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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2 of The 9 Days of Jerry - NOT FADE AWAY!!!

Thanks to Uber-Deadhead Harvey Millstein for this ... A rare photo of Jerry's Shabbos Table!

And now folks ... The 9 Days of Jerry, Day 2!

"There's mosquitoes on the river / Fish are rising up like birds / It's been hot for seven weeks now / too hot to even speak now / Did you hear what I just heard?"

Yes it's hot hot hot in Jerusalem, and although we are playing the coolest music in the Universe, the heat is having it's way now and then - for instance, last night right in the middle of our Sunday Night Live Jerry's Birthday Show, while dozens of listeners from all over the World were raptly listening to Steve and Lorelai carrying on about The 9 Days of Jerry, suddenly - darkness! Darkness like one of the Plagues of Egypt, darkness at the edge of Town, or shall we say rolling blackouts all over Jerusalem, and it continued most of the night until around Midnight ... thanks to our loyal fans for continuing to try to tune in (and many of you did manage to re-connect more than once) - Again, another reason we're glad to be live radio and not live streaming video - it's bad enough to hear us scrambling to restart our streaming audio broadcaster, but to see us as well, that would have been too much for our audience, we can assure you.

So - last night after Lorelai returned from Undisclosed Studio B back to Undisclosed Studio A in Nachlaot we heard The Dead at Buckeye Lake (l'kavod our friend Shira Rachel Robin Grundland, DEADICATED to her husband David Grundland), then "Acoustic Jerry" - Jerry and John Khan live at the Oregon State Prison - then we had some rare interviews, Jerry with Ken Kesey talking to Tom Snyder, some random moments from the "Wall of Sound" recordings, and now we're listening to The Grateful Dead live at Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Park (9/28/75) ... it's nice to hear Donna Jean wailing in the background!

We'll hear some selections from the Dead's performance at Monterey Pop this morning, as well as Dead-related bands such as the Jefferson Airplane and The Who - and then at 11am we welcome Guest DJ (who is driving all the way from Tzfat to Jerusalem just to be on our show!) Daniel Pozner - he'll be in-studio with Steve and Lorelai from 11am - 1pm Jerusalem Time.

How fun for us! We get to "Play Radio" with our friends and fans!

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At 2pm Jerusalem Time we'll hear The Jerry Garcia Band from 1991, then at 5pm "Live Your Jerry" (we'll have surprises for you!) and at 7pm Phish from Morrison, Colorado 8/2/2009 (one of our Jerry-inspired band performances) and at 10pm, the Dead from Hershey Park, 6/28/85.

Stay with us! There's nowhere else to be - ONLY on Radio Free Nachlaot, celebrating together with Jerry fans all over the World (literally! You should see our map of visitors to RFN - everywhere from Fez, Morocco to Marugame, Kagawa, Japan! It's true what they say: WE ARE EVERYWHERE!!!