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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 4 turns into Day 5 of The 9 Days of Jerry - "All the years go by, they melt into a dream..."

The 9 Days of Jerry continue with MORE FOR DAY 4 ...

... and then Day 5 begins at Sundown (because of course the Hebrew time system) ... All the days go by, they melt into a dream ... a lonely angel sings from a guitar...

Wow, we've had such a high time with "Reb Moishe," Moshe Pesach Geller who rode shotgun with Steve late last night to introduce his favorite Bonner Springs Show, and stuck around long enough to play radio on-air with Steve and Lorelai today as our Special Guest DJ - Moishe will be back for the Grand Finale Jerry's Yartzeit Show (Monday night August 9th) during which he'll bring down, with G-d's help, "THE TORAH OF JERRY."

This is what the schedule is looking like now:
  • 2pm: Jerry Garcia Band with Nicky Hopkins 11/8/75 live at the Keystone in Berkeley, California
  • 4pm: "Roots of Jerry" with music from Bill Monroe, Doc Watson and more ...
  • 5pm: Grateful Dead Crimson White & Indigo: JFK Stadium 8/7/89
  • 8pm: Dark Star Orchestra 6/25/2010
  • 10:30pm - Grateful Dead Boston Garden 6/11/76
  • 1:00am - "Rewind" (it's already Day 5 by now) We'll hear the Nassau Coliseum 5/8/81 Show that died last night
  • 3am: Jerry Garcia Band Washington DC 3/18/78 (is it only a coincidence that Barak Obama's birthday is on August 4th and that when we play this Washington DC Show it'll still be his birthday in his time zone?)
  • 5:30am: New Riders of The Purple Sage and The Grateful Dead "Felts Forum" 3/18/73
  • 7:30am: Grateful Dead from Nassau Coliseum 3/19/73 (hey, that's the "Day After")
  • 10:30am: The Dead at Woodstock
  • 11am: SPECIAL GUEST DJ HARVEY MILSTEIN will be in the house! People, get ready!!!

Who Won a ticket to Jerusalem Woodstock Revival 2010 by answering the following two questions correctly:

1) What Band played at Woodstock and was NOT featured in Woodstock: The Movie?
2) What songs did Joni Mitchell perform at Woodstock?

The first person to correctly answer both questions wins the ticket - Congratulations BEN BRESKY!!! You're going to the Jerusalem Woodstock Revival Concert Thursday at Kraft Stadium (you can still listen to Radio Free Nachlaot from there if you have an iPhone!)