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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Monday, do you know what's new today on Radio Free Nachlaot?

Well, to begin, we are MEMBER SUPPORTED Radio Free Nachlaot, and we want you to not only know it, but take it from "the world of knowing" into action and urging you (as we will be doing all month) to visit our MEMBERSHIP Page, see the thank you gifts we have for you, and DONATE!
Showing us how much you love us is only a click away - TRY IT - you'll see how easy it is, and how good you'll feel afterwards.  I bet it will not only be good for us, but good for you, too!

As far a programming goes:

Monday at 8:00 PM - BE THERE ISRAEL Presents: 

Insights from Kabbalah and Chassidut
a Parsha class given by Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman
Watch the shiur right here on,
For those of you in Jerusalem, attend the shiur in person:
The shiur is being given at
Shir Hadash
Cheyl Nashim #4
top floor
For more info: 08-926-5247

** 20 nis suggested donation to Ohr Chadash**

and then, let the Newness Continue! Tuesday, 6-7 PM, the RETURNING LIGHT RETURNS!
Live from Tzfat, 
Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer returns with his "cosmic" torah teachings about the parsha, the calendar, life, health, and all good things.
We hope that this will continue weekly, but at least for this week, don't forget:
Tuesday 6-7 PM (right before the Homegrown Hour)
The Returning Light.

Now, I know that we're setting unreasonable expectations that there will be something especially new every day - but you know, there is something new everyday! So, aside from the newness that each day brings, we do have programming specials planned, and even some that are unplanned (like Reb Moish last night on Sunday Night Live with Steve) which means you've just got to pay attention.  Oh, if you find out before us, please let us know!

Oh - I almost forgot - It's Monday - and the "Not for Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Show" will continue, as scheduled, at 8:00 PM. Why would you think otherwise? Probably because Steve is "at the wheel,"  and although Lorelai contends that "he really likes show tunes" the jury is not out on how Steve really feels.
When asked about picking Show Tunes tunes for the Show Tunes Show he merely shrugged, and walked away. "It's a job" he said," It's a job...."

In honor of all the Combinas in the world, we are happy to present:

The Producers!!!

 C Ya on the Radio!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

And the NEW WEEK has begun!

Again with the beginnings!  Begin, begin and begin again!
... and yet with each beginning there should be something new, right?
Ok, so what's new for this week?  Well, to begin with, we have 2 new Torah Shiurim starting this week.  Stay Tuned to this very website for more information.

Meanwhile, our regular programming continues:

Tonight, Sunday Night Live will feature Steve flying solo once again,

Monday - Not for Drag Queen's Only Show Tunes Show will certainly surprise you:  Steve's selecting Show Tunes, again... what is this world coming to ....

(now, did somone say Man of La Macha?)

Tuesday: (this week only ) -

12-2 PM -  Maya will feed your noon-time musical munchies as only she can

 7:00 Pm - The Homegrown Hour

9:30 PM - Steve's That's Rock and Roll 


7:00 - 9:00 PM - Brainwaves with Brian Blum

9:00 - 11:00 PM Maya will take us into her world of Night Music


Steve's Cookin' For Shabbos, starting with H'ors D'ouevres around 7pm, until the the cookin' really begins at 10:


The "Not for Kids Only Childens' Hour" at 1:00

Goin' Down the Road to Shabbos from 2:30 -'til Shabbos

Sounds like a plan? Yes it does!

Radio Free Nachlaot - Music, talk, Torah,

It's where Jerry Meets Shlomo and so much more.

Member Supported

Radio Free Nachlaot

 C Ya on the Radio!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's the colors man, it's the colors!.

 My Rabbi asked me, "why do Hippies wear Techeles?"  I answered: It's the COLORS, Rabbi, it's all about the   COLORS.

Parshas Noach. Ark. Flood. Rainbow.
Let Radio Free Nachlaot prepare you for the Parsha by floooding you with music that will "paint rainbows all over your blues."

...and remember, tonight, Steve's Cookin' for Shabbos will start around 9 PM  ( a bit earlier than usual) with music, talk and Torah, all intended to provide the soundtrack for your pre-Shabbos preparations.

C Ya on the Radio!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome to Wednesday Ev WE body

That's Wight EveWEbody, Welcome to Wednesday, We hope you enjoy the show(s)!

Yom Revii - it's not quite Sunday, and not yet Shabbos. It's the perfect day for Wadio, isn't it?

Today's schedule:

12:00 - 1:00 PM - The Crimson Stone presents "Scruffy Jazz."  You know the word on the street is that the Jazz will be there, but will Mr. Stone?

7:00 - 9:00 PM - Brian Blum's Brainwaves bringing you an assortment of everything eclectic except the Grateful Dead!

and of course, at 9:00 PM 

Maya's "songs for the night."

C Ya on the Wadio, Eveweebody!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Rock and Roll Tuesday!

That's Right!  ....and didn't one of the 80's bands that Maya likes sing "G-d gave Rock and Roll to us?"
Well, we learned that in last week's parsha, Beraishis that not only were musical instruments invented, but "metal" was invented, as well. Did the parsha mean METAL, as in Rock and Roll Metal?? Well, even Maya's mid morning music for your musical munchies show doesn't go into Metal Music (can it be there's one style we overlooked? (or do we just ignore that.?)  Be that as it may, it is Rock and Roll Tuesday, and that's just what we're going to play.
Today's Schedule goes like this:

11:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Maya's "Music for your Mid-Morning Musical Munchies"
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM - Israeli Soul Afternoon
3:00 - 7:00 PM we will play: The Police, The Byrds, some Credence Clearwater Revival and at 4:18 a "Live" Grateful Dead Show (i know, we never play a whole G D show in the afternoon!) recorded on 10/28/72 in Cleveland, all leading up to at 7:00 PM - Homegrown Hour, which as usual will go to about 8:30....
Homegrown tonight will feature:
Moshe Weidenfeld, SoSoS, Amichai Tzipor, Skyland, Nehedar, Sharon, Paul Robert Thomas, Sara Nadav, Bradley Fish, Orly Vardy, Soul Farm, Aryeh Kuntsler, Y Love and Jah Levy.
8:30 PM - Counting Crows live from NYC
10:30 PM - The James Gang (Hey Lazer LLoyd, are you paying attention?)
11:13 PM - Steve's Rock and Roll Show -- better late than never --
to be followed by The Who Live at Leeds and the Grateful Dead from 10/26/80 Radio City Music Hall, and then more music - what do you expect after a Grateful Dead show, silence??

Now, don't forget, that's just today's schedule - and it's only Tuesday.
Check in tomorrow and find out what we have in store for Wednesday 'cause you know you want to know.

C Ya on the Radio!

Monday, October 24, 2011

The question is: What does Steve know from Show Tunes?

Well, it's been left up to Steve to program tonight's Not For Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Selection,
It's not the normal thing for Steve to do, you know, but given the challenge, he has decided that WE ALL NEED TO LAUGH.
Coming up, Tonight:
8:00 PM
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.
Pray that Lorelai comes back quick.

It's Monday. So, what are going to do about that?

Monday, Monday.  The first week after we read Parshas Beraishis, and we're already 10 generations into the history of Mankind. Noah is coming. So is the flood. So is the month of Mar-Cheshvan.  It's happenning so fast will we be able to keep up? I mean, are we falling behind, already?  NO WAY. We are in the groove, and going to keep grooving all week long.

Today's Schedule: Music, Music, and then Steve's shot at picking a "not for drag queen's only Show Tune,"  and then more music.  Now that's an non-sequitor: Steve and Show Tunes in the same sentence... Well, tune in at 8pm and find out just how much influence Lorelai has had on Steve, after all.

But you know, it works both ways.  Like it or not, we do influence each other (not just Steve and Lorelai!)  That's right, Member Supported Radio Free Nachlaot will influence you by the music, talk and Torah we deliver every day, exceptin' Shabbos.
Now, it's your turn to influence us.  Show us you're involved.  Send us your thoughts, your musical ideas, and your cash. Influence us! Influence us! (Of course we'll still decide what music to play... but we'll take your money!)

You know, our Rabbis tell us that it's all in the way you start that ultimately will not only influence where you end up, but where you are.
Where are you?
I know where we are -
Come listen, won't you?

C Ya on the Radio!!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

And we begin again!

 And if it doesn't seem that we ever ended? Right Again. It's a circle. It's a cycle. It's life. On Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah, the minute we finish reading the entire Torah, we start it again.  In the beginning, or better put, with "Beginnings" did G-d create the world. Oh yes, He did!

I bless us all, we should bless ourselves back, that our beginnings are fresh, new, like never before.
Our beginnings, and our lives should be exciting, healthy, and full of GOOD MUSIC!
And I bless Radio Free Nachlaot that we just keep Pumping out the good-vibes great music that will keep us company on the journey.

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos,
C Ya on the Radio!

Remember, the first Melave Malke of the year - Parshas Beraishis, will be on the air Motzoei Shabbos around 7:30 PM.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dancing Our Way to Our Own Torah

Here in the Land of Israel it's Shemini Atzeres - the 8th Day - and tonight we'll begin to celebrate Simchas Torah. We'll be dancing with the Torah scrolls, we'll be reading the end of the last Parsha in the Book of Devarim (Deuteronomy) and the beginning verses of the first Parsha in the Book of Bereshis (Genesis), we'll be circling higher and higher until we come to the beginning again - because, as we demonstrate every year - it's an ever-widening circle (or as Lorelai likes to say, "It's not a circle, it's an ascending spiral!" Of course she is known to be persnickety about geometry).

Whatever shape it takes for you (and whatever shape you're in) we wish you the BEST, most joyful Simchas Torah - we'll be off the air from this evening until Thursday night, when we'll be back moetzi Chag with Steve Levine's "Cookin' for Shabbos" - in this case, Steve will be cookin' for Shabbos Bereshis, the beginning again ... Do we say "It's like Deja-Vu all over again?" or do we say "Everything old is new again" or do we say, "May the circle be unbroken...."


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilad Shalit Coming Home

Gilad Shalit, on his way home just in time to join David haMelech and the rest of the Ushpizin in the Sukka tonight. May the merit of the 7 Shepherds protect us and all Am Yisrael.
For our friends outside of Israel - today, after 1,491 days being held hostage by Hamas, Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is returning home to his family (in exchange for the release of 1,027 convicted terrorists and murderers held in Israeli jails, all of whom are refusing to sign a pledge not to engage in terrorism after they are released). 
While politically & nationally we are outraged at the deal which virtually ensures more bloodshed, G*d forbid, we rejoice with the Shalit family, and all Israel opens their arms wide to embrace the soldier who has become our national son.
We're playing songs of HOMECOMING this morning on Radio Free Nachlaot - sending vibes of love and support to the families of the thousands of victims of terror whose killers are being released today in exchange for Gilad Shalit. The anguish of the terror victim families is our anguish. The joy of the Shalit family is our joy. THERE ARE NO EASY ANSWERS, there are no unconflicted emotions, there are no clear-cut moral lines with which to try to draw conclusions.
We are a family. Dysfunctional - yes. Divided - yes. Just like a "regular" family - but today, for a brief few hours, we are all one as we welcome home Gilad Shalit.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

You're Invited!!

That's right. You are all invited to spend today, the 4th Day of Sukkot with us in the Radio Free Nachlaot Sukka High atop Undisclosed Studio "A", Deep in the Heart of Nachlaot!

And if you can't be with us in person (between 3 and 10 PM), then join us on the radio -- as a matter of fact, watch us on the radio (at least between 3 and 5) when Sunday Night Live goes Prime Time during the Day Time!

Today's show, brought to you by BE THERE ISRAEL ( feature:

at 3:00 PM -Yerachmiel (Rocky) Ziegler
and at 4:00 - Yankele Shemesh.
As for the rest of the day? - Maya, Elijah Sidikman (Long Time Gone), Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Poupko and Rabbi Betzalel Edwards have promised to stop by -- BUT YOU JUST NEVER KNOW who will join the Holy Ushpizin in our Psychedelic Sukka this year!

Our Sukka is sponsored by the HOLY TEMPLE, may it be rebuilt speedily and in our day - exactly as we're commanded to build a Sukka, we're commanded to build the Temple - it didn't just drop from the sky!) Our Sukka was made possible by a generous contributions from people who love the Holy Temple, and Radio Free Nachalot.

It's Sukkot. Zman Simchaseinu - time of HAPPINESS.
Let's get Happy, together.
C Ya on the Radio!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We are on the road to Sukkos!

That's right. It's Aliyat Haregel time. Time to take to the roads, time to come up to Jerusalem for the holiday.
It's Sukkot. It's Hallel, It's shaking the Lulav, it's the Priestly Blessing. It's the Holiday of Simcha.  The Rabbis teach that if you didn't experience the "celebration of the water drawing" in Jerusalem at the time of the Temple you didn't experience simcha.  Gevaldt!  But you know, we are in Israel, default value is Simcha. Time to move into the Sukka and feel the JOY. It's there, let's just open ourselves up and let it in!
....and of course, to help us get there, a little travelin' music, would you please?
you betcha!
Chag Sameyach, Good Yom Tov, Good Year!

Remember, Sunday is the Radio Free Nachlaot Sukkos party - be there in person, or watch and listen to us on the Radio, brought to you by The Temple Institute (who have sponsored the Sukka which now stands high atop undisclosed Studio A) and Be There Israel.(  The party starts at 3:00 PM with Rocky (Yerachmiel) and we'll see where it goes from there!

C Ya on the Radio..

Monday, October 10, 2011

We're Going to Shake It in the Sukka (But First We Have to BUILD IT)

Have you ever noticed that your Inner Child rates the Jewish holidays by how much fun they are? Sukkot - it's like having your own fort, or treehouse, or playhouse - an outside special place just for you. Channukah: lights and gifts, games and food - what kid doesn't like that? And of course Purim - dressing up & getting drunk. Every child's dream!

Well, our Inner (and Outer) Children are having a blast. Because these are the "Days Between" the end of Yom Kippur and the beginning of Sukkot, where little else is focused upon aside from HOW WHEN AND WHERE to build a Sukkah! We're going to be living in the Sukkah for a whole week, it's like camping out - only so much better.

OK, of course there's the OTHER obsession - picking out the best "Arba Manim" (4 Species) you can find - the Etrog of your dreams, your Lulav - that's what we're talking about, the original Jewish "Light Saber." Who doesn't want to do battle with a magical sword? (Harry Potter y'all got nothin' on our tradition, although we can't figure out what the Jewish equivalent of Quiddich is - unless it's Yiddish).

Lorelai is so obsessed with her Etrog she's actually built an Etrog-Charging Station (see picture). Her Etrog is soaking up all the Kedusha descending from the Letters of the Unpronounceable Holy Name of G*d, so that when she takes it to the Sukka it's EXTRA, EXTRA CHARGED WITH HOLY ENERGY.

Radio Free Nachlaot's Sukkah will begin to be built, b'ezrat HaShem, today (pictures will follow). Our Sukkah this year is SPONSORED BY - YOU GUESSED IT, THE HOLY TEMPLE!

So stay tuned for great Sukkah-building tunes all day long - and special Torah from Rebbetzin Rena Richman at 1pm (a new Bat Melech piece about Aaron haKohen - very timely, considering that Aaron is one of our Ushpizin during Sukkot!) and at 4pm Rabbi Chaim Richman's "Light To The Nations" expounds on "The True Service of G-d."

We'll have music on Israeli Soul Afternoon today from Shlomo Katz, Phish, Yerachmiel Ziegler, Matisyahu, Anaelia Ben David, Yehuda Katz, HaMakor, Shtar, Yehuda Glantz and more.

At 8pm on the "Not for Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Show" there's an excellent chance we'll be hearing the sound track from THE MUSIC MAN with the wonderful Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. Stay tuned!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Guess what time it is?

Gut Yor - Good Year Everybody.
Shlomo says that on Yom Kippur, during Neilah (the closing service), HKBH, the Master of the World is handing our invitations. Invitations to come and join HIM in the Sukka,
HE didn't say we had to build one first, or did he?

We have a soundtrack to go with your life. I guess we're going to be heading down the road to Sukkot. Music to build your Sukka by -- coming up tonight, tomorrow and on and on....

And don't forget:  Sunday Night Live this Sunday Night between 8 - 10 PM will feature a visit from our friend Dr. Moshe Rothkopf.  Moshe is not only one of Steve's oldest and bestest of friends, but was close, close, on the inside close to Shlomo for many years.  Moshe will hopefully bring us Shlomo Stories and Torahs as well as his own insights into Sukkot to help us build the Sukka of the soul. It goes with the ones we build with wood and stone, you know.

C Ya On the Radio!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yom Kippur

What else is there to say.

I bless you, and you should bless me back that we should be written in the book of life, of parnassah, of health, of happiness.  
I bless you, and you should bless me back that when Yom Kippur is over we know what an awesome opportunity we have to START OVER as we continue on....It's new.  We're New.
Before Yom Kippur takes a lot of work. Yom Kippur itself -- work? doesn't apply.  
We will be beyond work. We will be as ethereal as we can be.  We will be as not-physical as we can be. We will all be Angels.  We will all be able to serve G-d and sing HIS praises.  

I bless us all with an easy, deep and meaningful fast.

C Ya on Motzoei Shabbos - cleansed, renewed, ready to start all over, again.

Gmar Chatima Tova.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Wednesday. How's your week going?

Yom Revii. 4th day of the week.  7th day of the 10 days of Teshuva.  Are we getting closer? Closer to Yom Kippur. Closer to the TRUTH,.  Closer to the ONE.  Are we even thinking about it?

Well, to help us along, Maya's weekly adventure into the music of the night will feature Soul Searching Songs to help us, you got it, search our souls.  And what will we find?  Well, what are we looking for?  Good questions.  Good questions for all the time, except, as Steve explained last night in the name of the Nesivos Shalom and Rabbi Chaim Friedlander, Yom Kippur is a SPECIAL TIME - special because HKBH, the Holy One Blessed Be He, with his infinite kindness has created a day that is meant for Atonement - Kapparah - cleansing - a safe zone that keeps all the OTHER STUFF away. I mean, the "Other Stuff" really has no choice but to flee - so much light, so much goodness, there is no room for dark, distracting BADNESS.  However, everybody knows that we all need a bit of a push and it's so much nicer when the push is helped along by good music - wouldn't you say?  And that my friends, is not reserved just for Yom Kippur, that is reserved for everyday 'round here at Radio Free Nachlaot.

Today our musical menu is as follows:

12:00 PM -- The Crimson Stone is rumored to be doing the Scruffy Jazz Show.  Watch Mr. Stone on the radio between 12:00 and 1:00 PM -- hey, he may even come in today!!!!

7:00 - 9:00 PM - Brainwaves with Brian Blum.  This is Brian's Tishrei show people. One shot til after Chag for Brian to blow our minds with his eclectic blend of music.  Tune in, it will change your life! (or maybe add to your playlist.)

and then at 9:00 PM - Maya will lead us into the night with her mix of Night Music, today featuring Soul Searching Songs  --- but, i repeat myself... best to just tune us in and listen to the music, talk and Torah from your favorite source of internet entertainment, MEMBER SUPPORTED, RADIO FREE NACHLAOT.

oh, by the way, will you be drinking coffee from your Radio Free Nachlaot coffee mug this year in the sukka?
Visit our bling page to find out how ... i'm just sayin'.....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Signed, Sealed and Delivered - Awesome "Days Between"

Rosh HaShannah - the Jewish New Year and Day of Judgement - has come and gone. We're in the "Days Between" (sound familiar?) Rosh HaShannah and Yom Kippur - the Days of Awe - during which we understand that for the majority of us, we're still being shall we say ... audited. Like an IRS audit, only much more comprehensive.

Awe. Audit. There's a connection there. The more we experience AWE - so hard to describe to a society whose every other adjective is "awesome" (as if we really know what "awesome" really means!) - the humbler we'll become.

Wanna know about AWE? Isaiah, Chapter 6 - the prophet "Saw the LORD, high and lifted up upon His Throne," and was so AWESTRUCK he fell on his face with his very life almost draining out of him for being overwhelmed by the Holiness of G*d.

During these Days of Awe we're keeping in mind that the account books are being scrutinized - and although we look forward to Yom Kippur with great hope of knowing we'll be "Signed, Sealed and Delivered" - there's always that niggling feeling that, perhaps, we should have triple-checked whether we dotted our "i's" and crossed our "t's"as diligently as possible.

But where does that niggling feeling come from? Where does ALL doubt come from? Doubt comes in when certainty flees - and certainty flees in the face of unanswered questions. But - THAT'S THE POINT. We're NOT G*d, we don't have all the answers - and the One Who Does isn't necessarily sharing them with us at our request. Are we going to let Mr. Doubt run the show during these Days of Awe? Or are we going to Mr. Doubt that he's NOT "awesome" - in fact, he's the opposite of awesome. He's a drag.

Humility in the face of doubt extinguishes the power of negative thought. When we understand that The King is not only He Who is high and lifted up upon a lofty throne, dazzling and glorious and fearful, but He's also the One Who met us in the field, Who stood with us face-to-face less than a month ago during Elul.

Have we done our best? Have we taken note of where we've fallen short, and asked for courage, strength and resources both inner and outer in order to build up that which needs building inside ourselves? Have we looked into our own eyes, face to our own face, and known, REALLY known that we're seeing HaShem's Work of Art - albeit a work in progress?

Take heart, friends. Sing it like Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed and Delivered - I'm Yours.

And we're doing our best to keep the music and Torah you need coming your way.

Tuesday - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Mid Morning Maya with Music to feed our Musical Munchies, and then at 7:00 PM the Homegrown Hour and 9:30 PM Steve's "That's Rock and Roll" and there's the STUFF BETWEEN. What's that we say? Well, that's where you've got to be listening if you want to find out, just let it be known, no matter what, it's AWESOME.

Keep on keepin' on during these Awesome Days, we're keeping up with you on Radio Free Nachlaot.