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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Friday, August 6, 2010

"My Guess is that on the Seventh Day, they Rest."

Ken Garcia (no relation) of the S.F. Examiner in his piece about The 9 Days of Jerry writes:
Radio Free Nachlaot, which touts itself as “the Jewish world’s most popular new Internet radio station broadcasting live 24/6 from Jerusalem.” (My guess is that on the seventh day, they rest.)

YOU GOT THAT RIGHT, KEN!!! On the 7th Day - Shabbat, the Sabbath - we rest, and so does our broadcasting software, computers and all things electric.

YOM SHISHI!!! Friday! We've arrived at The 6th Day of the 9 Days of Jerry - what a week it's been, the response from our World-wide listening audience has been tremendous - warm, loving and supportive - and the exhaustion, sleep deprivation & heat wave is all made bearable by the fact that we're the only ones in the entire world crazy enough to do something like this - a 9 Day non-stop musical tribute to Jerry Garcia - and that people love it. As we say here in Israel: BARUCH HASHEM!!!

Right now Steve has done the impossible - he's playing a movie on the radio. Somehow he's converted the files from the movie Festival Express into audio format & it's now playing. We heard the Grateful Dead from the Cow Palace 12/31/76 right before this, preceded by The Dead at Roosevelt Stadium 7/18/72.

Friday's show continues until Shabbat starts in Jerusalem, which will be a little before 7pm this evening, Jerusalem Time (we're +10 hours ahead of LA, +9 from Denver, +8 from Chicago & +7 from NY).  We'll be back on the air Saturday night sometime around 9-ish our time.

We'll be hearing Almost Acoustic Jerry (Fall '87) sometime after 1:30pm today, and then at 3pm Steve's regular Friday afternoon "Not For Kids Only" Show will morph into "JERRY'S KIDS" Featuring music from the Steve Kimmock Band and Warren Haynes.

Around 5:30pm we'll start getting into the Shabbos mood with the "Jerry Meets Shlomo Going Into Shabbos" Show. Of course just as we mean Jerry Garcia when we simply say "Jerry," we can only mean our beloved Reb Shlomo Carlebach zt"l OBO when we say "Shlomo." One of the tag lines for Radio Free Nachlaot has always been: "Where Shlomo meets Jerry." Let's see what happens when they get together - Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming!

Stay tuned for what's coming next - Sunday August 8th is the 8th Day of Jerry - and what else do we Jews do on an 8th day than have a BRIT MILAH? Our dear friends Pesach and Kari Sara Rothberg just gave birth to a son (their third son / third child!!!) and Radio Free Nachalot is going to broadcast the Brit Milah LIVE ON - AIR SUNDAY AT 10:30am Jerusalem Time - possibly THE WORLD'S FIRST INTERNET RADIO BRIS-CAST!!!

Haven't you always wanted to listen to a live Bris-Cast from Jerusalem? Gevaldt! The 9 Days of Jerry continue!!!