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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1st - Happy Birthday Jerry, We're Off and Running With "The 9 Days of Jerry!" Day 1

Happy Birthday Jerry!

August 1st - Day One of Radio Free Nachlaot's "9 Days of Jerry" Event - celebrating the "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday (August 1st) and the anniversary of his death (August 9th).

It's almost certain the Radio Free Nachalot personnel won't be getting much sleep over the next 9 days, there's just too much good music that we don't want to miss.


The Carousel Ballroom Show (1968) is Deadicated by Moshe-Tov (Peter) Kreps in loving memory of his late brother John Flynn z"l who was definitely a Deadhead even if he didn't always know it, and to his parents George and Sally Kreps, without whom Moshe-Tov says "I wouldn't have a head to be Dead in the first place!"

The New Year's Eve 1982 Show with Etta James - Deadicated to brother Seth Levine (of blessed memory whose birthday is ALSO August 1st, same as Jerry's!) by his brother Steve, who says "This was one of Seth's favorite shows, especially Set 3, with Etta!"

Jerry's First Solo Album - Deadicated to Amy Wachtel from Lorelai, remembering listening to this album with you March 2000 and jumping up and down on your bed in glee...

We're hoping Uber-Deadhead Harvey Milstein and his Sugar Magnolia Gail Lobel Rand will be our in-studio guests tonight during the final hour of our LIVE Steve & Lorelai Sunday Night Kick-Off Show, stay tuned after 9pm Jerusalem time - and here's today's schedule (all times are Jerusalem Times).

August 1st - Day One of The 9 Days of Jerry

12a Jerry Garcia Band 11/9/91

2:30 AM 11/3/65 - Golden State studios
2:45 AM Carousel Ballroom 1968 Deadicated by Moshe-Tov Kreps to the memories of his brother John Flynn z"l and parents George & Sally Kreps of blessed memory
4a Old & In The Way
4:30a Live 1973
5a Robert Hunter (1974) Tales of the Great Rum Runners
6a Dead Show -New Year's Eve 1982 with Etta James, Deadicated to Seth Levine of blessed memory by Steve Levine
8:30a For The Record: Jerry Garcia - Jerry's first Solo Album Deadicated to Amy Wachtel from Lorelai - remembering us listening to this album & jumping up & down on your bed in glee, March 2000 ...
9:30a Studio outtakes
10a For the Record: Jerry Garcia
10:30a Studio outtakes
11a World of Jerry - Original versions of songs covered by Jerry or The Dead
12N Grateful Dead Giants Stadium 7/12/87
2:30p Grateful Dead - SNACK Concert at Kezar Stadium
3:30 New Riders of the Purple Sage & Grateful Dead 4/26/71 at Fillmore East
5p Jerry Surprise
6p Jerry Does Dylan
8p Sunday Night LIVE BIG KICKOFF SHOW with Steve & Lorelai and hopefully during the last hour of the show we'll have Uber-Deadhead Harvey Milstein in-studio