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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, September 30, 2013

Monday Night Without Maya?

How could it be?
....and we finally decided to have Maya play us the music "only Maya can" on Monday nights, between 9 and 11 pm - you know, the professional thing to do, schedule a show....same time, same channel...
well, I guess that's not always the way it goes 'round here...
So, yes, Monday without Maya will take place tonight, and as soon as Maya can make it back to the radio, we will let you know!!!

...and what does Monday without Maya look like?
well, to start with we'll be celebrating the fact that 20 years ago Nirvana and the Counting Crows released major success albums - Nirvana's 3rd album, In Utero, and Counting Crows first album, August and Everything After -
Prompted by a long story i don't wish to make short - unless i do so on the air... we'll mixed together both albums and see where that gets us!

After that, you know Mickey Hart is in the queue, and other surprises -- hand selected just for you!

C Ya on the Radio!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Shavua Tov - Parshas Beraishis - On the Road, Again!

That's right folks, we are "on the road, again."  I mean, we've had time to reflect, repent, get our bearings, reset our spiritual and physical GPS systems, danced our tuchuses off in the Sukka, and around the Torahs, and now, we pull out of the "rest stop" back on to the highway, all charged up and ready to go!

... and where are we going, you ask?

Well, first stop is Sunday Night Live, with tonight's special guest, who just happens to be one of our sponsors of last week's Moshav Meor Modiim's Music Festival broadcast, Dr. Tova Goldfine.
Dr. Tova will spend some time with Steve and Lorelai, live in Studio "B" talking about all things healthy, and i bet a bunch more!!!!!

Join us, the first Sunday Night Live of 5774, starting at 7:00 PM Israel time, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.
C Ya on the Radio!!!!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


It's Chol haMoed, our favorite vacation time of year (and aren't we lucky, we get it TWICE a year)! And as has become our minhag, Radio Free Nachlaot will be broadcasting LIVE from the famous Moshav Mevo Modiin in Israel during the 12th Annual Moshav Country Fair, Chol haMoed Sukkot 5774!

We'll be live from 11am - 11pm (or thereabouts) Israel time on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd  

Join us and thousands of our world-wide listening audience as we enjoy a day at the Fair, with music from a real all-star lineup!

11 am     Josh Lauffer
12 pm    Benyamin Steinberg
1 pm      Gavriel Naftaly
2 pm      Yerachmiel and Arba Minim
3 pm      Shlomo Katz
4 pm     Yehuda Katz
5 pm     BenZion Solomon & Sons
6 pm    Hamakor
7 pm    Shivat Zion
8 pm    Shivi Keller
9 pm    Aryeh Naftaly & Elevators 

Our broadcast this year is sponsored by Dr. Tova Goldfine, known far and wide as our beloved "Dr. Tova," whose work as a Chiropractor has brought relief and healing for uncountable patients during her 30 years of practice, and an Anonymous sponsor on behalf of the Hochbaum Family and the Holy City of Hevron. We're grateful for the support of our sponsors - and you should be too, because without them we wouldn't be able to do this broadcast for y'all! 

Tune in to Radio Free Nachlaot to hear our live broadcast from Moshav Mevo Modiin starting around 11am Israel time on Monday, September 22nd - and join us in celebrating Moadim l'Simcha during Chol haMoed Sukkot!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sukkot - Living On Faith!

So it really feels like one thing after the other, right? Rosh HaShannah, Yom Kippur, and now: Sukkot - one of our favorite holidays, the one where we bring our insides out - literally. Moving into our Sukkahs reminds us how temporary anything passing for "security" really is. We live in "booths," that is to say, flimsy structures which, no matter how tastefully decorated or sturdily built, are inherently temporary. Just like our lives - and all we have to do is just live in the Sukkah for a week, living on faith, believing that HKBH is the only real security we have in this life!
We'll be off the air for Chag haSukkot beginning Wednesday night until Thursday night this week. We'll be back on the air Thursday night until we're off the air Friday night for Shabbos again! Gevaldt, one thing you can say for the Month of September (Tishrei as it happens to be this year) is that our computers are getting a lot of rest!
Chag Sameach everybody - enjoy your time in the Sukkah and see ya on the radio!

Monday, September 16, 2013


Holidays behind us, holidays ahead of us and we are in the 

middle of the commotion, doing what??? building sukkot,

working , eating, sleeping, getting ready for autumn. 

Listening and watching the news 24/7...So i say enough with the 

news. Enough with CNN poisoning our minds, enough with the 

same routine. We need excitements, fire, passion, 

crazy-amazing experiences with great music in our ears during 

the whole time.Tonight's musical journey will give you the 

infusion you need to get started. 21-23 pm(Jerusalem time), 

with Maya.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yom Kippur on Shabbos - The Shabbat Shabbaton!

A wonderful calendar confluence- Yom Kippur falls out on Shabbat this year, making it a "Shabbat Shabbaton,"  the Shabbat of all Shabboses, the highest and holiest day of the year.

We'll be eating manna, the food of angels - we'll be wearing white, we'll be so close to the World to Come that we'll be tasting it and breathing it - and we invite you to meet us there, between the Cherubim, where heaven and earth kiss and make up, where all our hurts are healed and we are assured of our acceptance, forgiveness and restoration with both G*d and our fellow humans.

We're broadcasting special Yom Kippur-themed shiurim and music today as we lead up to about 6pm Israel time, when we'll be off the air until Moetzi Shabbos - Saturday Night - when we'll switch it up to bring in the joyous time immediately following Yom Kippur - join us, won't you?

Have an easy, meaningful and redemptive fast - "Tzom Kal" - and G'mar Chatimah Tovah, you should be written in the Book of Life - signed, sealed and delivered for a health, happy, peaceful and productive New Year!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So while the U.S Congress and Senate and the European union talk and debate them selves to boredom, on whether actually doing something regarding the massacre of innocence in Syria...Here on the radio we made progress of our own!!! We brought President Obama and Bashar Assad to the negotiating table where they agreed on something very important, something that without it freedom cannot exist: 

"Obama and i solemnly agree that we will rock you".  

           "Sing it Bashar"   
"We will...we wil..we will rock you"

                                             "Sing it brother"

"We will... we will... we will rock you"  

Where??? right here on RFN radio, with Maya, tonight at 21-23 pm (Jerusalem time).     

Sunday, September 8, 2013



 "Today is the birthday of the World..."

At RFN, we're like Hobbits with the minhag of birthdays - we think they call for presents to be distributed!

L'kavod the New Year, "The birthday of the world," we'd like to present  Radio Free Nachlaot's first gift to you for the Year 5774 - a link to the folder containing RFN's entire "Sunday Night Live" Show from August 25th, featuring Steve and Lorelai's review of the Mickey Hart Band's performance in Jerusalem on Aug 22nd, as well as our exclusive interviews with Mickey Hart, Crystal Monee Hall and Incredible Records Founder Jonathon Lipsin 

The show has been broken up into small bite size pieces for your listening convenience and pleasure - a total of 8 separate MP3 recordings in this file folder, in order of how they aired on the show - enjoy them! With love from us at RFN to y'all.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Shana Tova u'Metuka - Rosh HaShanna 5774 - AND We're Off The Air for 3 Days!!!

Rosh HaShannah, the "head" ("rosh") of the year, ushers in the Jewish New Year of 5774, beginning at Sundown on Wednesday - and is a 2-day holiday (actually it's "one long day" that lasts a full 48 hours, but that's another theological story)!

 Immediately after Rosh HaShanna, Shabbat begins - which means that Radio Free Nachlaot's overheated and overworked broadcasting units will get three whole days of uninterrupted rest! That's great news for our processors, B"H.

We want to wish all our RFN friends, fans and family a Shana Tova u'Metuka, a sweet and happy New Year, may we all be written in the Book of Life for health, abundance, love, and everything we need both as individuals and as the human race.

As the news of escalating tensions in the Middle East buzz about us via every possible medium, we know we are safe in the hands of HKBH, Who in just another day or so during Rosh HaShannah services we'll be communally proclaiming "HaMELECH...." The King!

Nobody messes with the children of The King, y'all. 

With hope and faith that The King will set all things in order, with sincere prayers for the health and safety of ourselves and our regional neighbors as well as the entire world, with confidence that The King always judges righteously and with mercy, and with humble gratitude for our lives which remain, as always, in His hands -

With love to everyone, everywhere
From the Holy City of Jerusalem

Steve Levine and Lorelai Kude
Radio Free Nachlaot

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Monday, September 2, 2013


Yes, yes-I know it's been to long...and the excuses of vacations and new equipment does not cut it...But, the important thing is that we are back to our usual schedule-although as you all well know, there is nothing usual about our Monday nights musical journeys :) So, tonight our radio station is on with full speed with great music and me (Maya) and I'll continue to make this hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy experience which is our lives-a bit easier. Tonight, 21-23pm(Jerusalem time), on RFN radio.