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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Fast of Gedaliah

We are fasting. We are mourning the assassination of Jewish Leadership.
Perhaps instead of just asking, where have all our Leaders Gone? we should be looking to the Torah as our guide, and inside ourselves as the ultimate source of leadership.

How am I leading myself? My Family, My friends? Is it the blind leading the blind? Am I just following along?
Leadership. Stepping up to the plate. Learning Torah in order to DO -- to do what? To lead ourselves, and our families, our friends and our communities, ALL OF ISRAEL - on -- as in onward - not as in "leading us on!" (there's plenty of that already!)
Things to contemplate while fasting.
....and if we are really serious, then our fasting will be worth while, wouldn't you say?

However, while we contemplate "life" let's not forget that Music and Torah will lead us forward, and accompany us as we travel on -- and, that (at Radio Free Nachlaot) is is our job!

Coming Up, Today's schedule includes:
12:30 - An extra long "Shot of Shlomo."
2:00 - Michael Hedges - Aerial Boulevard
2:47 - Bill Frissell - Unspeakable
4:00 - Rabbi Betzalel Edwards on Rosh HaShonnah
4:20 - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Rosh HaShonnah message
5:00 - Herbie Hancock - Crossings (1971) --> Herbie Hancock - Sextant (1972)
6:26 - Music to end our fast to: Supertramp - BREAKFAST in America (or Jerusalem, as the case may be!)
7:00 - Tony Levin - Waters of Eden (Tony is an amazing bass player, you might remember him from King Crimson)
8:00 Sunday Night Live - with Lorelai and Steve and special guest(s)????

And while we're contemplating "leadership", let's remember what my Rabbi used to ask. He would say:
"If I died, would Gedaliah fast for me?"

You know, I think I'm starting to understand. If I am making a difference, and the difference is noticed when I die, then perhaps "they" would fast for the difference - not really for me, but for the difference that I represent.

We can all make a difference, Let's Make a Difference, everybody!!