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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 of The 9 Days of Jerry - The Music Never Stopped!

Well, who ever thought creating and maintaining a 9-Day Internet radio musical tribute to Jerry Garcia in the middle of a Middle Eastern summer heat wave would be like . . . a Grateful Dead concert?

Day 3's Special Guest DJ Stuart Schnee was not only a Talmudic-style fount of Show references and sources but he brought us goodies too - his precious Jerry show library with some wonderful material even we don't have. What fun we're having with our Guest DJ's - and tonight to kick off Day 4 we have Reb Moshe Pesach Geller in the house, introducing his favorite Show (Bonner Springs Kansas 6/25/91) and much, much more!

  • Midnight-ish - 3am : Grateful Dead, Bonner Springs Kansas 6/25/91
  • 3:30 - Grateful Dead Nassau Coliseum 5/8/81
  • 5:30am - Sanjay Mishra and Jerry Garcia
  • 6am - Grateful Dead, Oakland 2/20/91
  • 9am - Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow
  • 9:30am - Jerry and The Summer of Love: San Francisco
11am - Special TO BE ANNOUNCED - STAY TUNED!!!