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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

When Did Wednesday Become Thursday???

I mean, wasn't it just Thursday last week when we were getting ready to Premiere our Holy Healing Show with Dr. Liebe?
Wasn't it just Shabbos?
Wasn't it just Tuesday when we had Shiatsu on the radio, a visit from Ronnie Vance, and our second weekly Homegrown Show?
Wasn't it just Wednesday when we introduced you to Maya in the Morning?
hmm - I guess it IS Thursday, already.
Where does the time go????
Well, at least we must be having fun!!!! :)
Tonight we've been listening to the Grateful Dead from the Family Dog - 1970, and Jerry and David - Grateful Dawg music from 1991,
We have Rabbi Sutton - Elul Part 2 - at 2:00 'ish,
we have Phish from 2010 - Saratoga at 3:30
followed by the Dixie Dregs leading us right into Jerusalem Calling at 7:00 AM - ish....
9:00 It's Morning Dew for the Morning Jew,
12:00 It's Holy Healing,
3:00 It's Rabbi Sutton
8:00 It's Ozer Bergman
after 9 it's Cookin' with Steve...
not to mention all the music, talk and Torah that goes on in between --
Need I go on???
Happy Thursday everybody....