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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Five, Six, Pick up Sticks ... Day 5 into 6 - The 9 Days of Jerry Continue!

No, this isn't a picture of Jerry Garcia. This is Steve Levine, Radio Free Nachlaot's Musical Director & Chief Programming Officer with our Special Guest DJ, "Uber-Deadhead" Harvey Milstein, who sat in with us today and brought us so much musical nachas we're still kvelling, gevaldt!

Undoubtedly, Harvey's favorite show 2/11/70 Fillmore East has THE ULTIMATE "Love Light" (33 minutes with Duane Allman sitting in, he just does NOT stop!). We're sure our listeners shared the truly TANTRIC experience that was our day with Harvey today!
So what's up for the rest of Day 5-into-6 of The 9 Days of Jerry? We're featuring music from Woodstock (the official bootleg) including Grateful Dead tunes you won't see in the movie (because guess what, they weren't in the movie!) plus music from Janis, Jimi, The Who, Creedence and more of our Woodstock friends.

Woodstock in Jerusalem? But of course! Tonight at Kraft Stadium (5:30 - 11:30pm) the greatest musicians in town are getting together to bring down some holy light into our boiling hot holy city. Tickets are 90NIS at the door - The Jerusalem Woodstock Revival features Yael Dekelbaum (from Banot Nechama) singing Janis Joplin, Lazer Lloyd and Yood tribute to Jimi Hendrix, Daniel Dor singing songs by Bob Dylan (hello, don't think Bob was actually at the original Woodstock, but - whatever!), Mark Rashkow and his band with a special Woodstock Medley, Larry & Mindy Fogel singing Simon & Garfunkel, Clare Diane & Graffiti will rock with Led Zepelin and Tree's stunning version of The Who will entertain the crowds at Kraft Stadium in Jerusalem tonight.

You can and SHOULD keep Radio Free Nachlaot on all night even if you go to the Woodstock event or anything else. You can listen on your iPhone - you don't even need no stinkin' app! Connect via 1-click from our web page (see that big graphic of the iPhone? Just click on it!) AND you can listen to Radio Free Nachlaot on iTunes Radio under the "International/World" Genre.

Tonight: Selections from Woodstock (the Official Bootleg Recording) including stuff from the Grateful Dead (yes they were there, just not in the movie!), Janis, Jimi, The Who, Creedence, Joan Baez, CSN and more, playing through 8pm ...

8pm - 9pm we'll have Reb Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman Shiur from 7/29 (last week) then ...

9pm "Dicks Picks 36" CD1

10pm Jerry and David Grisman "So What?" and at

11pm The Jerry Garcia Band at The Warfield 2/26/93

After Midnight - Steve has the stream & it's "Cholent a la Jerry" for Erev Shabbos!