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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, September 6, 2010

It's a Mitzva to Be By Your Rebbe on Rosh HaShana - If You Can't Be By Your Rebbe We'll Bring Your Rebbe To You!

Everybody knows that on Rosh HaShana a person needs to be by their Rebbe, right?
That's why so many people (well, men anyway) go to Uman every year at Rosh HaShana - to be near their rebbe - Rebbe Nachman, of course. That's where our own Ozer Bergman has gone this week (with hundreds of thousands of his closest friends) but don't despair, folks - nobody has left you "home alone" with no Torah - gevaldt, we're going to the literal ends of the Earth to bring down the highest of the high ... which started last night when Rabbi TOVIA SINGER, founder of Outreach Judaism and author of the new book "Let's Get Biblical" joined Steve and Lorelai in-studio for one of the most fun, inspiring, original and lively versions of our "Sunday Night Live" Show that was better than - a pot full of cholent, for sure!

But that's not all - no folks, we're going all the way in this very short pre-Rosh HaShana week - Lorelai is schlepping across town to tape an exclusive Radio Free Nachlaot interview with Rabbi Chaim Richman which she'll play this afternoon, G-d willing, and then schlepping back to Undisclosed Studio A to meet with Rav Avraham Sutton, who will be LIVE with Lorelai around 12N today, Jerusalem time.
Tuesday (that's tomorrow already????) we have Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Poupko coming to make some original Rosh HaShana-themed Torah with us around 7pm. And there may be more ... some of our Rabbis and Teachers may show up unannounced - you'll have to stay tuned...
Rosh HaShana - the "Birthday of the World" - really, it's the birthday of Adam haReshon (The First Man), and in that sense, it's the birthday of all of us, because all of us humans came from our Original Parents, who themselves came from the Original Human, who was split into two - man and woman - as we reassemble those fragments and the fragments of our own humanity and prepare to stand before HaKodosh Baruch Hu to proclaim Him KING ... we're going to need some spiritual nourishment to get enough energy to make it through two days of davening and then immediately into Shabbos - which is why we need a whole lotta Torah, a whole lotta Torah going on ....we'll be updating the web site and
our Facebook Fan Page throughout the next couple of days as we continue with our quest to bring you THE BEST MUSIC, TALK & TORAH LIVE 24/6 (except for Shabbos and Chaggim!) FROM JERUSALEM TO THE WORLD!

Oh yeah, don't forget - we asked our listeners to record their own personal Rosh HaShana greetings and email them to us (MP3 or .WAV files are just fine) and we hope to receive enough of them to play them on Wednesday (which to us will be like Friday this week). Don't be shy! Pick up a microphone and say Hi! Email your audio files to us at: - we want to hear from you!