day ... there's something genetically implanted in the soul of every Jew that makes him LOVE "Al HaAish" more than could be reasonable - our theory is that we just really MISS the Holy Temple, and this is how we make up for it ...
Celebrate Israeli Independence Day with us on Radio Free Nachlaot - we're playing all Israeli music, all day - and yes, there's nothing more "homegrown" than Israeli music, born right here in the beautiful, tiny, holy, delicious and magical Eretz HaKodesh (Holy Land) - ISRAEL, YOU'RE FABULOUS, Happy Birthday, beautiful!