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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Monday, August 8, 2022



 FRIENDS! Gevaldt, it's Radio Free Nachlaot's 13th Annual 9 DAYS OF JERRY!

Radio Free Nachlaot is 100% listener-supported nonprofit internet radio, streaming 24/6 from Jerusalem to the world! Our annual 9 Days of Jerry, celebrating the life, music, and legacy of Jerry Garcia z"l, is now in its 13th year, and 13 is Hebrew Gematria for "ahavah" which means LOVE. 

We'll be broadcasting all things Jerry this year from August 8 through 18 (the 9DOJ is "delayed" this year due to Tisha b'Av) and asking for your support! This is our only fundraising effort - once a year we ask our worldwide listening audience to throw some LOVE into our virtual guitar case and keep us on the air another year. 


Steve Levine and Lorelai Kude, co-founders of Radio Free Nachlaot, keep the stream operating 24/6 so that YOU can enjoy the greatest music all the time (except for Shabbos & Chaggim!), and we're proud to be part of a global community of Jewish Deadheads (and Deadheads of all sorts!), sending LOVE from the Land of Israel via our little "homegrown" internet radio station. 


Sunday, August 1, 2021



Gevaldt, it's Radio Free Nachlaot's 12th Annual 9 Days of Jerry! All Jerry and Jerry-centric programming, 24/6, from August 1 - 9 (excluding Shabbos), Isru Jerry August 10. It's our annual Fundraiser! CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE


We only ask you for money once a year, and it is your generous donations during the 9 Days of Jerry which cover our operational costs and keep us streaming the best music 24/6 from Jerusalem (and Berkeley) to our worldwide listening audience! Our modest goal this year of raising $2000 goes to cover our operational costs for Undisclosed Studio B in Jerusalem and Undisclosed Mobile Studio A, currently in Berkeley. 


Please throw some change into our virtual guitar case and keep us going another year - we depend on you! 


This year our special guests DJ's include:


Matt Turk & C Lanzbom from Deadgrass

Shaul Magid

Bill Bentowsky

Lee Neckemeyer

Noah Munroe Lehrman

and, G*d willing, Rabbi Moshe Pesach Geller


We're not the best at what we do; we're literally the only ones crazy enough to do it! 

Saturday, August 1, 2020

The 11th Annual 9 Days of Jerry - The Kavod / Covid Edition - Are Upon Us, Gevaldt!

Radio Free Nachlaot  is the world's ONLY 100% Listener-Supported Jewish Hippie Internet Radio Station broadcasting 24/6 from Jerusalem to a World-Wide Audience of Deadheads and Other Music Lovers!

Founded in November 2009, Radio Free Nachlaot (named for Nachlaot, Jerusalem's own Haight-Ashbury) celebrates the 9 Days of Jerry by playing all Jerry / Grateful Dead / Dead-centric / Jerry-adjacent music during the "9 Days" - the "Days Between" Jerry Garcia's birthday August 1st and the anniversary of his passing August 9th.  The rest of the year we play the Grateful Dead and all your favorite Jewish, Israeli, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass/Jewgrass, Indie and World Music 24/6 on our non-commercial, 100% listener-supported internet radio stream.

Now we've arrived at our 11th ANNUAL 9 DAYS OF JERRY, during this immensely weird year of Covid. Our response is to mount THE KAVOD EDITION of the 9DOJ - including Zoom shows broadcast on RFN's Facebook page featuring special guest DJ's to help sweeten the decree by turning "covid" into kavod (honor) for what we like to call, "The Torah of Jerry".

This year we will host Special Guest DJ's via Zoom, broadcasting through RFN's FB page, so be sure to "like" Radio Free Nachlaot so you can access those broadcasts.
Some of the folks we have lined up to share their favorite Jerry Garcia / Grateful Dead / Dead-Adjacent / Jerry-Centric stylings with us include: Moshe Pesach Geller, Noah Munro Lehrman, Shaul Magid, Jerilyn Brandelius, Bill Bentkowsky, Lee Neckameyer, and more!

We have only ONE fundraiser per year and THIS IS IT! Please BE KIND and throw some change into our virtual guitar case, and help keep us on the air another year! Your contributions will be used to pay for our overhead/streaming services/equipment upgrades.

We can't do this without you, folks. We are GRATEFUL for your support! 
We're not the best at what we do - but we ARE the only ones who do it!

With Immense Gratitude to HKBH and to ALL our World-Wide Fan-Base Who Have Lovingly Supported Us ALL THESE YEARS....

"See you on the radio" - and on Zoom! 

Steve Levine & Lorelai Kude
Radio Free Nachlaot
24/6 from Undisclosed Studio B in Jerusalem
and Undisclosed Studio A in Berkeley, California

Sunday, August 11, 2019

 10th ANNUAL

It's that time again... time for Our Annual Fundraiser for the only Internet Radio Station in the World bringing the music, talk and Torah of Nachlaot from Jerusalem (and Berkeley) to the World!

Once a Year we treat our world-wide listening audience to all Jerry and Jerry-centric programming for "The 9 Days of Jerry". Most years those 9 days correspond to August 1-9, unless (like this year) Tisha b'Av doesn't fall until after Jerry's birthday.

This year (2019 / 5779) we're doing The 9 Days of Jerry: The Nidcha Edition! Beginning around Midnight August 12 after the (delayed) Fast of Tisha b'Av, continuing all the way until August 23 (excluding Shabbos Jerry and including a double Isru-Jerry), we'll be bringing Jerry to the internet radio waves 24/6.


But it costs money to operate our streaming service, maintain our equipment, and deal with broadcast emergencies like (G*d forbid, lo alaynu) blown-up laptops, etc.

Once a year we ask you to "throw some change into our virtual guitar case".  IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN!

We'll be running our fundraiser from "The 9 Days of Jerry" through Rosh HaShanah 5780, and we need YOUR help to stay on the air! CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Thank you in advance for being kind!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Fire On The Moshav!

The recording studio and home of musician Aryeh Naftali of Israel's favorite Grateful Dead cover band The Elevators went up in flames last week along with 40+ other homes on Moshav Mevo Modiin ("Shlomo's Moshav") in Israel.

The Moshav is one of the most special places in the world. It's literally the location the idea for Radio Free Nachlaot itself was born, during a Moshav Country Fair during Chol haMoed Sukkot in 2008.

We've broadcasted live from the Moshav many a time, and Moshav friends such as Aryeh Naftali and master aromatherapist Avraham Sand have been guests on our station many times as well.

 CLICK HERE TO FIND INFORMATION ABOUT HOW TO CONTRIBUTE  to Aryeh Naftali, Avraham and Leah Sand, and other now-homeless Moshav families.

Click Here to contribute to the general fund that will go to all the Moshav residents affected by this disaster. Thanks for being kind! 
Pictured: RFN's Lorelai Kude with Aryeh Naftali at Jerusalem's Yellow Submarine

Aryeh Naftali Jamming on Dead Tunes with friends!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Our #Aretha Tribute: Tonight on the Rock 'n' Roll Show!

Radio Free Nachlaot's #Aretha tribute: TONIGHT 11pm Israel time (1pm Pacific / 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern) featuring special music from the #QueenofSoul and VERY special recorded interviews done by Yael Meisels live from Aretha's funeral in Detroit last Friday & recorded to share with YOU, our listening public!!! Let's all give Yael a big "Yasher Koach!" for being such a great sport & jumping right into this spur-of-the-moment, seat-of-your-pants assignment!

and everybody LISTEN to Steve Levine's "That's Rock 'n' Roll" Show on Radio Free Nachlaot (starts in about 35 minutes!!!) and join us in paying tribute to The Queen!
This show is brought to you by Zoom North America, makers of fine field recording equipment: the iQ7 is our favorite! They're sponsoring this show l'kavod Aretha's big hit, "Who's Zooming Who?" and we LOVE them for that! 

Listen via our web page at: OR via our free app (download from iOS / Google Play) OR via Tune-In Radio!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. For The Queen! Aretha Franklin Week in Detroit

All eyes (and ears) will be on Detroit next week as America gathers to say goodbye to the Motor City's native daughter, Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. Stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot as we follow the goings-on, including a planned parade of pink Cadillacs by select Mary Kay distributors! All R.E.S.P.E.C.T. to the Queen!
We'll be back on-air Saturday night, ready to rock 'n' roll! See you on the radio!