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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

We're building a building

It's Sukkah building time, everybody!
We're building a building - a temporary building -- but we've all been invited - that's right, we've all been invited to come dwell in Hashem's home -- the Sukkah that we build. Shlomo used to say that at Neilah - the last prayer of Yom Kippur we're all given invitations to Hashem's Sukkah. But this, as with most of the way we follow the Torah and connect to Hashem is interactive. If we want to make good on the invitation, and come dwell in Hashem's Sukkah, we have to build it first!
So that's what we're doing, building our Sukkah -- and the music, right, the music -you can't forget about the music - well, we have some down home good Sukkah building music right here for you, all day long. Just take your laptops and speakers out to your sukkah site, and let us do the rest!
Today's soundtrack looks like this:
11:00 - Bonnie Raitt
12:00 - Shlomo and Neshama
1:00 - The Beatles - Hey Jude
1:30 - Bluegrass Reunion
3:00 - Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass boys - an radio concert
4:15 - David Bromberg and Vassar Clements - Hillbilly Jazz
as for the rest of the day --
hey, we didn't get there yet, did we?
Don't forget - Tonight -8pm - Lorelai and Steve - Sunday Night Live!