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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Monday, October 28, 2013


So here's the thing..sometimes words aren't only unnecessary but are totally limited and unable to express what goes on in our soul. That's what music is for! The words are there but the melody is infinite. The melody flows gently inside the soul and expresses it. It takes us to that place where the streets have no name. Sometimes i can't express myself in words, i just choke. So i express myself through songs-i sing. So tonight we'll take a musical journey and let the music talk for us. 

The show is dedicated to the late Lou Reed. His passing has left a big hole in the music world. 

21-23pm (Jerusalem time), with Maya

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Week 2 of the 4th Annual 9 Weeks of Shlomo is upon us!

There are 9 weeks between Shlomo (Carlebach)'s Yahrzeit and his birthday.  Yup. Only Radio Free Nachlaot would figure that out! And not just figure it out, but we're doing something about it. We're celebrating Shlomo every Sunday Night during these 9 weeks, by bringing you interviews with Shlomo chevra, performances by Shlomo chevra, and Learnings and music by Shlomo himself.  Last week we were live at Yakar celebrating the Yahrzeit with Rabbi Joe, Yankele Shemesh, Rabbi, Dr. Josh Richie, Elya Sukkot, Rute Nussbaum, and Shlomo Katz and Yehuda Katz.  Tonight we're going to bring back Yankele's opening performance, and then sit in on a learning with Shlomo from 10/08/83 in New York City, and then some live Shlomo (in concert) to complete the eveing.
Join us, won't you - Sunday Night from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, right here on your favorite internet radio station, Radio Free Nachlaot.
C Ya on the Radio!!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013


After 4 long years, with fans all over the world (and your D.J.) waiting and waiting for it...Pearl Jam has released their tenth studio album: "Lightning Bolt".  
The more i listen to it, the more it blows my mind away-but that's to be expected. And now it's my turn to blow your mind away with a 2 hour Pearl Jam special on Radio Free Nachlaot! 

When: Tonight, 21-23pm (Jerusalem time). With who: Maya, and for tonight's musical journey, no seat belts allowed!!! What: Pearl Jam music from the time they began, till now-studio albums, B sides, concerts. And, of course, songs from the new album. 

So get ready, the count down has began...


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Shlomo - May your Neshama keep going Higher and Higher!

"Everyone knows" that the Rebbes always celebrated Purim by extending the seuda (meal) well into the night.
What better way to celebrate Shlomo's 19th Yahrzeit than to continue the celebration well into the night?
Tonight, Sunday Night Live, beginning around 7:30 PM will broadcast, LIVE, tonight's concert from Yakar in Yerushalayim, featuring:
Yehuda Katz and 

Shlomo Katz.

Doors open at 7:30 - Concert starts at 8:00
Yakar - 10 Halamed Heh Street, Jerusalem
If you can make it - SHOW UP!  It's always good to see you, and to show support for our friends and artists.
But if you can't, you can still join the celebration by listening to the radio!!!
C Ya on the Radio!
Shlomo, WE LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


As the poets once said: "God gave R&R to you...put in the soul of everyone". And that is exactly why I'm here-to bring you the Gospel according to the founding father (yes, it was a man...) of music. So who was he exactly? Genesis, chapter 4, verse 21: "His brother Yuval, he was the father of all violin and organ holder". Some thousands years later, radio waves and the electric guitar was given to us. From that unholy and naughty union (some would say), Radio Free Nachlaot was born and we are here to continue the tradition. Tonight 21-23pm (Jerusalem time), we'll take a ride through a musical journey, with me-Maya. No seat belts allowed. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hey RFN friends, fans and family!

In the interest of instant gratification ("The only kind worth having," as Lorelai has been known to say) we're posting some quick links to recordings made over the last several months of some of our most recent and wonderful original programs!

Feel free to "Link Up" with any and all of these recordings, they're free to listen to and to download!

Our interview with RABBI AARON LEIBOWITZ, broadcast on October 13th, 2013, candidate for Jerusalem City Council with the "Yerushalmim" Party  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with ARYEH NAFTALY, broadcast on October 6th, 2013 during which he unfolds his landmark musical project, "The Songs of Songs: Words and Music by King Solomon" CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with "Chiro Divine," Chiropractor DR. TOVA TERI GOLDFINE ("Dr. Tova") broadcast on September 29th, exploring the roots of health and healing CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with musician ALLAN SOBERMAN, broadcast on October 1st, recording artist and son of renown Cantor Morris Soberman CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with MICKEY HART recorded in Jerusalem on August 22nd, 2013 after his gig on Mt. Scopus with the Mickey Hart Band! CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PART ONE and then when you're done, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO PART TWO! 

Our interview with divine Vocalist CRYSTAL MONEE HALL, recorded after her performance in Jerusalem with the Mickey Hart Band on August 22nd. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our interview with JONATHON LIPSIN, Founder of the legendary "Incredible Records," recorded during his visit to Jerusalem in August, 2013. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Our live show with musician YOSEF DANIEL VILLARREAL, which was broadcast during August 2013 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN  

Lorelai's on-the-road interview with JERILYN LEE BRANDILUS, author of the Grateful Dead Family Album, recorded live at "Jerry Day 2013" in San Francisco CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Lorelai's on-the-road interview with Jerry Day Founder TOM MURPHY, recorded live at Jerry Day 2013 in San Francisco CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

SHARYA WITT's Melava Malka for Rav Dovid Hertzberg's yartzeit, recorded at the Happy Minyan in Los Angeles, July 2013 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
and click here to listen to the Melava Malka music and Torah

Our interview with renown voice teacher and internationally acclaimed author MIRIAM JASKIEROWICZ ARMAN, originally broadcast July 3rd, 2013 from the International Institute of Voice Development in Tzfat, Israel CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Klezmer Music On Our Minds

The word "Klezmer" is believed to have come from a melding of two Hebrew words, "Kli" -- instrument -- and "Zemer" -- music. Klezmer music has come to characterize the style of secular musical entertainment which is played in Ashkanazi communities.

Klezmer music evolved in the shtetels of Eastern Europe, some say as early as the 13th century.  By the 15th century Jewish writers were writing about "klezmorim" who travelled from community to community, playing the tunes that combined the feelings of despair that Jews felt in their insecure lives with a specifically Jewish joy of life. Klezmer music as it is known today evolved in Bessarabia in the 19th century as secular instrumental music based on synagogue liturgy, specifically on hazzanut -- cantorial music. The Klezmer music was also heavily influenced by the Roma -- gypsies -- both musically and linguistically. The Roma influenced the klezmorim in other ways as well and most klezmer musicians became wanderers, moving from town to town as they transverse the countryside to play their music wherever they could find jobs. In return today's Roma music includes vestiges of Yiddish-speaking klezmorim's influence. 

Early klezmer music generally involved violins, clarinets and other stringed instruments with an occasional accordion or additional keyboard instrument. The choice of instruments was not accidental -- until 1855 Jewish musicians were forbidden by Ukrainian authorities from playing "loud" instruments. Later, when that ruling was dismissed, brass and percussion instruments joined klezmer bands.

Klezmorim often broke religious strictures. They played in churches and provided instruction for other, non-Jewish musicians. These sorts of activities did not sit well with the communities' rabbis who discouraged their followers from listening to the Klezmer music or hiring the musicians but the rabbis' disapproval didn't stop the shtetel Jews from listening to, and enjoying, the music. 

Klezmer musicians joined the mass immigration of Eastern European Jews to the new world in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The new world, however, was not conducive to klezmer music and few klezmer musicians were able to make a living as klezmorim in America. Jews wanted to integrate into the mainstream American culture and were no longer entertained by Klezmer music, especially with its connotations to "old-fashioned" Yiddish and shtetel culture. 

Today's music critics acknowledge the klezmer influences in the compositions of some of America's greatest Jewish composers including Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and Ira Gershwin. They also point to some of the clarinet stylings of swing jazz bandleaders such as Artie Shaw and Bennie Goodman who seem to have been influenced by the klezmer music that they heard in their youth. One other -- non-Jewish-- composer who was vocal in acknowledging the influence that Klezmer music had on his work was Dmitri Shostakovich. Shostakovich included Klezmer chords in a number of his works which included the Piano Trio No. 2 in E Minor and Piano Quintet in G minor. 

Klezmer music began to experience a revival in the late '70s and early '80s. Artists including Giora Feidman, Zev Feldman, Andy Statman, the Klezmorim and the Klezmer Conservatory Band drew their repertoire from surviving klezmorim of Eastern Europe and from recordings of the early 20th century klezmer bands.  These recordings proved to be vital in the Klezmer renaissance. Such recordings and transcriptions enabled the new klezmer performers to capture, not only the right notes of the original klezmer tunes, but the nuances, gradations and distinctions that would have otherwise been lost to history.  

In their "Rebirth of a Folk Tradition" the Lowell Milken Archive adds to musicologists' efforts to archive Klezmer music. The Milken Archives were created by education philanthropist Lowell Milken to preserve and disseminate music related to the American Jewish experience, encourage the creation of the new music that speaks to the American Jewish experience compile and publish historical documentation that illuminates the cultural, historical, political, social, and religious contexts of American Jewish music.  

The Milken Archives' fifth volume, Rebirth of a Folk Tradition, includes ten tracks under the titles "Kli'Zemer" and "Celestial Dialogues," These archives will help to ensure that Klezmer music can continue to develop and evolve, and Radio Free Nachlaot will continue to feature Klezmer music as part of our regular lineup during our "Israeli Soul Afternoon" programming, Monday through Friday from 1pm through 6pm Israel time. 

Yerushalmim's Rav Aaron Leibowitz on SNL Tonight!

"Sunday Night Live" alert!!! 6pm tonight Israel time on Sunday October 13th - Rav Aaron Leibowitz will be our special guest on a slightly early edition of Radio Free Nachlaot's "Sunday Night Live" - Rav Aaron will fill us in on his involvement in the upcoming Jerusalem Municipal Elections, all about the Yerushalmim Party (he's #3 on the ticket) and why they deserve our vote. 

Listen right here on this page at, or listen to Radio Free Nachlaot on TuneIn Radio (free app for iPhone & Android), or find us on iTunes Radio under the "International/World" category, or on any one of dozens of Internet radio aggregation services scattered throughout the webiverse!

If you missed Rav Aaron live on Radio Free Nachlaot tonight, you can download and listen to the show - JUST  CLICK HERE or visit

Monday, October 7, 2013


Autumn has open the path for a new season, here on our radio. We are back from all the holiday ruckus that has left us with a great need for a diet!!!! The cold has arrived to the holy city as well...but fear not, for I'm here to keep you warm and cozy:)
With two hours of great music and lots of good energy. Tonight, 21-23pm (Jerusalem time), with Maya.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Night Live - with special guest Aryeh Naftaly

We know Aryeh as the leader of the band the Elevators - a wonderful Grateful Dead Cover / Original Rock and Roll band.
We know Aryeh as the music coordinator and M.C. of the Moshav Meor Modiim Music Fair each Chol Hamoed.
We know Aryeh as the leader of the once in a lifetime only 9 Days of Jerry Band....
but, do we know Aryeh Naftaly?
Do we know about Aryeh's latest project?
Well, starting at 7:00 PM we will begin to find our.
Right here on Radio Free Nachlaot, Sunday Night Live will feature "up close and personal time" with our special guest Aryeh Naftaly.
C Ya on the Radio!!!