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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rushing Towards Rosh HaShana - We're Going To See The King!

Rushing off to Rosh HaShonnah -
Rushing off to Coronate the King...

I mean, if the Dead were in town, or Shlomo, or the Beatles, we'd be up early, standing on line, up and ready to go -- Well guess what people - The King's been in the fields, and the King is coming our way!!! What an exciting time it is!!!

And just to make sure we get there in the best of spirits, Radio Free Nachlaot has been playing music fit for a King, all day --

We've had the Dead, and Further, and Return to Forever, a special edition of Jerusalem Calling, Rav Poupko on Rosh HaShonnah, and the Jerry Garcia Band.

High Noon: Shlomo's Rosh HaShonna Daavening

1:15 'ish - Branford Marsalis and the X Men from 12/31/90 (hmm, maybe it is New Year's Eve?)
and then we'll keep dancing all the way to around 6pm --

At 3 we have a special edition of Not For Kids Only Childrens' Hour - today featuring the soundtrack from The Sound Of Music -- The Hills are know if you walk through Nachlaot in the morning, even the morning of Rosh HaShonnah you would be singing, Nachlaot is alive - with the sound of daavening....
but I digress.

Jerry Meets Shlomo as we get ready to meet the King!
(and i don't mean Elvis!!!!)
Happy Rosh HaShonnah - Happy Life everybody!!!!!