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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 9 Days of Jerry: Day 3 - I'll Get Up And Fly Away...

Day 3 of The 9 Days of Jerry - when does a day really begin with us? We're programming for a World-wide audience (51 countries at last count), and yet we hold by the Hebrew Calendar and cycle of time so day begins at nightfall...on the other hand, when is it really dark when the Sun is shining so brightly somewhere...

Like, we had GUESTS in-house yesterday, the sweetest of the sweet to be able to meet and mingle with fans and friends. Guest DJ Daniel Pozner and his wife Pam drove down from Tzfat to be with us, followed by Andy Alpern (also from Tzfat) confirming that Jerry's birthday is really a 2-day Chag, Chutz L'Eretz style, or call it an Isru Chag - whatever! As Steve exclaimed (with astonishing sincerity) this afternoon: how could he have ever expected The 9 Days of Jerry to be anything less than a party?

Here's the musical schedule up until our Special Guest DJ, Stuart Schnee scheduled for 11am - 1pm on Tuesday, August 3rd - Day 3 of The 9 Days of Jerry on Radio Free Nachalot!
1:40am Grateful Dead at The Spectrum 3/23/86, 4:15am Black Mountain Boys 3/6&7/64, 5:45am The Dead Oakland 8/4/79 all times JERUSALEM TIMES of course we're digging our World-wide audience - we truly ARE everywhere (51 countries!)

1:40am: Grateful Dead at The Spectrum 3/23/86

4:15am: Black Mountain Boys 3/6&7/64

5:45am: The Dead Oakland 8/4/79

9am: Roots of Jerry

11am: Special Guest DJ Stuart Schnee will be in the house!

all times JERUSALEM TIMES of course