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Nachlaot is the Greenwich Village / Haight Ashbury of Jerusalem - rhymes with "rock the boat, skin the goat"

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday - the last of November!

What's cooking in Maya's kitchen this morning? Listen to MAYA IN THE MORNING 9am - 11am to find out.

Happy 81st Birthday Dick Clark! The American Bandstand Top 100 Hits from 1969 will play from 11am - 1pm ......1pm - Israeli Soul Afternoon: MUSIC from Mindy Ribner("Holy"), Noah Lublin ("Leaving Egypt") and Nomi Teplow ("Kumi Ori") ... TORAH - Parsha Shavua Miketz from Chaim Richman(1pm), "Prayer For Rain" (2pm), Avraham Sand (3pm), Dov Laimon in Bereshis (5pm), at 7:00pm - THE HOMEGROWN HOUR: Tonight featuring music from: Ben Brody, Aryeh Naftaly and the Elevators, Shayna Bracha Farber, Yerachmiel, Dawani, Nadav, Jah Levi and the Hesh, Inc., and then, between
8- 12 we will usher out November and usher in December in the highest of musical style!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday at Radio Free Nachlaot

Having been out of the American Retailing loop for almost 4 years, we were surprised to learn about the newest addition to the Consumer Calendar - Cyber Monday.

Well, we think every Monday at an Internet Radio station is Cyber Monday. But who are we to argue? So we're having a sale too - in fact, it's FREE. That's Radio FREE Nachlaot!


Israeli Soul Afternoon: MUSIC from Eyal Golan, Beit Habubot, Jon Samuel Nelson's Eden Mi Qidem, Raz Hartman... TORAH from Chaim Richman(1pm, 7pm), Rena Richman (2pm), Avraham Sutton on Chanukah (3pm), Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer (5pm)

7:30pm - Ben Bresky's "Radio Free Nachlaot Birthday" interviews with Steve Levine, Lorelai Kude, Maya Yakobov and Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer

8pm: "The Not For Drag-queens Only Show Tunes Show" featuring Andrew Lloyd Weber's PHANTOM OF THE OPERA,

10pm: John Mayall's Birthday! "Back to the Roots"

MIDNIGHT to 8am - GRATEFUL DEAD at Boston Music Hall, 6/9, 6/11 & 6/12/76

Who says we're not giving it away?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's Good Music Sunday

Not that we would think that it should be Bad Music Sunday!! Although that would be a cute gimmick! Well, we're not about gimmicks here at Radio Free Nachlaot. We're just about spreading good vibes through music and Torah from Jerusalem to the whole world, We're just bringing down the light via our connection to our special traditions, and passing it along to the whole world.
Today is Sunday
A beautiful Sunday in Yerushalayim
I hope the music just reflects the beauty of Yerushalayim into your hearts and souls, wherever you are - Yerushalayim, Tokyo, Osh-Kosh, Boro Park, Lakewood, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Memphis, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Johannesburg, Swampscott, Manhattan, Australia, or even in the next room --
So get up people!
Crank up the sounds and dance around!
It's "Good Vibes" Sunday, and we have the music to prove it!!!!
C Ya on the Radio!

And don't forget - tonight, 8-11PM, Sunday Night Live with Lorelai and Steve and their special guest, Moshe Newman. Moshe will be on between 8 and 10 - Don't miss it!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Melave Malke meets Saturday Night - Shlomo meets Jimi

Shavua Tov, Shavua Tov

It's Motzoei Shabbos, the beginning of the week which contains Chanuka. We know that the energy for the whole week comes down on Shabbos - so the energy of Chanuka is already in the world! And isn't the energy of Chanuka the energy of light? And Jimi Hendrix, didn't he, at the highest point of his performance at the Monterey Pop Festival, because he had no other way to toally merge himself with his music and his fans, light his guitar on fire? A sort of korban, offering to the energy he was feeling.

Today is Jimi's birthday -- he would have been 68.

Tonight is Motzoei Shabbos -- we light the havdalah candle, to bring some light into our week, to continue the light from Shabbos into the week.

Let's go to that place, tonight, together, where Motzoei Shabbos meets Saturday night, where Shlomo Carlebach meets Jimi Hendrix, where light meets darkness, and you know what, the place where light wins!
V for victory.
V for peace (when you take and make the letter "v" with your two fingers.
Shavua Tov to everyone.

Friday, November 26, 2010

It's Friday - are we ready for Shabbos yet?

Moving towards Shabbos - the highlight of MY week!
And to help us achieve Shabbos - you do the cooking, the cleaning, and I'll play the music that IS the soundtrack to your life - trust me, it's my life too!

This morning we went from Phish and the Dead to Bela Fleck and Chick Corea, and then the Byrds, and now in the Noon hour, it's time for our Erev Shabbos Shot of Shlomo!!!

1:00 The Not for Kids Only Childrens' Hour: Today we'll go on a little picnic with some "food" songs and then about 1:20, our feature Disney movie soundtrack: Pinocchio!

2:30 - Shabbos, we'll let Shlomo, Jerry and other friends dance us all the way "home" -- and remember, "Home is where your Shabbos Candles are." (Is that like Home is where the heart is? -- and how could your heart not be with your Shabbos Candles, and how could your Shabbos Candles not be in Yerushalayim -- ok, maybe they're not, but I bet your Heart is!!!!

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos.

(and we'll be back, after Shabbos,(after 7pm) with our Melave Malke - Shlomo meets Saturday Night. This M"S Shlomo will be dancing with Jimi Hendrix, or so I hear, and who knows, maybe Nadav will stop by....

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos!!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday 11/25/10

It's a time honored tradition to play Alice's Restaurant on Thanksgiving at Noon.
Does that mean Noon wherever we are? Jerusalem Noon? Noon in America? East Coast Noon? West Coast Noon? (and now we see why we're in the podcast generation - Noon is when you want it to be, isn't it?)
Well, we here at Radio Free Nachlaot are very Jerusalem-centric, so I guess the first play will be at Noon Jerusalem time.
Now, for our friends on the East Coast of America (where this tradition started) we'll replay at 7pm Jslm time which is Noon on the East Coast of America. Fair enough??
Enjoy your day....
remember to serve the cranberries and the sweet mixed pickles.
btw - I bet you can shape your tofu to look like a turkey!!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Yom Revii - Wednesday - "mit voch"

How is your mid-week going?
today's mid-day schedule is:
1:00 -Parsha with Rabbi Chaim Richman
3:00 - Avraham Sutton on Chanuka
5:00 - Temple Talk

all surrounded by our Israeli-Soul music including: Eyal Golan, Tamuz, Hadag Nachash, and a whole lot more!

Remember, tonight between 10 pm and midnight - Remembering Freddie Mercury (Queen) who's Yahrzeit is today, November 24th, Maya (in the morning) will be staying up late tonight to celebrate Freddie's life in song -- Let's stay up and join her, shall we?
And tomorrow -
Thursday, 11/25 at 9:00 PM
Live from the Khan of the White Donkey in Tzfat,
Shlomo Bar.
(Advertisers - there is still time to sponsor Thursday Night's show -- contact us at Radiofreenachlaot@
Cookin' for Shabbos will take over after the concert -- so, to all of us who need Steve's special mix of music to help us make Shabbos -- Do not fear! Steve will pickup where the concert leaves off.
Hey - it's Mid-Week everybody, so that means we can wish each Good Shabbos!
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos!!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday - A typical day?

9 -11 AM - Maya in the Morning - Waking us up - bringing us music that we wouldn't necessarily think to play!
Shlomo at Noon
Israeli Soul - 1 -3 PM
Exploring the new music of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
4:00 PM - Exploring the world of the Annointing Oils with Avraham Sand.
7:00 PM - Homegrown Hour - just what it sounds like. New music submitted to us by Old/New and New/New friends and worldwide musical neighbors.
8:20 - Chris Cornell (Soundgarded) solo album "Carry ON" (2007)
9:15 - Carlos Santana (Shaman)
10:20 - Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music (Mamouna)
11:00 - Selections from last night's (11/22/10) "Another one for Woody" tribute show at Roseland, NYC, featuring the North Mississippi Duo, The Allman Brothers, and Govt. Mule
Midnight - Shlomo
sometime between 1 and 2 - Grateful Dead ---> on to morning!!!!

Typical day?
sounds like it.
Don't believe me?
Come join us now - come join us tomorrow - it'll be different but it'll still be the same -- which is why you like it, now, isn't it? know you do.....

..and by the way, what does it mean, Typical???

Monday, November 22, 2010

Any Dream Will Do

TONIGHT! The Rolling Stones "Stickey Fingers" (6:20pm) and Carlos Santana's "Inner Secrets" (7:15pm) followed by "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (8pm) l'kavod Parsha Vayisehv and at 10:15pm Jerry (Garcia) and Sarah (Ruppenthal) 2-2-63 at the Tangent, Palo Alto ... perhaps the most ancient recorded Jerry, ever.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Night Live and More!!!

Tell your friends - reserve your seats! There will be 2 special shows tonight, on Radio Free Nachlaot:

1) Sunday Night Live, between 8 and 11 pm, in honor of Week 5 of the 9 Weeks of Shlomo will feature our friend, Reb Moish Geller, sitting-in, right here in Undisclosed Studio B.
What more needs to be said. Reb Moish Geller on Shlomo - thoughts, memories, Torahs. This promises to be a gevaldig show! Don't miss it!

2) At Midnight, a replay of last Tuesday's session with Avraham Sand. Avraham discusses the sources of the 11 ketoret spices, his journey finding them, and how they can impact on our spiritual and physical lives. If you missed it "live" and haven't downloaded the session yet, now you can hear again, in it's entirety -- Midnight Jerusalem time (5:00 PM NY time, 3:00 PM Denver Time and 2:00 PM L.A. Time.)

And don't forget - Coming up Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 PM, Avraham will be "live" in Undisclosed Studio B.

Coming Up: Wednesday Night, In honor of the Yahrzeit of Freddie Mercury (Queen) Maya in the Morning will become Maya before midnight - 10PM - 12:00 Midnight, Maya will celebrate Freddie's life in song.

Don't miss it !!!!

Yom Rishon - The Sun's Still Shining

The fact of the matter is that even though we need rain (Please HKB"H - with all due respect, "listen-up" - we need rain!) it is so nice to be walking around in sandals on Nov 21st --
this is not the weather my body was conditioned to for over 55 years - and believe me (back to the rain thing) I don't want to get too used to it -- but, while the sun is shining we have sun-shiny music to keep us going - all day - right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.
Playing Now: 11 am - Bill Monroe and Doc Watson, to be followed by the Grateful Dead "Bear's Choice" album.
12:00 - our "Shot of Shlomo" and then we'll continue, all afternoon with songs intended to bring smiles to our faces and encourage our spirits to rise higher and higher.

We continue to wish Lorelai (Chaya Yocheved bat Karpal) a Refuah Shelaima and relief from the pain of a broken wrist.

Have a great day everybody!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shavua Tov, Shavua Tov

Refuah Shelaima to Chaya Yocheved bat Karpal.

Now, this isn't Lorela's x-ray, but it is a picture of a broken wrist.
Gevaldt - Road tripping sometimes isn't all it's cracked up to be! (or maybe it is!)

Anyway - Shavua Tov, Refuah Shelaima, Shavua Tov to all of us!
It's Motzoei Shabbos, we're back on the internet-air, and we'll play music to help us dance into the week, b'simcha, with the renewed energy that only Shabbos can give us.
Now. some of us may not be dancing at the moment, but remember -
Music Is The Cure!
So, if you need a fix, just sit back and let Radio Free Nachlaot hook you up! We will Melave Malke with Shlomo for a while, and then meet up with Saturday Night sometime after 9 pm.

And tonight, Shlomo will be dancing with Duanne Allman.
In honor of what would have been Duanne's 64th birthday, we will celebrate Duanne Allman's life through his music - The Allman Brothers Band, plus a whole bunch more. Stay tuned, you don't want to miss a note.

Tonight's Overnight Schedule:
12:20 AM - The Allman Brothers Live from the Filmore East (plus Mountain Jam from Eat A Peach stuck on - it was the same concert, you know)
2:15 AM - Gov't Mule - 1/17/10
4:00 AM - The Allman Brothers - 1971 - Closing of the Filmore
5:30 AM - The Grateful Dead - 11/20/77 Pauley Pavilion - UCLA ( that's 33 years ago!)
8:00 AM - Chaya Lester's Parsha Poetry and then, "Review from the Road" - Lorelai's interviews with the fine folks from Bat Ayin, with a Coltrane trailer
9:15 AM - The Kronos Quartet - Songs of Africa
10:30 AM - Parshat Hashavua w/ Rabbi Richman --> Bob Dylan
Stay tuned for more Music, Torah and Talk 24/6 on Radio Free Nachlaot.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Good Shabbos, Refuah Shelaimah to Lorelai, Good Shabbos

Loreali has taken Road TRIP to the next level - She has tripped, up in Tzfat - or is it, tripped up in Tzfat? Either way, X Rays are being evalutated to determine if she has broken her wrist and what the treatment plan will be. Plenty of Meds are already being prescribed!!!!
please daaven for: Chaya Yocheved bat Karpal.
Speedy Recovery Lorelai -- and, you know, if you needed some time off you could have said so!!!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gathering Sparks in Bat Ayin

To stir up the sparks, to bring down the rain, to arouse from below and above and meet together in body AND soul-nurturing ecstatic union - well, what ELSE are we here for? What's the point of anything without the moments of transcendence which make it all possible, all worthwhile, all REAL?

Which is why Lorelai is on a Road Trip - but more, oh so MUCH more than a mere "tiyule" (although she loves tiyulim and none of them are stam). First stop: Bat Ayin.

We offer you the following Holy Sparks -

An intimate personal interview with Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, head of Midreshet B'erot Bat Ayin and author of "Women at the Crossroads: A Women's Persepective on the Weekly Torah Portions." CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!

A visit with our old friend (and uber-archetypal "Bat Ayin Guy") Shaul Judelman and his new kallah, Shayna Liebe (Ashley Greenspoon) at their sweet, isolated honeymoon cottage at the bottom of a deep valley only accessible by donkey or camel (not really, you can walk there). Shaul is the founder of the Eco Activist Beit ha-Midrash program at Yishava Simchat Shlomo and he has what to share about how Bat Ayin influenced him along the way, and continues to do so. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!

Sara Talia Webb is a real "Bat Ayin" girl. She went through the Midrasha program and now lives and works in Bat Ayin, where she brings the Torah down into her earthly existence every day and brings her earthly self into the Torah every day - the "Bat Ayin Way." CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN!

We got caught up with Sara Malka Ladderman, whose work is play and whose play is art - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN

When we first arrived we caught Chana Bracha in her garden, up to her elbows in plantings, supervising Liebe, a new "Bat Ayin" girl who has just entered "the garden" in more ways than one ... CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN

Tonight. in honor of Lorelai's Road Trip at 9:00 PM - Jackson Browne's classic ode to the road - Runnin' on Empty.

...and further on down the road you'll find lots of good music, Torah, talk to help us all go down the road to Shabbos.

Bon Voyage to us all!

Jack Kerouac, Thelma, Louise, or Lorelai - on the road again!

Road Trip. Lorelai has gone on a road trip. With all her digital recording media in hand, she is traveling across the land of Israel for the next few days. 1st Stop - Bat Ayin - Destination? Parts unknown?

Well, all we can say is that Lorelai will be sending her Interviews from the Road to us, and we'll be featuring them, along with some "traveling music" all day long!

And don't forget:

12:00 Holy Healing with Dr. Leiba Shulman -- this week Dr. Leiba is on the road so we'll have to do Chazarah - going to the audio-tape for a repeat of her latest session from a few weeks ago.
7:30 - 8:30 R' Ozer Bergman's Shiur on Rebbe Nachman - and this week (yes, you guessed it) R' Ozer is on the road, so we'll do chazarah and re-play his last Shiur from a few weeks ago.

10:00 - Steve, who is not on the road - I mean someone has to run this radio station! (and anyway, Steve went to the Chula Valley last week, so he had his day off!) will be Cookin' for Shabbos starting with pre-cookin' prep at 8:30 - getting things going full swing by 10 PM.

so, you think you're not going anywhere?
Just stay with Radio Free Nachlaot - let us, and the music take you wherever you need to go!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11-17-70 --> 11-17-10

It was 40 years ago today --
40 years since Elton John's live-studio-recording.
Let's celebrate the passing of time k'heref ayin - like the blinking of an eye --
"Such a long time to be gone, such a short time to be there."
When we listen to this tonight at 9:00 PM you'll tell me whether time is standing still, or what...
It's Wednesday, we have about 11 1/2 hours (from this posting) to do whatever Wednesday needs us to do --
Loreali is off to Bat Ayin,
I'm off to have birthday breakfast with my daughter (who was born on 11/17/80 - that's 30 years ago --
...and if you think that those 30 years haven't gone by like the blinking of an eye!)
and then we'll listen to Elton and you'll know what i mean.
Well, at least the records and the children are getting older, not me!!!!
Happy Wednesday, Happy Birthday, and happy 40th "11-17-70."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tonight's Schedule -Tuesday 16/11/10

Our Schedule so far:
7:00 PM - Homegrown Hour
8:00 PM - Joni Mitchell - Chalk marks in a rainstorm
8:45 PM - Leonard Cohen - Live from the Road (2010)
10:00 PM - Ronnie Wood and Friends (featuring Mick Jagger and Kenny Jones) - Get Ready To Dance.

Overnight Forecast: Great Music with a Grateful Dead concert thrown in...
Stay posted for details.

Avraham Sand LIVE!

Avraham Sand, Master Aromatherapist and creator of the Temple Incense Spray products (amongst other amazing aromatherapy products) is live with us this afternoon starting around 3pm Jerusalem Time.

If you listen to the radio you've heard the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" theme behind Avraham's commercial - that's because he travels all over the planet to obtain the purest and best botanicals to use in his essential oils. He's like the Indiana Jones of aromatherapy!

Visit to find out more and LISTEN TODAY at 3pm!

If you didn't get to hear it live today you can DOWNLOAD OUR INTERVIEW WITH AVRAHAM SAND RIGHT HERE (click it, man!)

Tuesday - Yom Shlishi - Have we started our week yet?

It's already Tuesday, everybody - have you started your week yet?

... well, just in case you're off to a slow start our Tuesday programming is bound to get your motors running -
at 12:30 (postponed from her usual 9 am spot) we will have Maya to make sure we're rockin' - that's right, Maya in the Morning will be Maya in the early afternoon - but, what the heck, we're a dynamic station which means we are in the flow - where change is the new normal!

Then, at 3Pm, our friend Avraham Sand will be here to explore with us the source and sources behind the Ketoret Spices. The Avraham Aromatherapy website ( has all sorts of information for you to read, but wouldn't you rather hear it from Avraham, himself? Tell your friends! Tell your neighbors! Avraham will be in the house at 3 pM - Don't Miss it!

And then, later this evening, at 7:00 PM - the Homegrown Hour, bringing you new music straight from our inbox to your ears. Remember, if you have any homegrown music that you have produced and you want share, send your mp3 files to We will try to get your music on the air.

Of course, in and around these special programs we will continue with our regular, special programming - music, Torah, and talk, 24/6, all for you, from us, on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Hopelessly Devoted to YOU!

Monday in Jerusalem, and for the first time in days we have somewhat of a breeze, there's actual air movement, high clouds and the HINT of moisture in the air ...

Our theory is that the weather deadlock was broken at 1:36am this morning by the birth of a baby girl to our friends Yehudit Emunah (Maureen Bayer) Lindblom and Shaul Lindblom, B"H. Mazel tov, mazel tov to the new makes three! ... may they all be healthy and happy days ahead, for the Lindbloms, for us and for ALL of Claal Yisrael - and the entire WORLD, amen v'amen!

Today's "Israeli Soul" Afternoon music includes RebbeSoul's "From Another World" and Shoshanna Harari's "Traveler's Prayer."

We'll hear Chanukah Torah from Avraham Sutton at 3pm and at 5pm on our "Na-Na-Nachin' on Heaven's Door" Afternoon Torah Program we'll replay the live class that Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer and Lorelai had this morning on their regular program.

At 6:30pm - right in time for something entirely different - we'll hear Jazz and Bossa Nova music from Delicatessen (hey, it's Deli music, come on!) and then at 7:30 on this week's "Not For Drag Queens Only: The Showtunes Show" we'll feature GREASE (The Movie) starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

Why? Because we're hopelessly devoted to YOU - our Radio Free Nachlaot listeners. Can't you tell? Why else would we be going to all this trouble, every day, to bring you the best music, talk and Torah 24/6 from Jerusalem's coolest neighborhood?

This evening - 8:30pm Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" (yes Mark Knopfler we know exactly how you feel!) and at 10pm (just because you're so special!) we'll hear The Grateful Dead from San Francisco's Orpheum Theater 7/12/76.

Yeah, it's going to be that kind of a week. Stay with us here on Radio Free Nachlaot - it's worth the ride!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Have you a good day, every day!

It's Sunday - and as we continue with our "summer days and fall nights weather and wonder what happened to the rain? - we will continue offer you up Music, Torah and Talk, right here 24/6 - I mean, we have to listen to something while we're waiting for the rain!!!
Today's Schedule:
12:00 - our daily Shot of Shlomo
1:00 - Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, captured live in 2009 - seperate and together.
3:30 - Our own little Fleetwood Mac-A-Thon - Rumors, Tusk and Fleetwood Mac (from 1968) Why? Cause it's been a long time since we played Fleetwood Mac!
6:00 'ish - Steve will continue driving that magical musical bus right up until 8:00 -
8:00 - 11:00 PM - Sunday Night Live, Lorelai and Steve with their special guest, Tzelia Sakarow - to celebrate week 4 of the 9 weeks of Shlomo.
After Midnight - It's Lorelai's show, she'll just have to let you know!

Have a great day, and night everyone.

As Maya says, "Rock on!!!"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shavua Tov - Have a Good Week!

Summer Days, Fall nights.
Mixed energies? Confused vibes?
Vayetze - going out, yet letting in. The Torah, is for all times.
From this week's parsha, Vayetzei, what do we learn, and how does it apply?
Perhaps we learn that when opposing energies learn to live together, in opposition, but together (yes the unresolved paradox not needing resolution) we reach a place of oneness that we so much need to reach.
Perhaps that is where Shlomo meets Jerry, where Motzoei Shabbos and Melave Malke meet up with Rock and Roll.
Singing and dancing and connecting all the energies, and being one.
...and the deepest is that i think that things on the surface may look different, but really --
Shlomo Rocks and Jerry has Soul.
You don't believe me?
Come check it out!!!!
Radio Free Nachlaot.
Unresolved paradoxes R us!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming!

Have you got your cookin' done?

Well, cmon now, shabbos is on the way!!

But not to worry, we will play your way to Shabbos.
Radio Free Nachlaot where (today, anyway) Neil Young meets Jerry meets Shlomo all on the road to Shabbos. What a nice way to spend the day!!

L'chaim to all of us! L'chaim to the Shechina that dwells inside each of us and amongst us. May our homes and our lives be fitting vessels to receive her light and comfortable enough for her to want to stay and "chill" a bit.

Sometimes we have to "go out" to reach and gather the light, and sometimes we have to sit back and receive the light and let it reach us.
Whatever path you need to take, just remember we're all going to meet up at the Shabbos Table tonight, so don't get distracted by wrong turns, incorrect road maps, and all the detours that may try to block your way.
Remember "...the road goes on forever, and the party never ends."
Looking forward to meeting up with you down the road - for sure someone knows the way!

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos.

Today, the Radio Free Nachlaot "Not for Kids Only" Childrens' Hour will feature "Cinderella" at about 1:30 pm, and then we'll continue with music 'til close to 4.
Motzoei Shabbos - Melave Malke meets Shlomo - beginning Shlomo week 4 - after 7PM, and don't forget our special guest on Sunday Night 8-11 PM - Tzilia Sakarow. She's our good friend and was a good friend of Shlomo's as well. There'll be much to talk about when Tzilia joins Lorelai and Steve for Sunday Night Live.

C ya on the radio!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Who is 'Liz Reed, anyway?

..and why do we remember her?
Questions? Yes, we have questions - for example -
What is Bob Dylan up to, anyway?
Was Eleanor Rigby a real person? (there's a real statue for her)

And speaking of questions, we're not the only ones asking questions. Did you hear Ben Bresky's interview with the RFN Gang yet? (scroll down a few pages and you can click - download, or play to hear the answers to some of the questions that are of course plague-ing your mind!!!!
Aother question that comes with more questions - What day is it?
Right - it's Thursday!
What will we hear at noon since Dr. Leibe is away?
What will we hear at 7:30 since R' Ozer is away?
Not to forget those other thursday questions, like, who's coming forShabbos meals, and what are we cooking? Should we have soup? Is it soup season yet? And should we have chicken?, or hey, how about meat balls...but wait - shouldn't we be makiing cholent? (btw - ask Lorelai about her first ever cholent, speaking about questions and cholent!)
...and speaking of cholent, yes, it's a cholent here at Radio Free Nachlaot.
A Music, Torah and Talk cholent, all mixed together, seasoned with the spice of the day, all simmering waiting to be tasted by all who come along.
Come give us a taste, won't you?

Today's schedule:
Steve will drive the magic bus until noon, featuring some live Bob Dylan from 7/3/10 - U.K. around 10 am 'ish.
Lorelai takes over at noon and will answwer all our afternoon programming questions and keep us going until about 8:30 pm when Steve will resume and start heading us down the road to Shabbos. We don't officially start "cookin' for Shabbos" until 10PM, but there's alway the pre-cooking prep that needs music, doesn't it?
Just remember, "the road goes on forever, and the party never ends!!!"
C ya on the Radio!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Of Hobbits, Habits and Hearts

Radioheads ... that's what we've become, or what's become of us. Put a microphone in front of our face and a thousands of MP3 files at our fingertips, shake (don't stir) and the next thing you know, you get ... an internet radio station.

That's our story and we're sticking to it. Some of our story is featured today via interviews Israel National Radio host Ben Bresky conducted with us during our Birthday Party this past Sunday night.

Were you at our party? Did you see our party on live streaming video? We'd love your feedback if you did - you can email us at and let us know what your viewer experience was when you watched the live streaming videocast (courtesy of our friends at Asiyah Media ... and by the way if you want to know how YOU can have live streaming video of your important events - weddings, bar/bas mitzvahs, brit milahs, etc. - Asiyah Media can be contacted in Jerusalem at (074) 701-2010 or email them at )

So ... we're thinking about Hobbits. Yes, the little folks in J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy. Everybody knows the minhag of Hobbits on their birthdays, right? Hobbits make a practice of giving gifts to others on their birthday. We've got gifts for you, too. Hand-picked programming, carefully crafted interviews, specials, Torah, Parsha Poetry, shiurim. Original programming, weekly series, special presentations. Oh, did we mention Showtunes? We're giving it all to you, all the time - at least 24/6 (on Shabbos we rest, thank G_d!!!)

It's a gift to us that HKBH allowed us to create Radio Free Nachlaot. We love "playing radio" with you.

Today's Schedule:

  • 8:20am - Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali
  • 9am - Musical Cholent featuring Rickie Lee Jones, Poco, Otis Reddding, the Rolling Stones, Mary Chapan Carpenter, Ritchie Havens and Lyle Lovett. Tasty!
  • 1:40pm - Ben Bresky's interview from our Birthday Party! Featuring Steve Levine, Lorelai Kude, Maya Yakobov and Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer. Enlightening, eye-opening and entertaining! (We'll repeat this at 8:45pm as well).
  • Afternoon "Israeli Soul" Music from Mindy Ribner ("Holy"), Nomi Teplow ("Like a Rushing Spring") and HaBanot Nechama ... a beautiful frame for Torah ...
  • 3pm - Avraham Sutton on Chanukah
  • 5pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Vayetze" and Chaya Kaplan-Lester's Parsha Poetry (repeats at 7:45pm)
  • 6:30pm - B.B. King brings us "Deuces Wild" (Yes it's true Lorelai has been thinking about Las Vegas a lot lately).
  • 8pm - Billy Joel's "Streetlife Serenade" (1974)
  • 9:15pm - Louis Armstrong "New Orleans Nights" (l'kavod our friends at the GA this week in New Orleans ... come home soon, Matthew!)
Steve takes back the stream around 10pm tonight ... you'll have to wait to see what he has planned, but surely it will be a rockin' night in the old town ...

...And speaking of rockin' - we thank our friends & fans for rocking our world with your contributions to Radio Free Nachlaot. Yes, we're still fundraising - it's our Birthday Month, and the only month of the year we reach out to YOU, our friends, fans & listeners, asking for a contribution towards our operations - $18 is a good number, if everyone gave $18 we'd have our entire operating budget for the year!

If you're rolling in cash (and we hope you are) feel free to give more - but we believe that anyone with an internet connection can afford a gift of $18. Check the PayPal icon on our web site! It's the easiest way to send money - although if you see Steve or Lorelai walking around town and feel compelled to slip us a few shekels, we won't say no!

We know from our stats that you love us. We're a HABIT with you. 75% of you come back and listen to Radio Free Nachlaot, again and again. You're a habit with us - we think about you all the time, ponder what to play for you, love interacting with you on Facebook, by email, but most of all in REAL LIFE.

Hobbits. Habits. Hearts - ours and yours. We have a heart to give - we hope you do too.

Giving is good. It's what we do. As Reb Bob Marley says: Give thanks and praise to the Lord and it will be alright!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If It's Tuesday It Must Be ... MAYA in the Morning and HOMEGROWN in the Evening!

As our Tuesday Morning DJ, Maya Yakobov says: ROCK ON! We'll leave the rocking to Maya this morning - Tuesdays belong to the Queen of Amazing, who would travel all over the world via plane, train, automobile, dogsled, rickshaw or skateboard to bring you the best music on the planet. She's a travel addict, she's a music addict, she KNOWS what she likes and knows how to bring it down and give it over - listen to Maya every Tuesday morning at 9am Jerusalem Time on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Tuesday evenings still belong to The HOMEGROWN HOUR. What a treat we had at our Radio Free Nachlaot birthday party when one of our Homegrown Artists, Ofer Golany, actually showed up and PLAYED with Steve's "Friends of Mister Levine" Pick-Up Band! We'll hear from Ofer and other Homegrown Artists tonight at 7pm Jerusalem Time - we have something really SPECIAL to share with you!

But meanwhile ... there's still "Israeli Soul Afternoon" between now and tonight ... We'll be hearing our Parsha Shavua "Vayetzei" from Rabbi Chaim Richman at 1pm, and "The Prayers That Bind" at 2pm, followed by a special Chanukah Torah by Rav Avraham Sutton (he's teaching on Chanukah out of the Leshem and Rebbe Nachman, it's very special!) and at 5pm Dov Laimon's series on Bereshis (Genesis) continues with "Midos haDin and Midos haRachamim" (which to non-Hebrew speakers means: the attribute of Judgment and the attribute of Mercy). Don't worry - it's in English! :)

Which brings us to another point ... now that we're in our second year of broadcasting, wouldn't it be a good idea to add some Hebrew-language Torah and programming to our mix? What do you think about that?

We want to hear from you. Write to us at: RADIOFREENACHLAOT@GMAIL.COM (no need for caps but ... we want you to notice!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

18 = "Chai" = Life

Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5771 ... Day Two, and our mind is on dreams, the attribute of the month of Kislev. What is your dream?

Our dream has been to build the most wonderful Internet Radio Station, Radio Free Nachlaot. Our dream has been to bring the most awesome music, talk & Torah, the best original programming, the most original personalities and the comfiest, safest place for you to come and park your world-weary consciousness ... which, with the help of HKBH we've actually DONE.

Steve Levine and Lorelai Kude launched Radio Free Nachlaot one year ago & the two "Mad Scientists" of the internet radio waves (OK we know it's actually digital signals not waves, but let us just have some literary license here) have built a beautiful, holy, fun, friendly, open, inviting, comfortable and comfy space - on the radio, on our web site, on our Facebook Page, through our newsletter - and now through video (which you'll G-d willing be seeing a lot more of).

We're asking - l'kavod our birthday, in honor of the anniversary of our launch into this world - for a contribution to our future - If you can give us the gift of life - $18 - via the PayPal icon on this page - your gift will go towards continuing and growing the operation and development of Radio Free Nachlaot.

Why 18? "Everybody knows," as Reb Shlomo would say, that the number 18 equals "Life" in Hebrew Gematria. Maybe you also know that Lorelai's birthday is on 18 Kislev ("Chai Kislev") and that her Hebrew Name is CHAYA (Chaya Yocheved).

Because it's Rosh Chodesh Kislev, the beginning of the month of Kislev and because Lorelai's "baby" (Radio Free Nachlaot) was "born" on Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5770 ... OK, you must see by now the connectivity between everything we're doing and the number 18. Which is why we're asking for $18 - a number that wouldn't put anyone in the proverbial poor house, but a number that, when multiplied can really add up.

How do dreams come true?

Lorelai had the original dream of Radio Free Nachlaot, conceived on the lawn on Sukkot at Moshav Modiin, 5769 (two years ago). A conversation with a group of friends, reflecting on the fact that our biggest asset here in the Land of Israel is the people. "We've got it all - the highest musicians, the highest Torah, the greatest lifestyle - we've got to find a way to share it with the world ... I know," she said half-jokingly, half-prophetically to her friends, their mouths agape, "We should just start a radio station, and start broadcasting our light all over the world - we should call it 'Radio Free Nachlaot'." As always, she was going for the joke - but it was more than a joke, "Radio Free Nachlaot," like Radio Free Europe whose name and mission she was likening it to - was intended from inception to be the mouthpiece of the "Nachlaot Lifestyle" ... the place where shtreimels and shaved heads, white kippahs and black hats and tie-dye tzitzits can live together, pray together, have Shabbos together, in harmony and peacefulness unknown in ANY other neighborhood in Jerusalem - and perhaps in all the world itself.

A place where everybody can come together in peace and harmony. Through the music.

An entire year went by before she was able to do anything at all to actualize it ... but the following Sukkot (5770) she started to dream this dream out loud with her friend, Steve Levine.

Steve dreamed of being a radio disc jockey as a young child, and his dreams and aspirations of DJ-ing were put on hold for decades when the radio broadcasting school he was accepted into could only offer him classes on Shabbos. Steve had become observant at 13, so to break Shabbos even for his dream of being a DJ ... it didn't happen. Decades passed, lives were lived, and then one day in a cosmic convergence only HaShem Himself could have arranged, Steve and Lorelai met each other in Israel and began talking about their dreams ...

... And, in the words of the Frankenfurter Rebbe - "Don't dream it: Be it!" - after a month and a half of research, software trials, streaming media investigations, gnashing and thrashing with equipment and bandwidth - they "just did it." Turned on the broadcaster & started playing music.

Radio Free Nachlaot has done a lot of crazy things this past year - from the internationally-renown " 9 Days of Jerry" to the world's first "Brit-Cast" (radio broadcast of a brit milah), and more, but we can talk about that later. What we need to talk about now is going forward -staying on-line and staying alive.

CHAI - LIFE - 18 - Can you help us with the Power of Chai?

PayPal - it's the easiest way!

...and as always, we thank you for your support!

Rosh Chodesh Kislev - Day Two!

To say our party last night was a gevaldt would be a terrible understatement, and yet words fail us, at least for the moment. Hope you got a chance to watch the streaming video right here on our web page, courtesy of our friends at Asiyah Media (you'll be hearing more, a LOT more about them in days to come!). It's Day Two of Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5771 - we've got a lot to share with you, but first we're still cleaning up - Steve is on a tiyule to the Hula Valley to see the famous bird migration, Lorelai is supposed to be running the stream but she forgot her power cord at the party last night, there's a little bit of running around town and reconnoitering to be done, but soon we'll be back on track - stay tuned for music, talk & Torah - we'll have Benzion and Lorelai live around 11am - and then - more music! CHODESH TOV!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We're Having A Party!!!

It's Our Birthday, we'll party if we want to!

Tonight - November 7th -
Doors Open at 6pm at the fabulous recording studio/video production headquarters of Asiyah Media - located at 30 Beit HaDafoos which is the Mercaz Sapir building just off of Kanfai Nesharim in Givat Shaul. 3rd floor Suite 52. Busses that go to Kanfai Nesharim are: #15, the #2, the #29 as we...ll as the #60, 74 and 75.

It's a party! It's a live musical happening! It's a FUNDRAISER for Radio Free Nachlaot! We'll be accepting your donation (denomination & amount of your choice, thank you in advance very much for supporting us) at the door and you'll receive a raffle ticket, we're raffling off a GUEST DJ SPOT on the radio - come on, you KNOW you've always wanted to play radio! Now is your chance to win!!!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Shavua Tov, Chodesh Tov, Happy Anniversary to US!

It's a new week. It's a new month. It's a new year.
Yes, Radio Free Nachlaot has made it to Year 2 -- not to be confused with Season 2 which we started right after Tisha B'av.
It's our birthday - or anniversary, or the anniversary of our birthday -- no matter how you say it, we're celebrating the completion of Year 1 and the beginning of Year 2.
Of course, it's Motzoei Shabbos, and Shlomo and Melave Malke come first -- you know, "tadir v'ayno tadir, tadir kodem" -- which means the regular does come before the special -- but the Special will certain influence the regular -- just you wait and see!!!

...and remember, tomorrow night 6-11, our Birthday Party at Asiya Media Studios --
for you in Yerushalayim and the surrounding area -- it's at #30 Rehov Beit Hadfoos, bldg 2, unit 52 -- come and party with us -- and for you not in physical proximity -- you can join us and listen on Radio Free Nachlaot.

It's a fund raiser.
It's a big Thank You.
It's going to be a lot of fun.

....and if you think year one has been a trip, just wait for year 2!!!!!! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Shabbos, It's Shabbos, Shabbos is coming, again!

Good Shabbos Everybody.
After Lady and the Tramp, the afternoon finds us dancing with Shlomo all the way till the sirens blow -- and who will his dancing partners be? check - in and check us out!
Remember, M"S - after 7 - Melave Malke Meets Saturday Night -- Let's begin the 3rd week of Shlomo with some friends? some music, and some Torah and get ready for our 1st Anniversary Birthday Celebration on Sunday Night!
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos!
C ya on the Radio!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's comin' on Shabbos....

Hey Folks, guess what? Yup, Yup, Yup - It's almost Shabbos again! Now 'round here that means only one thing - It's time for "Cookin' for Shabbos" - our weekly show to help you prepare for Shabbos. You do the cookin', we'll provide the soundtrack and the good-vibes, because we know how much chicken, soup, cholent, vegetable-lasagne, herring and whiskey need good-vibes!!
(OK, you caught me, we don't cook herring and whiskey - but...)
I've got Western Music on my mind, some good-ole country sittin' and a pickin' on my mind, not to mention all the brand new Rock and Roll we've been playin' - so what I suggest is that you lock us in on your internet dial, and let us roll and rock our way, all the way to Shabbos.
...And lest you might forget -- scroll down, and read all about our BIRTHDAY PARTY - coming up on Sunday night, 11/7/10 -- hey, 11 and 7 in the middle east that would be 7/11/10 --
hey, maybe it's our lucky day!!!!
C Ya on the Radio!

It's Almost Our Birthday . . . THE BIG ONE!

It's almost our birthday - doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we began?

The reason it seems like just yesterday that we launched Radio Free Nachlaot is because, well, it almost WAS yesterday!

In a world where a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day, it's hard to tell if we've been on the air (OK we're not really on the AIR per se, we're on the VIRTUAL air via Internet Radio) for a day, a year or forever. Sometimes it feels like all three simultaneously!

Nevertheless, according to the mundane usage of chronology, it's almost our 1-year Birthday, or as we say in California: THE BIG ONE. (In Hebrew would that be "Echad Gadol" - ?)

We launched this "Science Project" Erev Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5770 ... and lo & behold, Rosh Chodesh Kislev 5771 is right around the corner, literally.
So we're having a PARTY. A birthday party! A fundraiser! A fundraising birthday party! AND YOU'RE INVITED!

Our friends and media content creation partners at Asiyah Media (a.k.a. "Holding the Sun" Productions) are lending us their fabulous studios for the party because it's going to be so much fun we shouldn't have it in a residential area!

6pm - 11pm
At the Asiyah Media Studios
Mercaz Sapir Building 2, Suite 52 (Top Floor) in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem (off of Kanfei Nesharim Street)

Bus lines that go to Kanfei Nesharim Street (the cross street is Bachi) - Bus Lines 20, 6, 74, 75, 15, 60 and 64.

FUNDRAISER: You'll be asked to give a donation to Radio Free Nachlaot - amount of which and currency/denominations to be determined by YOU. In exchange you'll receive a RAFFLE TICKET, and we'll be raffling off a GUEST DJ APPEARANCE on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Come on - you know you've always wanted to play DJ! Now you can win a Guest DJ spot with us!

We will be broadcasting LIVE from the party so if you're not in town you can listen to us live, AND our Asiyah Media friends (who are streaming video savants) will be streaming video of the party LIVE - we'll let you know where to view it (we think we might even be able to embed it into THIS very web page when the time comes!)

But if you ARE in Jerusalem - wouldn't you really rather be WITH us than watching us on streaming video? We hope you'll drop by for the festivities, to wish us a Happy Birthday, to drop a few shekels into the "kitty" and to drink a l'chaim with us ... Oh yeah that reminds me, if you are kind-hearted please BYOB!!!

Lorelai generally likes single malt scotch with names that start with "Glen", Steve likes Jack Daniels Silver Select (Duty-Free, baby!).

So ... about our programming - we had an AWESOME set of music this morning inspired by our children - some of whom have even presented us with playlists (Thanks Shulie and Chava Levine!) and others who just tell us what they like (Thanks Cameron Kude). We called that segment "Not For Old People Only." Of course we know we don't play music just for old people - after all, Maya is our token under-30 DJ, right? :) The good news is that we taught our children well - in addition to bands like Sublime, Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, the Goo-Goo Dolls and the Posies we also heard Bob Dylan, Tom Waitts, Carly Simon and Van Morrison. We're not old - we're babies! We're only 1 year old!

At Noon today Dr. Liebe Schulman and Lorelai had a wonderful time on the Holy Healing Show. Maybe it was the influence of Scorpio this time of year, but the topic began with Shamanistic healing techniques, moved on to what to do if a soul leaves a body or an extra, unwanted soul enters a body, alternative consciousness-stimulating substances and their various healing usages, and winded up with a discourse on the secret healing properties of Frankincense and Myrrh. Check our DOWNLOAD PAGE to listen to the recording!

This afternoon on "Israeli Soul" we have Parsha Shavua "Toldot" from Rabbi Chaim Richman and Parsha Poetry by Chaya Kaplan-Lester, Nachlaot's Poetess-in-Residence at 2pm, "Light Unto The Nations: The Prayers that Bind" at 3:30pm, and Rav Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman class from last week at 5pm, punctuated by music from the Kirtan Rabbi, Holly Shere's "Wild Earth Shebrew," Sasha Butterfly Rose "Creation Song" and healing piano from Shoshanna Shoshanna.

Which brings us to tonight - we'll be broadcasting Rav Ozer's Rebbe Nachman Thursday Night Chebura LIVE at 7:30pm, and then after that - Steve's Cooking for Shabbos Show.

Gevaldt, that means it's almost Shabbos - again! We've been around the circle once together - it's almost a year of weeks that have ended in Shabbos together - won't you join us Sunday Night for our Birthday Party? RSVP to us at - we can't wait to see you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cafe Hafuch

Cafe Hafuch - "Upside-Down Coffee" - is what Israelis drink b'derech claal (normally), that is when they're not living in denial and ordering cappuccino, espresso or some other frothy drink.

All real Israelis know the truth - that we're living in an upside-down world. Our standard choice of caffeinated beverage (whose origins are rumored to have sprung from the pre-espresso days in Israel, where a little instant coffee was poured into milk) - all "Hafuch" drinks are a reversal of this method, a symbolic reversal of what was once the norm.

What to do when things are upside-down? Learn to walk on the ceiling, like Fred Astaire?

Speaking of politics (oh, were we?) we commemorated the results of yesterday's U.S. Election during our "Morning Dew" show with music from the Beatles, the Who, the Rolling Stones, Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, and other artists who so expressively illustrate well-earned skepticism about the political system. "Meet the old boss - same as the new boss," says The Who - and they also say: "We won't get fooled again!"

Or will we? Are we freyers (suckers) or idealists, do we want to believe so badly that we'll believe anything at all?

At least we know we'll be getting some right-side-up Torah this afternoon - we'll hear Rabbi Chaim Richman's "Temple Talk" at 1pm, Parsha Shavua (Todelos) at 5pm, accompanied by the Parsha Poetry of Chaya Kaplan-Lester, and at 3pm we'll have Part 2 of Dov Laimon's series on Bereshis (that's "Genesis" to you non-Hebrew speakers).

In-between and framing all this great Torah will be music from Israeli artist David Ziv, our friend & Moshav Modiin resident rock star Aryeh Naftali, and our favorite American Jewish Garage Band Made Good: BLANKET STATEMENTSTEIN. Really worth listening to.

Tonight at 8pm we're playing our new "Not For Drag Queens Only" Showtunes Show, featuring MY FAIR LADY - the original London Cast Recording (Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison).

Eliza Doolittle,the heroine of My Fair Lady, certainly found herself in the world of Cafe Hafuch - an upside-down world where rigid class systems could be broken through simply with a change of accent, clothing and deportment. Of course it wasn't that simple at all - Eliza Doolittle was, in fact, a "Fair Lady" long before Henry Higgins got a hold of her and made her the subject of a bet and a science project. It only took the costume change, accent and lessons in table manners to make others see it as well.

Whether walking on the ceiling is a better way of adapting to an upside-down world than elocution lessons, only time will tell. If only elocution lessons also brought forth a truth-telling tongue from politicians ... ahh, now that would be something to talk about.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Tuesday, you know what that means, don't you?

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Night
Wherever you are, our schedule is: Maya in the Morning, and then we'll come at you from Studio B, and we'll fill you in as we go --
Let's just say it's New Music Tuesday - just wait till you find out what that means!!!!

(hint - some new/old Bruce, perhaps?)