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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chesed Sheb'Cheshed - Old Friends - Chol HaMoed Pesach!

Day One of The Omer on Radio Free Nachlaot - we're treating our audience to a dose of "Old Friends" both musically and in the Torahs we play today.

Today is "Chesed sheb'Chesed" (Kindness within Kindess) ... Which is of course the answer to the Grateful Dead's question in the song "Uncle John's Band" - "Oh I just want to know, are you kind?" YES WE ARE! 

Buffalo Springfield (4-CD Box Set 1966-68) all afternoon until 8:30pm followed by Simon & Garfunkle's Discography "Old Friends" (1997) from 8:30pm - 12:45am.

Rabbi Chaim Richman's new series "The Korban Pesach Challenge" Part 1 (1pm, 5pm, 9pm) & Part 2 (2pm, 6pm, 10pm) plus Rebbetzen Rena Richman's "Bat Melech" Series "Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights" (3pm, 7pm, 11pm)  and "The Four Sons" (4pm, 8pm and Midnight).

Don't forget your old friends and don't forget to be kind and remember to Count the Omer tonight -  we recommend Rabbi Simon Jacobson's "Meaningful Life" Center for spiritual insights into Omer Counting!

Chol HaMoed Day 1

Moadim L'simcha Everybody -- Happy day 1 of Sefira -
We've pulled out the Stops here at Radio Free Nachlaot -- Eric Clapton has been the feature, and will continue until around 5:30 am - to be followed by some John Mayall, and then some Jazz (Weather Report-The Brecker Brothers -Larry Carlton) and then Yo Yo Ma, Marc O'Connor and Edgar Meyer's Appalachian Waltz and on and on we go....hope you've come along for the ride.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Passover Everybody

Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy, Sweet Passover from all of us at Radio Free Nachlaot. Of course, we'll still be playing our special mix of music, Torah, talk and other surprises right up until Yom Tov, and then throughout Chol, let's continue making our way out of Egypt (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and let Radio Free Nachlaot take us to the Promised Land!!!!
Upcoming Music Special - Tuesday Night - after Yom Tov - We will wish Happy Birthday to Eric Clapton and feature his music all Tuesday night long.
(to be repeated (tba) for those in Chutz L'aretz and who are holding 2 days)!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yom Rishon - less than 36 hours to Pesach

Shavua Tov -- As the preparations for Passover continue, so does the music on Radio Free Nachlaot -- today's schedule includes, but is not limited to:
Playing Now: Phil Lesh and Friends with Dicky Betts
1:30 - Rabbi Betzalel Edwards - Mei Hashiloach on Pesach - Parts 1 and 2
1:45 - Some "free-form" music (anything goes)
3:00- John Mayer - Live March 2010
5:00- Branford Marsalis - A Love Supreme / Rabbi Richman on Korban Pesach "Sandwich"
6:15 -JJ Cale
6:45- Guy Clark
7:45 -Bob Dylan
After Bob, until Sunday Night Live - Leftover Cheese (Leftover Salmon and String Cheese Incident)
and then, sometime after bedikas chometz (8:00?8:30? 9?) we will bring you: a modified, chometz-free version of Sunday Night Live -- Steve will go it alone, Redemption Songs, Songs of Freedom -- Pesach Torah and more of our "special soundtrack" to help you prepare for Passover - so, as we like to say 'round her - C Ya on the Radio --
btw a little know fact, had there been wireless, the Jews would have danced out of Egypt to Shlomo and the Grateful Dead - I'm sure of it!!!
Chag Sameyach to everyone!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yom Shishi -The days are getting longer!

Good Yom Shishi to everybody -- did you change your clocks? By now you should be in full "Friday - Shabbos - Pesach" swing - as are we at Radio Free Nachlaot.
Special Programming today -- 2:00 pM - Avrohom Moskowitz - Make Tehilim Your Own, part1,
at 3:00 pM - Make Tehilim Your Own, part 2, to be followed by regular, daily, "Daily Tehilim Meditations" - Stay tuned - maybe we'll even try one today --
And don't forget our normal mix of Get Us To Shabbos music, mixed in with Torahs from a few of our favorite Rabbis - Rabbi Chaim Richman, and Rabbi Betzalel Edwards and Rabbi Aharon Leibowitz
What do you think folks, sounds like a plan?
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos, Good Pesach, and (why not) GOOD PURIM!!!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cookin' for Shabbos HaGadol

The Nesivos Shalom asks: Why Shabbos Ha-Gadol? Isn't every Shabbos, Shabbos Ha-Gadol?
Isn't every Shabbos the Great Shabbos?
and I say, yes, every Shabbos is a great Shabbos, and Shabbos Ha-Gadol should also be a Great Shabbos! -- and I say every show should be a Great Show, so how could Cookin' for Shabbos HaGadol show be any less? We have more and more and more music - the palette is expanding-which means the soundtrack just gets better all the time. C Ya on the Radio!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're At The Crossroads

We're at The Crossroads, baby . . . fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy ride. We're trying to make it a little bit smoother via Radio Free Nachlaot.

Thanks to Special Guest DJ Matthew Mausner who spun glorious musical tales of mystery and magic this morning on Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show. We're re-playing Matthew's Set List from 1:45 this afternoon.

We're literally at The Crossroads - and featuring from 4pm Jerusalem Time today we're playing The Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007.

In response to Listener feedback to the question: "What's Your Favorite Cleaning for Pesach Music?"  We've determined only the lineup at the Crossroads Festival satisfies the broad-based responses. We'll be playing various Torahs throughout the day set like Jewels in an exquisite setting.

Consider the Set List! -

 Disc 1
  1. Introduction (Bill Murray)
  2. Uberesso (Sonny Landreth)
  3. Hell At Home (Sonny Landreth with Eric Clapton)
  4. Maharina (John McLaughlin)
  5. Rosie (Doyle Bramhall II)
  6. Outside Woman Blues (Doyle Bramhall II)
  7. Little By Little (Susan Tedeschi with The Derek Trucks Band)
  8. Anyday (The Derek Trucks Band)
  9. Highway 61 Revisited (Johnny Winter with The Derek Trucks Band)
  10. Nobodysoul (Robert Randolph & The Family Band)
  11. Poor Johnny (The Robert Cray Band)
  12. Dirty Work At The Crossroads (Jimmie Vaughan with The Robert Cray Band)
  13. Sitting On Top Of The World (Hubert Sumlin with The Robert Cray Band & Jimmie Vaughan)
  14. Paying The Cost To Be The Boss (B.B. King with The Robert Cray Band with Jimmie Vaughan & Hubert Sumlin)
  15. Rock Me Baby (B.B. King with The Robert Cray Band with Jimmie Vaughan & Hubert Sumlin)
  16. Sweet Thing (Vince Gill)
  17. Country Boy (Albert Lee with Vince Gill)
  18. If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow with Vince Gill & Albert Lee)
  19. Tulsa Time (Sheryl Crow with Eric Clapton, Vince Gill & Albert Lee)
  20. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (Willie Nelson with Vince Gill & Albert Lee)
  21. On the Road Again (Willie Nelson with Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill & Albert Lee)

Disc 2

  1. Belief (John Mayer)
  2. Gravity (John Mayer)
  3. Don’t Worry Baby (Los Lobos)
  4. Mas y Mas (Los Lobos)
  5. Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers (Jeff Beck)
  6. Big Block (Jeff Beck)
  7. Tell the Truth (Eric Clapton)
  8. Little Queen of Spades (Eric Clapton)
  9. Isn’t It A Pity (Eric Clapton)
  10. Who Do You Love (Robbie Robertson with Eric Clapton)
  11. Presence Of The Lord (Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton)
  12. Can't Find My Way Home (Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton)
  13. Had To Cry Today (Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton)
  14. Dear Mr. Fantasy (Steve Winwood)
  15. Crossroads (Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood)
  16. Mary Had A Little Lamb (Buddy Guy)
  17. Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues (Buddy Guy)
  18. Sweet Home Chicago (Buddy Guy with Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, John Mayer, Hubert Sumlin, Jimmie Vaughan & Johnny Winter)

. . . You're Welcome!

Matthew's DJing

more songs you've never heard before...

Chris Whitley, "Indian Summer"
Chris Cairns, "Then I'll Know We'll Be Allright"
Chris Cairns, "June Apple"
Philip Tabane and Malombo, "Dibenjo" (more of the South African happiness... they've come out of slavery down there!)
Bill Frissell, "Blues Dream"

Karsh Kale, "Milan"
(Chris Cairns and Karsh Kale are friends from Matthew's hometown of StonyBrook, LI, NY)

Dahlia, "Ease Up" (my favorite band from Portland, OR. The singer channels the goddess...)
Neal Creque, "Kenya" (Neal, a great jazz studio keyboardist from the 70s, was my brother's jazz teacher at the Oberlin Conservatory.)

and last for today...
The Be Good Tanyas, "Rain and Snow" (an amazing Grateful Dead cover, to lead back into Radio Free Nachlaot's sweet spot...)

Matthew's music-- great stuff you've never heard before...

So far have played:

Neal Creque, "D Train"
The Meters, "Live Wire"
Tinariwen "Matajdem Yinmixan"
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan "Nothing Without you"
West Nkosi, "Seven Mabone"

The Be Good Tanyas, "The Littlest Birds"
Lucinda Williams, "Can't Let Go"
Iron and Wine, "Woman King"
Erin McKeown, "Blackbirds"

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In the Footsteps of Our Fathers to the Houses of the Holy and Beyond

It's Tuesday and we're hurling towards Pesach. Activity is fast and furious throughout the neighborhood - carpets are being beaten within an inch of their lives, floors are being scrubbed mercilessly, new kitchen appliances are being purchased and installed, children are sent into the streets to sniffle and whine while their mothers root out every crumb from behind beds, under covers, between the pages of books - in short, Pre-Pesach Hysteria reigns throughout the Holy City and there just is no reasoning with it whatsoever - in a culture where "More is More" and fences are built around fences, humras (an unnecessary stringency) are taken for halacha and mentioning to a hard-core Balabusta that dirt ISN'T chametz and the halacha for Pesach isn't about cleaning the grout on your bathroom walls with a toothbrush is taken BADLY, very badly. The best policy at this point seems to be to keep quiet and just keep playing music, more music! We're going to follow the Footsteps of Our Fathers into the Houses of the Holy, and you're invited to join us on our musical journey towards leaving Mitzrayim. Just remember you don't have to Walk Like An Egyptian.

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards enlightens us via the Mei HaShiloach "On Pesach Cleaning."
  • 2pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Tzav"
  • 3pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman "Nissan: Month of Rebirth"
  • 4pm - Rabbi Dovid Bendory "Baking Matzo for Pesach"
  • 5pm - Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz "Pesach Huddles" (by much popular request - the whole series)

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" - we're playing a lot of NEW music - our library is expanding like - YEAST!!! 
  • 1pm - 6pm - "Israeli Soul" Afternoon - Yosef Karduner, Breslov Shabbos Tunes and Klezmorim. It's a safe place to park your radio - you won't hear ANYTHING your Neshama won't appreciate!
  • 6pm - Branford Marsalis "In The Footsteps of Our Fathers"  "a joyous homage to jazz immortals living and dead" and altogether GREAT music for early evening chillaxation.
  • 7:15pm - Led Zepplin "Houses of The Holy" - with bonus "Stairway to Heaven" track at the end - get yourself psyched for the evening!
  • 8pm - Tom Petty "Into The Great Wide Open" (1991) and "The Last DJ" (2002)
  • 9:30pm - The Allman Brothers Live at Jones Beach (8-24-05) - Rock your world, Southern Style!
Friends, it's time to clean up our acts. Start inside your own hearts before you worry about the grout between the tiles in the bathroom. Root out those yeasty crumbs of resentment, anger, disappointment and depression, and throw them far, far away - make room for the unleavened bread of joy because, guess what? We're about to be LIBERATED! Put on your walking shoes and get ready to journey with us during the rest of the week as we lead up to Shabbos and Pesach itself - we won't let you down on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Back to our Roots

Pesach is coming, and we return to our "roots" - spiritually, musically ... and we have some Programming surprises up our proverbial sleeves this week including Special Guest DJ's to be announced!
Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm, 5:45pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards the Ishbitzer on Pesach Series continues....
  • 2pm, 7:30pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua (Tzav)
  • 3pm - Rabbi Dovid Bendory "Cleaning for Pesach" (how to avoid neurosis - after all, dirt *ISN'T* chametz - although we DO like a clean palette to paint our Spring colors upon!)
  • 4pm - Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz's Passover Shirrum (very special, we're playing ALL of them during the 4pm hour)
  • 7:40pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman "The Breastplate of the High Priest" Part 2
Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show is heavy on the energetic cleaning songs and light on the tragic love songs ....we're on vacation from tragedy this week!
  • 1pm - 6pm "Israeli Soul" Afternoon - it's KOL ISHA day featuring Meirah  Miriam Bet-Dovid, HaBanot Nechama and Nomi Teplow.
  • 6pm - Counting Crows "This Desert Life"
  • 7pm - CURTIS MAYFIELD!!! The "LOVE" Album (1971). As Rabbi Moshe Pesach Geller said only this morning: "If there was no Curtis Mayfield there wouldn't have been a Marvin Gaye." 'Nuff said!
  • 8pm - The Beatles Anthology 3. Music to clean by.
  • 10:30pm - Mary Chapan Carpenter's "Time Sex Love" Album (Yea Sex and Love, boo Time!)
  • 11:45pm - The String Cheese Incident - the best!
Enjoy the musical day and evening and stay tuned for big surprises this week!

Countdown To Pesach Week at Radio Free Nachlaot

It's almost here .... Pesach is coming! Pesach is coming! Maybe you've noticed an escalation in the general hysteria, cleaning and polishing frenzy, the purchasing of new appliances, and the obsession with rooting out every last crumb of anything leavened - or maybe (like Lorelai) you've just moved into a brand new remodeled apartment and you've got nothing at all to clean - ("Just lucky, I guess!"). Whatever your condition you can be sure Radio Free Nachlaot is HERE FOR YOU this week - music to clean by, music to shop by, music to worry by, music to prepare your hearts and souls for the biggest spiritual, culinary and family event of the Jewish Year. Even if all your relatives are descending upon you like the locusts upon the Egyptians, you can still have a good week. Stay with us here and let us know what kind of music you'd like to hear as the accompanying soundtrack of your life - email us at and (yes we do occasionally check our email) we'll try to accommodate you. Meanwhile - stay tuned for more great music, talk & Torah from the Heart of Nachlaot, Jerusalem's coolest neighborhood - NOT just a neighborhood, NOT just a State of Mind, but a lifestyle! Live the dream, come home to Israel or if you can't be here for Pesach - stay with us on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shavua Tov, Gut Voch

Shavua Tov, Gut Voch everybody -- Melave Malke is on the air -- tonight featuring:
Delaney and Bonnie and Friends, Steve Goodman, Eric Clapton with Steve Winwood, along with our regular host of musical friends and buddies.
Rumor has it that we might also be joined by some of our Nachlaot buddies - I guess we'll just got to wait and see abour that.
Also scheduled, "Torahs" from R' Aharon, Shlomo, R' Betzalel, and even some of my own -- all right here on Radio Free Nachlaot!
As a reviewer said about the Chick Corea album we played when we started out tonight - "...almost continuous music that holds onto one's attention." -Hey he could have said that about us!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Overnight Forecast

1:00 AM - Shlomo from the Village Gate, followed by Shlomo Katz,
2:00 AM'ish - Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield - SUPER SESSION LIVE DISC 1
Steve Stills w/Manasas
3:19 AM'ish - Grateful Dead 6/29/76
Fairport Convention - Un-Halfbricking
6:56 AM'ish - Phish - 7/31/09 - Morrison, Colorado
the rest of the day, to follow....
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steve's Cooking For Shabbos -- The let's start early edition!

Good Shabbos, Good Pesach, Good Nissan, Good Shabbos, - ok, Good Purim (why not!) !!!
So, I think we're going to get a jump on Shabbos and Pesach TONIGHT !!
beginning after 7:00 PM Steve will start his weekly Cookin' For Shabbos program, and go till he's done - or somewhere around 1 AM.

Tonight we will be featuring Torah from Yeshiva Sulam Yaakov's Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbbi Aharon Leibowitz :"Pesach Huddles 1-7". The Pesach Huddles will air beginning at aporx 7:30 Yerushalayim Time -- every hour (or as close to every hour as we can get). BTW - don't worry, we'll repeat them between now and Pesach in case you miss one.

As far as special musical treats -- we will feature (at least): Al Kooper's album Black Coffee, and Dan Bern from Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 1997 - Steve's first Dan Bern concert.
Of course there will be the regular mix of ingredients that go into the RFN Cooking Mix as we all prepare to greet the Shabbos Queen together.

As we like to say, "C Ya on the Radio" (and tell your friends)!

Yom Chamishi - not like any Yom Chamishi that has come before...

This afternoon on Radio Free Nachlaot -
Jazz - Blues - Jews (Music Jews and Torah Jews) and then we have Tom, Tom, Tom and Tom - can you guess the Toms?
after that -- yup - Steve Cooks for Shabbos -- and he may even get started a bit earlier tonight - you never know!!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll But We Love It - and so do YOU!

It's all beginning to make sense. The cycle of Time isn't a wheel, it's an ascending spiral - as Genesis says in the lyrics to "The Carpet Crawlers" - "It's the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight." Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5770 has ushered in some pretty fiery energies, today the Moon is in Aries (the first of the Fire Signs and the Zodiac Sign associated with the month of Nissan) and to kick it up a notch tonight we're featuring the most successful Fire Sign pairing in musical history - Mick Jagger (Leo) and Keith Richards (Sagittarius), the "Glimmer Twins" and pillars of that indefatigable institution known as The Rolling Stones. Yes my friends, it's *ONLY* Rock 'n' Roll but we like it, like it, like it - yes we do - and so do you!

Today is also the shared birthdays of both Jazz singer and recording legend Nat "King" Cole and Jefferson Airplane co-founder Paul Kanter. What's the connection here? When my Mother was pregnant with me she used to lay on the floor with her best girlfriend smoking cigarettes, drinking Martinis and listening to Nat "King" Cole records. When I was going to college at San Francisco State University in 1976 - 78, I used to see Paul Kanter and Grace Slick all the time in San Francisco's Chinatown. They'd pull up to some Chinese restaurant in a big black limo to pick up Take-Out food (you'd think big Rock Stars could order in, but the best Chinese restaurants wouldn't send delivery boys to Paul and Grace after a number of weird incidents were reported - that's ALL I can say about that!). Prenatal memories mix with late Teenager memories and it's all one big mish-mash inside my head - which is why it has to get OUT of my head and into the radio waves!

Today also features two new offerings: Pesach-themed Torahs from Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz of Sulaam Yaakov, and the debut of The Israeli Deli, a new podcast by Kimmi Randolph, featuring the best of Israeli Music. We're proud to feature Kimmi's work on Radio Free Nachlaot and hope you like it too!

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm, 5:45pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards expounds upon the Isbitzer Rebbe on Pesach.
  • 2pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Vayikra"
  • 3pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman "Nissan: The Month of Miracles"
  • 4pm - Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz on Pesach (Part 1)

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm: "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" is full of Love and Marriage songs celebrating the impending nuptials of two good friends Avraham Moscowitz and Michelle Nechama Miriam Garland, interspersed with musical birthday tributes to Paul Kanter (Jefferson Airplane & Starship) and Nat "King" Cole.
  • 1pm - 6pm "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features music and Torahs from Reb Shlomo Carlebach interspersed with music from Shlomo Chevre Father-and -Son Yankele Shemesh and Oneg Shemesh.
  • 6pm - "Israeli Deli" - first episode - by podcaster Kimmi Randolph!
  • 7pm - Jeff Beck, Paris Theater in London 6-29-72
  • 8pm - Robbie Robertson "Music for the Native American"
  • 9pm - The Rolling Stones "Forty Licks" BOTH CD's! YES Mick & Keith will rock your evening!
  • 11:45pm - Joan Baez "Live in Japan" (Just to balance things out a little!)

Whetheryour thing is classic rock or the classics, there's something for everyone today on Radio Free Nachlaot. Happy Listening!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rosh Chodesh Nissan - A Cohen, A Levi & An Israelite (Cohen, Dylan & Simon)

March 16th - Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5770, the First International Temple Mount Awareness Day, the anniversary of the inauguration of the Mishkan - so many reasons to celebrate and we begin the day with a Cohen, a Levi and an Israelite - music from Leonard Cohen the High Priest of Poetry, Bob Dylan the multi-dimensional Levite and Paul Simon the People's Israelite - representing all of us before HaShem as we celebrate Nissan, the Beginning of Our Redemption!

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1:30pm - Temple Mount Awareness Day
  • 2pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's "Nissan: Month of Rebirth"
  • 3pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Vayikra"
  • 4pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's in-depth study of the Rambam continues with "Should We Build The Holy Temple?" Part 2
  • 5pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards "Ishbitzer Rebbe on Pesach"

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1:30pm - A special long-play version of Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show featuring music from Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon - a Cohen, a Levi & an Israelite, representatives of all Israel - l'kavod the inauguration of the Mishkan in 1312 BCE (although doesn't is seem like only yesterday?)
  • 1:30pm-6pm: "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features music from Sasha "Butterfly" Rose, Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer, Didgeridoo Masters InLakech and Breslov rocker Dani Meir Maman.
  • 6pm - Dan Bern - storyteller, poet, musical maverick - something really special!
  • 8pm - James Taylor (LIVE) 1993 - not only famous for being Carly Simon's ex-husband (only a Kude or Kude-related person would get that joke!) but a living legend, one of only a handful of Southern musical aristocrats left in this world.
  • 10pm - Santana Sacred Fire: Live in South America (1993) l'kavod the sacred fire of the Mishkan which killed the Sons of Aharon haKohen this day in Jewish history - followed by Santana's "Inner Secrets" (1978).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Don't Beware the Ides of March, Celebrate 29 Adar Instead!

Beware the Ides of March or celebrate them? You be the judge! March 15th falls, this year, on 29 Adar 5770. It's Phil Lesh's birthday Additionally,  on this day in Jewish History the very FIRST Commandment was given to Moshe and the Jewish People.

According to the Chabad web site:

Shortly before sundown on the 29th of Adar, G-d commanded Moses regarding the mitzvah of sanctifying the crescent new moon and establishing a lunar calendar. This is the first mitzvah the Jews were given as a nation.
Moses had difficulty envisaging the moon's appearance at the exact moment of its monthly rebirth. After the sun set, G-d showed Moses the crescent new moon of the new month of Nissan, showing him the precise dimensions of the moon at the moment the new month is to be consecrated.
For the generations that followed, each new month was ushered in when two witnesses testified before the Sanhedrin (rabbinic supreme court) that they had seen the molad, the new moon. In the 4th century CE, Hillel II foresaw that the Jews would no longer be able to follow a Sanhedrin-based calendar. So Hillel and his rabbinical court established the perpetual calendar which is followed today -- until Moshiach will come and reestablish the Sanhedrin.

It's also Pisces / Pisces - the Sun and Moon both in the last Sign of the Zodiac, two fish swimming in opposite directions, oblivious of each other. The peak of the Unconscious / Subconscious - as the Sun/Moon conjunct Mercury in Pisces gently allows us to speak the Truth - first to ourselves, then to each other. We can be Mirrors for each others Higher Selves, we can merge with the Universal Infinite, we can swim with the fishes beneath the sea where the Evil Eye can't see us, we can move our mouth like fish to speak to our Creator, and we take a big gulp of the infinite today as we prepare to move from Piscean Water into a blazing Rosh Chodesh Nissan - FIRE, baby . . . burn, baby - burn!

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 4pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's series on the Rambam "Shall We Build The Holy Temple?" Part 1
  • 5pm - Rabbi Dovid Bendory "Keeping Pesach Cleaning Sane" (by popular demand!)

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm - "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" celebrates new beginnings!
  • 1pm - 6pm - "Israeli Soul" Afternoon includes music from Knesiyal Hasechel, Beit Habubot and Aharit HaYamim.
  • 6pm - "Betten Gav" Chillaxation Hour with Appalachia Waltz featuring Marc O'Connor, Edgar Meyer and Yo-Yo Ma.
  • 7pm - 9pm - Billie and Bonnie! Two full hours of tunes from Billie Holiday and Bonnie Raitt. If you're not drinking by the end of this set, you "haven't got a heart."
  • 9pm - Phil Lesh's 70th Birthday! What a Long Strange Trip it's been! We're playing the Grateful Dead from Barton Hall, Cornell University New York recorded 5-8-77.
  • 11:30pm - David Crosby's All-Star  "If I Could Only Remember My Name" Album
  • 12:30am - 8am Dave Matthews Band Live in Central Park, Derek and The Dominos "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs,"  Joe Cocker "Mad Dogs and Englishmen," "O Brother Where Art Thou" Soundtrack, Robert Earl Kean's "The Party Never Ends," Neil Young "After the Gold Rush" and Joni Mitchell "For The Roses" take us straight on to morning ....

...Which will be Tuesday March 15th - International Temple Mount Awareness Day - join us here, there or wherever you are! Stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot's continuing coverage of this important event!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Radio Free Nachlaot - can't you tell?

We be cooking for Shabbos 'round here -
hope you like what we got whipped up!
Radio Free Nachlaot - your soundtrack to take you to Shabbos --

Good Morning Yerushalayim, Nachlaot and the World

Good Morning Yerushalayim, Nachlaot and the World!

It's going to be a Grateful Dead morning -- with Torah and Music all day and then around 6:00 PM, leading into Steve's Cooking For Shabbos show, in honor of the opening of the Allman Brothers March Madness shows in NY (this year at the Universal Theatre, not the Beacon) we will play the Allman Brothers at the Beacon from last year - 3/12/09 -- It's a Hot show for a Hot day --so stay cool with Radio Free Nachlaot - all day, everyday!

And for all you schedule people out there:

Music : At Noon we continue with the Grateful Dead -- picking up with Dark Star -->followed by Shlomo, Shlomo and Raz, and then at aprox 3:30 - the Idan Raichel Project, at 4:30 In Lakech, 5:4o - Branford Marsalis and 6 'ish the Allman Brothers Band 3/12/09 Beacon Theatre, NY.

Torah: 5:30 - R' Betzalel Edwards /Mei Hashiloach on Pesach, Part 2

And don't forget -- It's Thursday which means tonight we get to prepare for Shabbos with Steve -- you never know what he's got cookin' in his musical stew --

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Night - Overnight Schedule

Schedules are dangerous -- they beg to be broken!
Having said that -- beware all streams of conciousness programming are available to Radio Free Nachlaot Disc Jockeys in reach of their Broadcasting console ---which means i might jump in at any time -- however, the schedule as it stands is:
9:00 pm - Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions
9:45 pm - Susan Tedeschi
10:30 pm - Derek Trucks "live"
1:00 AM - Sting - Bring on the Night
2:24 AM - Tom Petty Live Anthology - Discs 1 and 2
4:23 AM - (hey, there's a 420 for ya) - Grateful Dead
9:00 AM - Shlomo and Shlomo Katz and Raz....
but that's already tomorrow, so, until then - just remember, Schedules are meant to be interrupted......

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Time and Chance Happens To All"

It's Velvet Underground co-founder John Cale's 68th Birthday, as well as the 42nd anniversary of the release of Joni Mitchell's first studio album, produced by David Geffen ("Song for a Seagull," 1968) as well as the 35th album release anniversary of Steely Dan's "Katy Lied" (1975).

Are these numbers staggeringly scary? How could John Cale be 68? Is it really 42 years since Joni first stunned us with her beauty, grace and lyrical magic? How is it possible we heard "Katy Lied" for the first time only 35 years ago?

As Shlomo HaMelech - King Solomon - said in Ecclesiastes (Kohelet)
9:11 - "Time and Chance happens to all."    עֵת וָפֶגַע יִקְרֶה אֶת־כֻּלֽ

Although we hesitate to think about it, the March of Time continues relentlessly. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. In the case of today's artists - for the interesting. John Cale went on after his career with the Velvet Underground to collaborate with myriads of musicians of all different genres. David Geffen (Joni's "Free Man in Paris" and maybe the mysterious subject of Carly Simon's "Your So Vain") went from being a record producer to a major corporate player (co-founder of Dreamworks) and politically influential far beyond his wildest dreams. Of course Joni Mitchell herself went on to expand her musical and artistic career and continues singing and painting to this very day, B"H. Steely Dan (whom Rolling Stone Magazine called "The perfect musical anti-heroes for the Seventies") may have peaked in the '70's but they keep on touring and releasing new work.

Thankfully we have music to transport us into the realms of Eternity, where we stay Forever Young . . . or, at the very least, perpetually Young at Heart!

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm, 5:45pm: Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards' Series on the Chevyra - the Piasetzner Rebbe's Conscious Community - Part 12
  • 2pm, 7:45pm  - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Vayakhel-Pekudei"
  • 3pm - Rabbi Moshe New "Souls on Fire"
  • 4pm - Lorelai Kude's interview with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of The Temple Institute on the subject of International Temple Mount Awareness Day (coming up on March 16th)
Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm - Lorelai is moving her apartment and very distracted, but still manages to pull off an AWESOME "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show featuring Geographical themes (Babylon, Jerusalem, California) as well as comparing & contrasting archetypes of femininity ("Girls" vs. "Women") and a sly paean to magic as well...
  • 1pm - 6pm: "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features a mix of Jerusalem-Themed Music, and patriotic Israeli Oldies (from the "Jerusalem of Gold" Album) from the '60's & '70's (you'll LOVE these) as well as music from Sasson and Matisyahu.
  •  6pm - The Velvet Underground and Nico (one of Rolling Stone Magazine's 50 Best Albums of All Time) featuring, of course, birthday boy John Cale.
  • 7pm - Joni Mitchell's "Song for a Seagull" (1968) Produced by David Geffen
  • 8pm - Steely Dan's "Katy Lied" (1975)
  • 8:30pm - Barenaked Ladies "Born on a Pirate Ship" (1996) - Harrrrr!
  • 9:30pm - Buffalo Springfield "Rare and Live" - Tasty!
  • 10:45pm - Fairport Convention "HeyDay - The BBC Radio Series" - surprisingly delicious!
  • 12am Midnight - Eric Clapton in concert - Crossroads Festival (2004)
If you're not helping Lorelai move her apartment today the least you could do is listen to Radio Free Nachlaot all day! Enjoy!.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Pigpen's 37th Yartzeit - Tell Me Baby, Why You Been Gone So Long?

March 8th is the 37th Yartzeit of Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, the original keyboardist for the Grateful Dead and, according to DeadNet, the one we have to thank for the Grateful Dead becoming a Rock Band.

From Dead.Net:

Starting a rock band was actually Ron McKernan's idea, and he was its first front man, delivering stinging harmonica, keyboards, and beautiful blues vocals in the early years of the Warlocks/Grateful Dead. Nicknamed "Pigpen" for his funky approach to life and sanitation, he was born into a family that was generally conventional, except for the fact that his (Caucasian) father was an R & B disc jockey. And that sound put Pig's life on the rails of the blues from the time he was 12. Liquor, Lightnin' Hopkins, the harmonica and some barbecue - it was an unusual life for a white kid from San Carlos, but it was Pig's life. And the hard-drinkin' blues life began to catch up with Pig by the very early '70s. He played his last show with the band in 1972, and on March 8, 1973, he died of internal hemorrhaging caused by his drinking.

It's sobering (in a not-fun way) to realize Pigpen died at the age of 27. Anyone who ever saw or heard him perform surely felt they were listening to a much older man. Effects of drinking himself to death or a preternaturally old soul in a prematurely worn-out young body? As Jesse Colter sang:

Nothin' I wanna do oh I guess I could get stoned And let that past paint pictures on my head I could kill a fifth of Thunderbird, write myself a sad song Tell me baby why you been gone so long

In honor of Pigpen we're playing three consecutive early Grateful Dead concerts tonight, but first ...

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm, 5:45pm: Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards Series on the Chevyria, the Piasetzner Rebbe's Conscious Community, continues.
  • 2:15pm - Rabbi Dovid Bendory "Keeping Pesach Cleaning Sane"
  • 3:45pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman "Introduction to the Breastplate" - Continuing the series on the Priestly Garments.
  • 4:45pm - Lorelai Kude's interview with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven on the subject of International Temple Mount Awareness Day (Coming Up on March 16th, Rosh Chodesh Nissan)
Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1pm "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show starts as always with Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali & continues through the morning with new music from Traffic, Led Zepplin, Barenaked Ladies, and more!
  • 1pm - 6pm "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features music from Aharit HaYamim, Sasha Rose, Old-Time Banjo Music from Laura Liebe Schulman and the Israeli Soul Sounds of Ehud Banai.
    6pm - "Betten Gav" Chillaxation Time with YES! Tales of Topographic Oceans!
    8pm - Our tribute to "The Pigpen Years" begins with the 1968 Carousel Ballroom Concert (3-16-68)
  • 9:30pm - Grateful Dead at the Golden Hall Community Concourse in San Diego (8-5-70)
  • 10:30pm - Grateful Dead from July 7th 1971 at the Fillmore West
Enjoy Monday on Radio Free Nachlaot, and don't forget TONIGHT if you live in Jerusalem - a benefit concert for Ephraim Novak featuring the music of Chaim Dovid and Chevre Yitzchak Attias - 7pm - 10pm at Mayanot Shul (28 Narkis Street in Jerusalem) - 40NIS requested donation - be there if you can!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shavua Tov

Motzoei Shabbos - Playing records on the radio -- Melave Malke - Radio Free Nachlaot - where would you rather be??

Friday, March 5, 2010

Let Our Ephraim Go! Benefit Concert Monday March 8th!

To all our Radio Free Nachlaot friends and family, you are invited to a Benefit Concert for our holy brother Ephraim Novak, Monday, March 8th from 7-10pm at Mayanot Shul (28 Narkis Street in Jerusalem) featuring music from Chaim Dovid & Chevre Yitzchak Attias and special guest speakers Rabbi Sholom Brodt, Rabbi Aaron Hurwitz and Rabbi Aba Wasenberg. It's not only a mitzvah, it's an obligation to a member of our community who needs help. A 40NIS minimum donation is requested for your attendance - for reservations please call Leah at (052) 324- 0789. Refreshments will be available and a good time will be had by all - but most importantly, Ephraim  will be able to feel the love and care of his chevre and community when he needs it most. That's what being a "Tzibur" is all about.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Thursday Night on the Radio - already!!

Can you believe it -- It's Thursday Night already!!
Post Purim - Pre Pesach
We have new music, and much to muse about....
so, come along for the ride -- and prepare for shabbos, to boot!!!!
C Ya on the Radio!

Let Your Finger Do The Walking

Sometimes you just have to let your fingers do the walking . . . through pages, over ivory keys, between strings, until they bring you what you want - the sound you've been looking for, evoked from the depths of your soul and translated through your fingertips. This is music - from spirit to matter, and back again. This is why we are musical humans - why music is imprinted in the very sub-cellular system of our DNA itself - in fact, Scientists and Musicians have created MUSIC from DNA structure - we'll have to find some and play it for you! The point is - it's in our blood, it's in our flesh, it's in our soul and spirit and mind ... music! Music! Music! Keep it coming, keep it good, keeping it real ... that's our job. Your job is to enjoy, to partake, to ingest the music and let it come out of you again in song, in humming, in merry melody, in kind deeds, in sweet caresses to your loved ones ... music is spiritual nutrition. Eat and Drink! 

 Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm, 5:45pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards' "Chevyria" Series (Part 13) on the Piasetzner Rebbe's Conscious Community continues.
  • 3pm, 5:15pm, 8:15pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Ki Tisa"
  • 2pm - Rabbi Dovid Bendori "When Cleaning for Pesach Gets Out of Control" - a must-listen!
  • 3:30pm - Rabbi Dovid Bendori "Baking Matzos for Pesach"
Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am -1pm: Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show starts (as always) with Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali, and continues all morning with a Salute to Feminine Fabulosity, featuriing Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Bonnie Raitt, Indigo Girls, Lucinda Williams, Sinead O'Connor, Janis Joplin, Nancy Griffin, Suzanne Vega, Queen Latifah, Norah Jones, Joan Armatrading, Cheryl Crowe and more. There just isn't enough time!!!
  • 1pm - 6pm "Israeli Soul" Afternoon starts with a loving tribute to Antonio Vivaldi on the occasion of his 332nd Birthday! The Four Seasons plus a little more! We continue with "Locals We Love" - the beautiful piano stylings of Ariel Elisha Leon Rosen and Yosef Adest take us through the afternoon, ending with tunes from Akiva Gersh.
  • 6pm - Bob James - the Smooth Jazz & Jazz Fusion Master, treats us to "Fourplay" and "Between The Sheets" - something to snuggle up to!
  • 8pm - The Beatles! Yes, the Beatles - too classic, never out of fashion. All your favorite Beatles songs continue until Steve takes the wheel of this crazy bus we call Radio Free Nachlaot sometime after 9pm for his "Cookin' for Erev Shabbos Show" - don't go away, stay tuned to see what's cookin' in Steve's Soul Kitchen!
Friends, the End is Near - the End of the Week, that is. With much love and gratitude we wish you an amazing Shabbos - it's a special one (they all are, aren't they?) but the "chok" (statute) of the Red Heifer is read this Shabbos, and the essence of a "chok" is you CAN'T understand it rationally, it's beyond the capacity of the human mind to grasp - which is why HaShem gave "chokim" to us, to strengthen our faith and give us an opportunity to have a "reason to believe" - JUST BECAUSE HE SAYS SO. We wish you ever-growing EMUNAH FAITH and - Good Shabbos! Good Shabbos!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

May You Multiply Like Fish . . . Country Joe & The Fish, Amen!

Purim may be over but Pisces is still in full swing - yes, we've "peaked" at the Full Moon and now we're on the downswing towards the next Rosh Chodesh which will bring us to Nissan/Aries /Passover time, but how do we get there? We SWIM, like the Fishes we truly are - after all, don't we bless our Jewish children with the hope they will be "Like Ephraim and Menashe, multiplying like fish" - what do you think that means? Fish swim beneath the water, so they're impervious to the "Evil Eye." Fish are always moving their mouths, but who are they talking to? They're talking to HaShem, constantly in a state of underwater Hibbodidut (free-form intimate unstructured prayer). Pisces, the 12th Sign of the Zodiac, associated with the month of Adar, is represented by two fish - one large, one small - swimming in opposite directions, completely unconscious of each others' presence. The downside of Pisces is unconsciousness, the upside of Pisces is sensitivity and awareness. No one is more oblivious than an undeveloped Pisces person and no one is more psychic, sensitive, empathetic and kind that an evolved Pisces. The Trick - and yes, of course there's a Trick - is to understand that we ALL have a part of our psyche which contains the watery energy of Pisces, and to redeem the Holy Sparks of our G*d-given personalities with the positive attributes of the Fish - beauty, grace, generosity, sensitivity, understanding, deep empathy, intuitiveness, kindness and the kind of completely effaced sense of service to humanity that Adar Energy inspires.

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1pm, 5:45pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards' "Chevyria" Series on the teachings of the Piasetzner Rebbe Continues (Part 12).
  • 2pm, 5pm, 7:45pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Ki Tisa"
  • 3pm - Rabbi Moshe New's "Pesach Overview" (yes, it's time to start learning about Pesach!)

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8:00am - 1pm: Lorelai's "Morning Dew For The Morning Jew" Show begins (as always) with Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali, and continues all morning with songs from John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, Lou Reed, the Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello and The Doors. Why these artists today? It's the birthday of Lorelai's old college friend-for-life Buzzy Bruce-Lamour (so-called "real" name to be withheld as he grew up to be a really famous person!). These are the tunes and artists that remind her of Buzzy and, as he liked to say as he was pretending to be a dive bombing Luftwaffe aircraft drunkenly crashing into her on the floor of her dorm room at San Francisco State University: "Bite My Fish!" Happy Birthday, Buzz!
  • 1pm - 6pm "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features beautiful All -Female musical stylings from Meirah Miriam Bet-Dovid and the Gan Eden Project, and Nomi Teplow.
  • 6pm: Stevie Wonder's masterpiece, "Songs in the Key of Life." Everybody needs some Stevie!
  • 8pm: Country Joe McDonald and The Fish! Live at Fillmore West, 1969! Fillmore West was the famous concert venue in San Francisco which Bill Graham ultimately turned into Winterland. This is one of their classic performances, don't miss it!
  • 9:30pm - 12:30am: The Grateful Dead Live at the Cow Palace 1976 (Just to make sure we give equal billing to the "other" San Francisco concert venue, we don't want Fillmore West AKA Winterland to get jealous, a LOT of great music went down at The Cow Palace in its day although acoustically it wasn't nearly as good as Winterland - but don't worry, this is a concert recorded directly from the Sound Board so it'll sound fine).
So, dear listeners, swim with the fishes today - not like Luca Brazzi did in The Godfather, G*d forbid, but like Ephraim and Menashe - beneath the waters, away from the gaze of the Evil Eye, always moving your mouth in silent Hibbodidut prayer to HaShem, and full of gratitude to your Creator . . . whether you're swimming upstream or downstream, you're not alone. Fish swim in SCHOOLS. School is where you LEARN. May the lessons of Adar be deeply ingrained within you and don't forget, Radio Free Nachlaot is swimming along right beside you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Satellite of Love!

March 2nd is the birthday of Lou Reed, Karen Carpenter and Jon Bon-Jovi. It's also the Yartzeit of Dusty Springfield and Hank Ballard. Connections? Of course! That's our job - to find and make musical connections between the poets, performers, pretenders, poseurs, pirates and Prima Donnas that make up the heritage of "The Music of Our Lives." Which is, of course, what we DO - right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.
We're not hung over from Purim. Quite the contrary, we're facing the coming weeks with the sobriety required to search out every last crumb of Chametz as we hurl towards Pesach - and you can be sure that we're going to let you feel every ache and pain we experience in doing so - and as we feel YOUR pain, we'll be playing pain relief music all the while - keeping you company as you keep US company by listening to our programming. Between now and Pesach we have lots of special things in store for you, our faithful and ever-growing legion of listeners! Stay Tuned and you'll be surprised AND delighted!

Today's Torah Schedule:
  • 1:30pm, 5:45pm - Rabbi Betzalel Phillip Edwards' "Chevyria" Series exploring the teachings of the Piasetzner Rebbe's work on "Conscious Community" continues (Part 11).
  • 4pm, 7pm, 11pm  - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Ki Tisa"

Today's Music Schedule:
  • 8am - 1:30pm - Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show is a special tribute to Lou Reed, Dusty Springfield, Karen Carpenter, Hank Ballard and Jon Bon-Jovi, with a little Grateful Dead and other random dustings of musical seasonings thrown into the mix, with the grand climax of the show coming during the 12Noon hour with a complete playing of The Velvet Underground's eponymous album (featuring Nico).
  • 1:30pm - 6pm "Israeli Soul" Afternoon features music from David Dome, "Ha Orot," The poetry of Rav Kook set to jazz music by Greg Wall and the Later Prophets featuring Rabbi Itzchak Marmostein, music from Yankele Shemesh (father of new musical sensation Oneg Shemesh and an original Shlomo Carlebach musician in his own right), Israeli pop group High Windows and Israeli pop superstar Eyal Golan.
  • 6pm - "Betten Gav" Chillaxation Hour with Al Dimeola, Stanley Clarke and Jean-Luc Ponty's "Rite of Strings"
  • 7pm - Miri Ben-Ari's hip-hop violin music live & in concert - completely unique, not-to-be-missed music!
  • 8pm - Sting and The Police. All their best, all night long!

Monday, March 1, 2010

A Feast of Wine - Shushan Purim in Jerusalem

SHUSHAN PURIM, BABY!!! Yes, for those of us lucky enough to live in Yerushalim Ir HaKodesh, we are celebrating Shushan Purim - so everyone who hasn't had enough merriment ... come on down! Plenty of stuff going on in this town to keep you hoppin' - "Don't tell me this town ain't got no heart, you've just got to walk around!" Has King George Street turned into Shakedown Street? Only time will tell!
Our "Regular" Programming Schedule is suspended for today l'kavod Shushan Purim - we'll be playing all happy, weird, strange, fun and magical songs all day long interspersed with a variety of great Purim-themed Torahs as follows beginning at 1:00pm today and continuing until 9pm when we'll have what EVERYONE loves to listen to at the end of a long partying weekend . .. . the Grateful Dead!

Today's Torah Schedule:
12Noon- Shlomo Carlebach's Purim Special
1pm - Rena Richman's "Scroll of Esther" Part 1
2pm - Rena Richman's "Scroll of Esther" Part 2
3pm - Rena Richman's "Scroll of Esther" Part 3
4pm - Rena Richman's "Scroll of Esther" Part 4
5pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's "Purim Special"
6pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's "Secrets of Adar"

Tonight at 9pm - The Grateful Dead December 29th - 31st 1977 at Winterland! The Best of the Best!