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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

1st "Fare Thee Well" Show Set List & More

It seemed like a dream as we were watching the first of the "Fare Thee Well" shows from Santa Clara on our LIVE STREAMING WEBCAST (still time for you to order for the next 4 shows!).

 There they were - Bobby (bearded, shaggy and in shorts), Phil (spare, lean and smiling), Mickey and Billy, with Trey (not wearing a Jerry mask as we had hoped), Bruce and Jeff - and it took them the entire first set to really warm up. Notwithstanding - and how can we begrudge them a slow start when it's been 20 years since their last show? - the First Set contained some surprises! Opening with "Truckin", continuing with "Uncle John's Band", "Alligator", "Cumberland Blues", "Born Cross-Eyed / Cream Puff War" and ending with an extended version of "Viola Lee Blues".

 The second set is where the energy really kicked in. Opening with "Cryptical Envelopment" and slipping effortlessly into "Dark Star", followed by "St. Stephen / The Eleven" and "Lovelight", followed by Drums/Space and "The Other One". The last song of the second set was an especially poignant "Morning Dew" sung by Bobby - and nobody was missing Jerry more at that moment than Bobby himself.

 After the boys exited the stage, Phil came back to greet the crowd and remind us all that he wouldn't be here today if not for an organ donation, and asked us all to consider becoming organ donors ourselves. They returned for an encore - "Casey Jones" (wasn't cocaine one of the reasons Phil needed a new liver to begin with? Was the choice of "Casey Jones" after the organ donation pitch deliberately ironic?)

After they REALLY left the stage, drummer Bill Kreutzmann returned to remark on the RAINBOW over Levis Stadium which had been sighed and photographed and tweeted all over the world. Lauding "what happened last week" (the US Supreme Court upholding the legality of same-sex marriage in all 50 states) as "really important", Billy called attention to the rainbow as a sign of progress.\

Follow us on Twitter @NachlaotRadio for a song-by-song tweetfest for all the "Fare Thee Well" shows!

RFN's own Lorelai will be reporting live from Levis Stadium on Sunday, June 28th - check her out on Facebook (Lorelai Kude) and on Radio Free Nachlaot's FB page

@NachlaotRadio on Twitter for Live #FareTheeWell #GD50 Tweets from Santa Clara!

Follow us on Twitter at NachlaotRadio for a live tweeting extravaganza of tonight's Santa Clara show! The boys are taking the stage right now! Excitement is in the air!

#FareTheeWell #Dead50 Santa Clara Show!!!

Gevaldt! The webcast of the first of five "Fare Thee Well" Shows begins at 7pm California time (5am Israel time) this is what the webcast screen looks like now:
...but ... not too long from now, the first of the shows we've been waiting for is about to begin!
It's NOT TOO LATE to purchase a webcast or pay-per-view package! CLICK HERE TO VIEW LIVE STREAMING AND VIDEO ON DEMAND OPTIONS!

 Gevaldt, it's borderline Techias Hamaysim (Raising of the Dead") time! After months of anticipation, the purported "final" tour of the four surviving core members of the Grateful Dead (Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann), with support from Trey Anastasio, Jeff Chimenti, and Bruce Hornsby begins TONIGHT at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara, California!

RFN's Lorelai Kude will be going to the Sunday, June 28th show, and will be live tweeting, Facebooking and all her other Social Media moves live from the show.
We've recruited a couple of Freelancers who will be filing audio and written reports of the Santa Clara AND Chicago Shows! You'll be hearing recorded reports from them on the radio! Stay tuned for details!

It can't have escaped your notice that the hullabaloo surrounding the reunion shows has been not exactly "Kosher". From ticket scalping to overpriced VIP packages and all manner of Yuppie-not-Hippie-ish kind of marketing, those who would love to be able to "Steal Your Face" have come out of the virtual woodwork to try to make a buck off of the most devoted fan base in the world - Deadheads.
There's even the very machmir position taken by some which says going to a show is assur because Jerry isn't in this world anymore.
What's undeniable though, at least from this end of the lens, is that EVEN THOUGH JERRY IS GONE, THE MAGIC IS STILL THERE. We can't explain it, and we didn't really anticipate this being the case - and yet it is.
WWJD? What would Jerry do?
We think he'd say it's ok to go to the shows and have a good time, even though he isn't there. We DO think that Jerry and Bill Graham are both sitting together in Heaven, simultaneously cracking up AND preparing thunderbolts to throw at unscrupulous hustlers.
We don't know for sure what Jerry would say, but we DO know that he would remind us to be kind to each other and expect a miracle!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy 70th Birthday, Carly Simon - We Do NOT Have Time For The Pain!

Gevaldt, it's Carly Simon's 70th Birthday today! How can that be? And yet - there it is. Carly, we do NOT have time for the pain - so we're going to celebrate your birthday today on Radio Free Nachlaot with some of your best tunes and special interviews!

Thursday: Grateful Dead at Berkeley Community Theater, Rebbe Nachman’s Tikkun haKlali, our 70th Birthday tribute to Carly Simon, “Torah Talk” with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven, selected recordings from the Moshav Country Fair featuring Shivat Tzion, Shivi Keller, Yitzchak Attias, Benzion Solomon and Sons, Shlomo Katz, and Aryeh Naftaly & The Elevators, Sanjay Mishra and Jerry Garcia, Eric Clapton & Buddy Guy - listen right here at

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wildcard Wednesday, Getting Stoked for "Fare Thee Well"

(C) Rosie McGee
Lorelai was trying to be casual, but she's getting excited about going to "Fare Thee Well", the "Dead50" show on Sunday, June 28th at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara. What got her excited? This post on Facebook from Rosie McGee, Photographer and Storyteller:
Regarding FARE THEE WELL: As a photographer contributing to many of the visual production elements of the FARE THEE WELL concerts, I've been in contact with some of the folks behind the scenes who are furiously preparing for these five behemoth events. And as a friend of the band and crew from the early days through to the present day, I'm happy to know that they've brought back some of the best of the Dead-days techs and crew to handle production chores they always did so well.
I just want you all to know that, every single person working behind the scenes to prepare for the upcoming shows, is working his/her ass off to give you a top-of-the-line, fantastic show; including, of course, the musicians. The technical challenges inherent in a production of this size; broadcast and streamed live; recorded and filmed; attended by hundreds of thousands; etc. are daunting enough. Add to that the (in some cases, unrealistic) expectations of what the music might or might not be; and you have anticipation on an unparalleled scale.
Regardless of ticketing, seating chart and 'who should have been playing lead guitar' issues debated recently, I choose to send huge loving energy and thanks to ALL the folks who are making FARE THEE WELL happen, and who are putting their hearts and souls into doing it well.
I can't even convey the amount of love I have for Phil, Bobby, Billy and Mickey, as I look back on the 50 years and what they have accomplished, and the music they have given us all those years - and hopefully, for many more. Heartfelt thanks, guys!
When it comes right down to it, it's ALL about the music. And each of the five times those guys (and of course, Trey, Jeff and Bruce) step out on the stage in those huge venues, my strongest wish is that all else fades away, and all that's left is the music - and that they (and you) have the BEST TIME EVER!
Love you all - onstage and off.  Rosie
We wanted to share with you, because Rosie got us so encouraged!
Meanwhile - Wednesday on Radio Free Nachlaot -

Start the morning (Israeli time) with the Grateful Dead at the Oakland Coliseum, 8/4/79, Rebbe Nachman’s Tikkun haKlali, and l’kavod Jeff Beck’s birthday: music from The Jeff Beck Group, Beck, Bogert & Appice, and Clapton, Beck and Jimmy Page – AND birthday twin Mick Fleetwood.  Today’s Torah Feature is a Shiur by Reb Nasan Maimon on Rebbe Nachman's Stories (“The Lost Princess”, Part 2), followed by Israeli Soul Afternoon music from Matisyahu, Zion 80, Reb Shlomo Carlebach, Aaron Razel, Aharit HaYamim, and Eitan Katz.

That's not all! Mazal Tov to lucky winners Jay Jaffe, Mark Feller, Janey Pachman Welis, Steve Rosenberg, Eran Remler, Yoel Maler, Ben Miller, Andy Alpern and Drew Tick! Our "Fare Thee Well" Grateful Dead 50 webcast winners watching Live Alliance's live webcast, won on our Radio Free Nachlaot give-away

YOU can order the webcast to be seen anywhere in the world HERE: 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tuesday Tunes and Tributes!

TUESDAY!!! Grateful Dead 7/19/89 Alpine Valley Music Theater, Rebbe Nachman’s Tikkun haKlali, the Tuesday edition of Morning Musical Cholent Mix featuring George Harrison’s “Living in the Material World” (#1 album this day in 1973), Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (on this day in 1965 “Tracks of My Tears” was released, and on this day in 1972 Smokey Robinson played his last show with The Miracles), and Peter Gabriel “Secret World Live” (1994). 

Today’s Torah Feature is a Shiur by Reb Nasan Maimon on Rebbe Nachman's Stories (“The Lost Princess”, Part 1), followed by Israeli Soul Afternoon. l’kavod 6 Tammuz, the anniversary of the Raid on Entebbee (1967), we’ll be playing the Israeli greats from the 1960’s Kaveret, High Windows, Arik Einstein, Eyal Golan,  and Tammuz.

At 7pm Israel time it’s “The Homegrown Hour” with Steve Levine’s latest picks from YOU, our listening audience, followed by the Newgrass/Bluegrass Show and “That’s Rock ‘n” Roll” at 10pm Israel time.

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Wheel Within a Wheel

"Ezekiel's Wheel", St. John the Baptist church, Kratovo, Macedonia
Boker Tov, Eretz Yisrael! It’s Monday morning by you, Sunday night in the USA. On the Hebrew Calendar it's the 5th of Tammuz, in the Hebrew Year 3332 (429 BCE) - the date that the Prophet Ezekiel had his vision of the Merkavah (Divine Chariot). Pay attention to your dreams and visions today!

To help facilitate your dreams and visions:  We're starting off the day (Israel time) with the Grateful Dead 9/28/75 at Lindley Meadows, followed by Rebbe Nachman’s Tikkun haKlali, and Monday’s “Musical Cholent Mix” program featuring Bonnie Raitt and Friends, Bob Dylan & Tom Petty, Chick Corea & Bela Fleck. Then we’ll hear Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven’s “Temple Talk” – all about Tammuz and the Healing Power of “See No Evil”, followed by Monday’s “Israeli Soul Afternoon” with music from The Hebrew Project, Soul Aviv, Zatar, Yom Hadash, HaMakor, Arik Einstein, and Reb Shlomo Carlebach. 

At 7pm Israel time we'll hear Brian Blum's "Brainwaves", followed by Maya's Musical Journey from 9pm - 11pm Israel time. If that doesn't give you wings to fly, what will?

 We're Radio Free Nachlaot, Nachlaot is the Greenwich Village/Haight Ashbury of Jerusalem. "Where Shlomo Meets Jerry" - broadcasting the best music, talk and Torah 24/6 from Jerusalem (and Berkeley) to the world!