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Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's Lag B'Omer - Gevaldt! Geshriegin'! Gevaldt!

Yes, It's Lag B'Omer
Let the bon fires begin!!

Yerushayim, Ir Hakodesh - the Holy City - smells like smoke. Holy Smoke! The Smell of people gathering around the fires --

connecting through the physical light of the fire to the spiritual fire that lights our souls. And whether you're In Meron, at the grave of R' Shimon Bar Yochai, in Gan Sacher (Nachlaot), in NY, in California, in England, or Vienna, in Japan or Austrailia -we must know that the fires we light are not just individual circles of light, but connected circles that bring light into the whole world - I mean, after all, that's our job, right? To bring light into the world! A light unto the nations - or so it says....Yes friends, let's dedicate ourselves to each other, to the whole world. Let's fix the "lack of respect" that wiped out 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiba by gathering with each other, and showing that we truly are living V'ahavta L'reacha Chamocha - Loving your friends as you love yourself  - by respecting and loving each other.

Lag B'Omer - a night and a day of togetherness - a night and day of light.

...and of course, if you need a soundtrack ('cause everyone needs a soundtrack, right?) we will provide you with the sounds -  the music and the torah to fill your day with joy.

The mouring period of the Omer is over (for most).
Let's sing and dance.

Happy Lag B'Omer to all!


Starting around 8:00 PM ('ish) - as soon as the Grateful Dead Show that is scheduled to preceed SNL finishes - we will re-broadcast (audio only - sorry, no video tonight!) Steve's interview with Reb 'Leizer Garner and his wife the "Rockin' Rebbetzin" Michelle Garner, and then, 10:20 'ish, Steve and Lorelai's interview with Jah Levi. 

Great Interviews, Great Radio, a Great chance to listen again, or for the first time to some unforgettable moments captured and originally broadcast live from studio "b" - undisclosed studio "b" - deep in the heart of Nachlaot!

Post Lag B'Omer relax chill time on schedule? What better way than to let Radio Free Nachlaot to lead the way.
C Ya on the Radio!

P.S. - Check out our Upcoming Specials page for more info on our Bob Dylan birthday special and next week's Sunday Night Live show featuring: Yehuda Katz.