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Nachlaot is the Greenwich Village / Haight Ashbury of Jerusalem - rhymes with "rock the boat, skin the goat"

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't Bogart Those Tunes, My Friend! If It's Tuesday Night It Must Be THE HOMEGROWN HOUR!

It's Tuesday Night here in Jerusalem, and we're getting ready for the second edition of our fabulously popular new program, THE HOMEGROWN HOUR, featuring music by our local (and local/International) friends and fans!

Tonight we'll hear original work from Benjamin Brody, Paul Thomas (a.k.a. Dovid Ben Avroham from Holon), Ofer Golani, Ben Schwed, Jim Costello (a.k.a. Yaakov Yisrael), an ABC News Australia feature about Lazer Lloyd Blumen and some music from him as well, Gary Lifshitz, Majuda and Yair Gordon. WOW! That's a whole lotta Homegrown!

Do you think you can handle it? We do - we have faith in you - and if you have original music you'd like to share with us you can email it to us as MP3 files to - we'll give it a listen & if it's tasty we'll share it with our World-Wide listening audience - Tuesday Nights 7pm - Homegrown Rules!

It Came From Outer Space (Your Radio Free Nachlaot Stream, That Is!)

Tuesday Morning - for some reason Facebook won't load on the computer but we seem to be able to connect to it periodically on the iPhone - Gevaldt, are we really that dependent on Facebook to communicate with our friends and fans?

Luckily most of you know you can come right here to our awesome web page to find out what's going on - another location on the Internet - yes, "It Came From Outer Space" - your internet connection did and so does all the music, talk & Torah you hear on Radio Free Nachlaot - first our little digital 1's & 0's have to be hurled out into the atmosphere and beyond, to a satellite and back - sometimes we'll be sitting right next to each other & sending each other digital messages instead of just TALKING ... we're so used to this cold digital world we've forgotten that REAL LIFE HAPPENS IN ANALOGUE.

Nevertheless! We continue... with music from Leonard Cohen this morning - if our luck holds we'll be visiting live in-studio with Ephraim Jeffery Geltman this morning around 11, and if our luck continues to hold throughout the afternoon we'll be live in-studio with music industry legend and fellow Olah Chadash (for how many years we'll find out later!) Ronnie Vance sometime between 3 and 4 ... stay tuned for more updates but one thing you CAN be sure of, whether it comes from Outer Space or not - you can always tune into our Radio Free Nachlaot stream right here from our web page and listen to find out what's going on!

Did we mention lately you can listen to us on iTunes Radio under the "International / World" Genre, AND of course on your iPhone with one click from the iPhone icon picture on this page, it'll launch your Quicktime player and voila, we're in business - yes, there's no business like Show Business and we guess that's the business we're in!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Rushin' towards Rosh HaShanah - What's the Rush?

It's Monday again - the 21st of Elul - we're rushing towards Rosh HaShanah but don't want to rush it! Stay with us today and hear what's going on ...

1pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman on Psalm 27 - Psalm 27 is traditionally recited in the morning and evening every day during the month of Elul. What is the secret of this Psalm? What special significance does it have for this month of prayer and repentance? An exploration of its meaning sheds light upon the true goal of the month of Elul – to make a real, uncompromising and trusting relationship with G-d our first priority.

3pm - Part 7 of Rav Avraham Sutton's teaching on Elul

5pm - Repeat of the live program we did this morning with Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer - it's a real mind blower - don't miss it!

Between shiurim we'll have music from Shoshanna Piano and VERY VERY VERY SPECIAL SHLOMO CARLEBACH MUSIC AND TORAHS - DON'T MISS IT!!!  This is the afternoon to stay close to us - remember you can listen on your iPhone - 1-click from the icon on this web site, no app needed - take us with you wherever you go!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shavua Tov - We've made it to Saturday Night or is it..

Sunday Morning Already???
1 AM and going strong -- Bonnie Raitt from 12/31/89 (she opened for the Grateful Dead New Year's Show)
At 2:15 -- The Grateful Dead....yup, you guessed it - 12/31/89 -- "Happy New Year Everybody!"
And so we're off and running --
running on empty?
running down the road to Rosh Hashonah,
running out the end of Elul - fixing the months of the year, and then we'll be fixing the days of the year - and hopefully we're fixing ourselves every step of the way....
I mean, we're even trying to fix the microphones here at Radio Free Nachlaot -- where we're fixin' to have a musically good time!
I hope you'll stay tuned, and enjoy the ride - which will also include:
5:30 AM' ish - Grateful Dead from Oakland, 2/26/90
7:00 AM'ish - Counting Crows, Across a Wire - Live from New York,
and then (9:00 or so) a touch of Christine Lavin,
Chaim Richman on the parsha at 9:30, and then some Sunday AM music including: Bert Jansch and John Renbourn, Pentangle, and Steelye Span.
At 12:30 or so we'll have a long shot of Shlomo, and then starting around 2PM we'll have Bossa Nova Jazz and Jazz all afternoon, including:
Delicatessen - Jazz and Bossa Nova, Michael Franks, Martin Sexton, Stan Getz and Astrid Gilberto, and then we'll have some straight ahead Jazz from Keith Jarret and Flora Purim and Airto - with Chick Corea - Return to Forever, which will lead us to Lorelai and Steve - Sunday Night Live, with perhaps a still to be determined guest ....
Remember, all times are Jerusalem Times, and are dependent on SAM (our broadcast program) who tends to run early (how did he get to be part of our crew??)
All I can say is that we'll keep you posted!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise - Sunset

One minute we're praying the morning prayers, next minute we're looking for a "cool" place to hide from the 109 degree afternoon heat, and then we're preparing to greet the Sabbath the moment the sun sets, and leaves the sky --

Cycles, life, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years, 7 years, 50 years, spirals in time that are perceived as linear, but we know are really circular - like a slinky, moving cross the horizon --highs, lows, and all the in-betweens....

Constants? G-d, life, death, love, hate, garbage and laundry, and of course - Music, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.

We started the day with "Jerusalem Calling" - our special program - words and music intended to reach out to our Chutz L'aaretz audience who we know are still awake and listening....

And the rest of the day: we have the Grateful Dead from the Stanley Theater 9/26/72 (that's New Jersey) at 9:00 AM, and we have our Noon L'chaim - our Shot of Shlomo scheduled to begin at 12:00 (what a surprise, a Noon L'chaim beginning at noon???)

AT 3:00 our "Not for Kids Only," Childrens' Hour will feature the Jungle Book, and then 4:30 t0 6:30, Jerry and Shlomo will dance us all the way to Shabbos...

Ah, Shabbos - a time when we can relax, refresh, and bask in the Holy Light of Shabbos, a taste of the infinite light of the world to come.

But then, before we blink an eye - it will be Motzoei Shabbos. Oy, Oy, Oy, - Week-Welcome back ! Which can only mean it's time for our Melave Malke on the air (starting 9, 9:30 ish) and we'll be off again, off to greet Saturday night, off to greet the week ahead.

We read the curses this Shabbos to get them behind us -- to leave it wide open for a week of blessings, goodness and happiness.

May we see the blessings, feel the good and know the happiness -- We do know it's all Good, don't we ??!!!

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Holy Healing with Dr. Liebe Schulman Debuts on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Today at "High Noon" Jerusalem Time we'll reach new heights as we debut Dr. Liebe Schulman's new weekly show, "Holy Healing."

At 12:00pm we'll hear: A Healer's Crisis: Entering the Belly of the Beast. Why do we get sick? What does illness mean, really? Why does God give us DIS-ease? Come along as we explore the difference between Proximate and Ultimate causes of illness, and discover how we can use this understanding to catapult ourselves into new levels of TESHUVAH: returning to OUR REAL SELVES.

If you'd like to send Dr. Liebe an email with a medical / healing / health-related question, please send it to or c/o Dr. Liebe at and we'll pass it along. If your question is chosen you may hear her answer it right here on the radio!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

. . . And Then Sometimes When You Can't Find a Wizard, You Need a Cohen.

So we heard the Soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz, right? But what happens when you follow the yellow brick road and can't find the Wizard you're looking for?

Well, in our case, what you really need might not be a Wizard at all - maybe you just need a Cohen.

We present the Cohen Gadol of Musical Poetry: LEONARD COHEN, LIVE IN LONDON playing at 7:30pm tonight on - yes, of course - ONLY on Radio Free Nachlaot.

We're Off To See The Wizard! At 6pm Jerusalem Time Tonight!

Horray! We're off to see The Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

On this day in history - August 25th 1939 - MGM Studios released the now-classic film - never dreaming what a cultural icon and American classic it would become. For decades we've been following the Yellow Brick Road, just trying to get some brains, have a heart, muster up some courage, and find our way back home. Oh yeah, and there are witches along the way, and phonies and frauds. But don't forget what Dorothy learns for herself at the end of the movie -

If I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with.
We all need a pair of ruby slippers and some magic right now.

Let's click our heels together three times and say...

There's no place like home...
There's no place like home...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Homegrown Hour Debuts Tonight!

"Hey farmer, farmer - put away the DDT now
Give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and the bees ... .Pleeeeeeeese!"

Homegrown Hour has come to Radio Free Nachlaot - spots on our apples and all - and we're debuting original homegrown music BY our friends and fans tonight at 7pm - take a bite, won't you?

It's so cool to have our very own Internet Radio Station. People from all over are reaching out to us and sending us their music. Whether you're the leader of your local garage band or a regular performer in your own home town, you might be creating some really special music - but Gevaldt, how ya gonna get it played on the radio?

We're inviting you to share your original music with us. You can email MP3 or .WAV files to us at and we'll listen to them, and if they're chosen we'll play them on our newest program, the Radio Free Nachlaot HOMEGROWN HOUR, every Tuesday at 7pm.

Enjoy Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show this morning - an extended version, running through 1pm - featuring music from Tom Paxton, the Black-Eyed Peas, the Byrds, John Lennon, Michelle Shocked, Joni Mitchell, Queen Latifah, Billy Joe, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding, Bon Jovi, Bob Marley, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Santana, 10CC, Fleetwood Mac, Indigo Girls, Jane's Addiction, Lou Reed and MORE, so much more!
  • 1pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua "Ki-Tavo"
  • 1pm - 3p - "Israeli Soul" Afternoon with music by HaDag Nahash, Soulfarm, Groyse Metsie, Yud and Adi Ran.
  • 3pm - Rav Avraham Sutton's Series on the Jewish Holidays continues with "Elul" Part 6
  • 5pm - "Na-Na-Nachin' on Heaven's Door" features Part 2 of Avraham Sutton's class on the Baal Shem Tov's teachings about food & the holiness of eating.
Homegrown Hour artists honored tonight at 7pm on the debut of RFN's Homegrown Hour are: Jim Costello, Shayna Bracha Farber, Ofer Golani, Lazer Lloyd Blumen and Yael Deckelbaum. Mazel Tov!!!

It's a big, bright FULL MOON after all, we'll bring you music worth howling about, we promise!

Tonight's Wanted Dead, or Related: Live program will feature The Allman Brothers Band from Jones Beach, Long Island, NY - 8/24/05. Were you there? (I know I was!!) Well, tonight we can all be there, together.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, Monday! Can't Trust That Day? Yes You CAN!

It's Monday ... did you sign up for our Weekly Email Newsletter yet? No? Well, how are you going to find out about our Secret Insiders-Only programming, unannounced Specials and upcoming delights? Sign up right here on this page TODAY!

Monday, Monday ... the Mamas & the Papas said, "Can't trust that day." Well we're here to restore trust and confidence in Mondays. Don't be afraid - we only use our powers for good and never evil. Subtle themes running through today's programming include "Fathers and Sons" ... read on!

So, what's REALLY going on? We're enjoying "Homegrown Hour" this morning on Lorelai's "Morning Dew" Show - music from holistic artist Shayna Bracha Farber, our local Breslev Rock Star Dani Meir Maman and UK-based David Dome.

We receive so much music from our friends, fans and listeners we're thinking of instituting a regular "Homegrown Hour" to enjoy the smokin' hot & cool sounds coming out of your creative efforts. Do you have music you want to send to us? Email us at - we want to hear it!

Well, as if that wasn't enough - yes, there's more!

  • 11am: Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer and Lorelai continue their cosmic conversational journey through the Hebrew Calendar and the Jewish Year Diet
  • 1pm - 3pm: "Fathers and Sons" on "Israeli Soul Afternoon" - music from Moshav Modiin's own Yankele Shemesh and his son Oneg Shemesh - sure to delight!
  • 3pm: Rav Avraham Sutton's journey through the Jewish Holiday Cycle continues with "Elul, Part 5"
  • 5pm: "Na-Na-Nachin' on Heaven's Door" - Rav Avraham Sutton brings down and gives over what the Baal Shem Tov taught about Food and Eating (Part 1). Repeats at 5am after the Grateful Dead Show.
  • 6:30pm - 7:30pm - Blood Sweat & Tears "Child is Father to the Man"
  • 7:30pm - 8:30pm - Punk Jews Blanket Statementstein perform their music (including the much-requested favorite, "Hippies Need Money for Weed" - Gevalt, forget about weed: hippies need money for tzedaka, Shabbos dinners and the kids tuition!)
  • 8:30pm - 10:30pm - Dire Straits "Sultans of Swing" - the 1998 extended special edition - hot and smokin'!
  • 11pm - 5am: The Grateful Dead and New Riders of the Purple Sage tear up the Fillmore East from the 5/15/70 Show - Gevaldt, it's one from the Vaults, and it's a long GOOD ONE!!!
Stay cool, friends! Stay tuned! Stay happy - and if you aren't, get that way real fast, would you? Remember, Rebbe Nachman says: Despair does not exist.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Sunday - Yom Rishon - OH, BABY!

Happy week to everyone - Happy Sunday

Happy Yom Reshon, the First Day of the Week (Sunday is the New Monday in Israel, y'know!)

Fridays as you know by now are just sort of a half-day if that, nobody really works on Friday, and of course Saturday is Shabbat - Sunday then being our first work-day week - we propose Israel should institute the 3-day Weekend - Friday, Saturday AND Sunday - we'd all be one step closer to World Peace if we got more relaxation!

To help "ease us in" to the Week ... Happy Sunday Music to everyone -
and you want to know what Sunday Music is?
Well today it goes like this:
  • 9:30 - Beausoleil
  • 10:15 - Bruce Hornsby, Christian Mcbride, Jack DeJohnette
  • Noon - Sunday Shot of Shlomo
  • 1:00 - Blues Traveler - Four
  • 2:00 - Spin Doctors - A Pocket full of Kryptonite
  • 3:15 - Dave Matthews Band - Central Park
  • 4:30 - Fishbone from 1989
5:30 and on - to be decided by Steve who will be Dj'ing "live"

Remember - Tonight, Lorelai and Steve - "Sunday Night Live" - with our special guests
Joseph Connelly and Rachel Gordon to discuss their art project - 1000 baby dolls delivered to Jerusalem -- Check out their web site Yad Shniyah to find out more about this amazing project ...

Don't miss your chance to meet them and hear all about it! Listen live at 8:30pm Jerusalem Time and in the meanwhile ... stay cool and stay tuned!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Shavua Tov

Shavua Tov, Shavua Tov -
A Happy New Week - it's still hot, but as opposed to our friend the snow man, we haven't melted yet!!!!
Cool Music, that's the only solution
We have Shlomo and Saturday Night ahead,
come join the party, won't you?
...and the overnight schedule is:
2:00 AM - Grateful Dead 7/31/74 - Colt Stadium, Hartford, Ct.
5:30 AM - Phish - 6/19/10 - Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center, NY

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos,
It's time to sit back, Refresh, Relax, ReHydrate -
It's time to Sanctify the Day with a glass of wine
It's time to connect to the Creator, May his name be blessed, because we know that HE knows why it's so Darn HOT!

It's time for all good broadcasters to turn off their over-heated equipment and cool-down.

It's Time for Shabbos, Praise the Lord.

We will return Motzoei Shabbos, after 9PM -- Motzoei Shabbos will meet Saturday Night, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot.

We thank you for listening.

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos

How do you spell MELTING?

What more can I say?
We've got the music, you bring the "beverage of choice" the cooler and the ice, and i think we can get through this!
Today's Schedule:
9 -11:00 - Gram Parsons, Emmylou Harris and The Flying Burrito Brothers
11:00 - Dire Straits recorded at the BBC, with some extra Mark Knopfler thrown in
12:00 - A "Shot of Shlomo" -- we can always use a "Shot of Shlomo"
Music, Music and Music unitl our "Not for Kids Only" Childrens' Hour - 3:00 - 4:30 and then
we'll go on down the road to greet the Holy Shabbos, Jerry meets Shlomo - HEAR only, on Radio Free Nachlaot!!!!
(bad puns, i know, it must be the heat...."blame it on the stones" and all that.....)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Steve's Cooking For Shabbos -- Is on the Air!

Unless your daughter is returning from 3 months in Chutz L'aaretz and has specifically requested "wings" for Shabbos - made only as her Abba makes them... I suggest - Salads, and Gin and Tonics, for everyone.

Actually, Rena came home today with LIMES from the Shuk. You better get your limes now everybody, they don't stick around for long !!!
So, yes, I will be providing the soundtrack for your Shabbos preparations, and yes, it's going to be a HOT show!!!

Stay tuned for all the details as they emerge (we'll get started around 9:30 and go from there) but most of all, STAY COOL!!!
The Overnight Schedule is Upon Us:
1:00 AM- Mary Chapin Carpenter - The Age of Miracles
2:00 AM - The Allman Brothers from the Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Ga. 9/26/04
5:00 AM - Jerry Garcia from Capitol Theatre, New Jersey, 4/10/82 - Late Show
which will end just in time for Jerusalem Calling - Steve's 2 hour show directed to Chutz L'aaretz Remember, Jerusalem is Calling YOU!!!!
Friday's schedule will be posted -- as soon as we know it!
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos.


It's another Hot Day in Jerusalem! Another good reason to sit back with a "tall cool one" ("Sassy Water is just fine!") and play/listen to some "Hot"
Rock and Roll that is meant to be just "too cool to handle!"

My Bubbie, aleha hashalom, used to say, "on a hot day, drink a hot tea!" Oy, oy Bubbie, does that really work? Well, I'm sure if my Bubbie was around today she would say, "on a hot day, listen to the radio station coming out of the "coolest" neighborhood around, Radio Free Nachlaot!" Would my Bubbie be wrong?

Since 9 am we've been playing Booker T and the MG's, Susan Tedeschi - now we're playing Patty Larkin -- 12:00 Chaim Richman on the Holiness of Music, 1-3 Israeli Soul, 3PM - Rabbi Avrohom Sutton on Elul - Part 4, and not to forget:
8:00 - 9:00 PM - Rabbi Ozer Bergman's Live Rebbe Nachman Shiur.

You still have time to sponsor this evening's shiur. $100, or 400 NIS - contact us at so we will know in who's merit we will be learning tonight.
For more information on sponsoring shows, or advertising on Radio Free Nachlaot, please contact us at our email address -
Stay tuned for all scheduling changes and developments,but most important -
Stay Cool!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Double Dose of Daily Dead

Are you ready for Tonight's Double Dose of Daily Dead? That's 4-Ds if you're counting.
Well, Tonight you'll be getting Dose 1 - 11:00 PM - 9/20/82 - Madison Square Garden, and then after Rabbi Avrohom Sutton teaches about Elul - Part 3 (2:00 - 3:30) we'll have DDDD2 - the Grateful Dead 9/21/82 -Madison Square Garden. Back to Back nights right here, all night on Radio Free Nachlaot!
And remember - Jerusalem is Calling - 7-9 AM Jslm time - we'll be sending out the vibes and music from a waking up Jerusalem to a "settling-in for the night" Chutz L'aaretz. You know, (especially during Elul) there's no settlin' in people. We need to be AWAKE people. Just listen when Jerusalem Calls You, and you'll understand it all!

Wednesday's Kosher All-You-Can-Eat Musical Buffet

It's Wednesday, the "hump of the week" and if we get through the day we'll be on the downhill slide towards Shabbos, thank G_d!!!

To give us some strength we're presenting a real (Kosher) All-You-Can-Eat Musical Buffet on Radio Free Nachlaot today.

Lorelai's "Morning Dew" Show from 8am - 11am today features music from Mama Cass, Mary Travers, Joni Mitchell, the Allman Brothers, Barry White, the Bee Gees, Harry Connick Jr. 10CC, Neil Young, Jimmy Cliff, Amy Winehouse, Sublime, Arlo Gutherie, Smokey Robinson, the Black Eyed Peas and more.

At 11am we'll hear the famous Dick Cavett Show from August 19, 1969 - the "Post-Woodstock" Show featuring Crosby Stills and Nash, a stunning young Joni Mitchell and the Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick looking remarkably sober all things considered).

Between Noon and 1pm we'll hear the original Bridge School Benefit from 1986, featuring music from CSNY, Nils Lofgrin, Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Tom Petty, and Robin Williams.

Our "Israeli Soul Afternoon" starts at 1pm with music from SoulFarm, Matisyahu, the Moshav Band and Neshama Carlebach.

Hungry for some Torah? We'll hear the Parsha Shavua Ki Teizei by Rabbi Chaim Richman at 1pm and 7:15pm, "Elul" Part 3 by Avraham Sutton at 3pm and Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman Shiur from last week at 5pm.

The Live Performance Buffet starts at 6pm with KFOG LIVE FROM THE ARCHIVES with David Gray, Joan Osborne, Dave Matthews, the Psychedelic Furs, the Pretenders, Phil Lesh & Friends, Coldplay and more.

7:15pm - 8:30pm it's LIVE FROM THE WORLD CAFE with SemiSonic, Warren Zevon, Joe Jackson, Ian Anderson, the Crash Test Dummies and more.

8:30pm - 11pm: LOGGINS AND MESSINA LIVE ON STAGE 1974 recorded at Carnegie Hall, the Orpheum Theater and Winterland.

At 11pm we'll hear The Grateful Dead at Madison Square Garden 9/20/82.

That's today's schedule - if the heat dosen't knock the Internet out at Undisclosed Studio A, deep in the heart of the hottest part of Nachlaot, which we like to call "Jerusalem's Coolest Neighborhood" - do you think we could get some heat relief here, Lord? We wait upon Your Mighty and Merciful Hand!!!

Gevaldt, are you full yet or are you still snacking? There's more to come ... tomorrow is another musical day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beyond the Tie-Dye Mechitza - Changing the World One Song at a Time

Friends and Fans - perhaps it's because the heat has gotten to us, perhaps it's because it's too hot to sleep and too hard to do anything about it, but at about 5am this morning we decided to take a look at our reporting tool statistics and discovered that Radio Free Nachlaot has been listened to in 54 countries in the last 30 days (not a surprise) but on that list WAS a surprise - several of them - listeners from Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Quatar, Jordan and perhaps the most delightfully surprising of all - Iran and Syria.

Why does this delight us? Because it proves our point - that Radio Free Nachlaot is indeed  "broadcasting from behind the tie-dye mechitza"  and reaching out all over the WORLD, bringing people together with music. Dare we say that we're actually changing the World one song at a time? We really think this is true. To all our listeners and (maybe secret) fans in the pan-Islamic World we say: SHALOM ALECHEM FROM JERUSALEM, we say: Thank you for listening, we say: Even if our respective Governments and religious authority systems tell us we should hate each other we at Radio Free Nachlaot say: we should be listening to music together. Gevaldt.

We're starting the day off right - with Rebbe Nachman's Tikkun HaKlali at 8am - 10 Tehillim (Psalms) to set your soul right and fix what's broken - recite them along with us if you like: Psalm 16, 32, 41, 42, 59, 77, 90, 105, 137 and 150.

8:30am - 1pm: "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" brings us music from Joni Mitchell, Michelle Shocked, REM, Peter Paul & Mary, Yes, Waylon Jennings, Tina Malia, The Tubes, The Kinks, The doors, Queen Latifah, The Beatles, The Beach boys, Stan Getz, Sinatra and MORE, much more! 

We'll have a special TORAH from Rebbetzin Rena Richman's "Bat Melech" Series on the REAL meaning of "Modesty" - Part 1 at 1pm, Part 2 at 2pm.

In-between Torahs this afternoon we'll hear music from our friend RebbeSoul (Bruce Burger) - always the best!
At 3pm we'll continue with Rav Avraham Sutton and his series on the Jewish Holiday Cycle - we're in ELUL (we'll hear Part 4).

5pm - Rabbi Chaim Richman's new piece on "The Accuser We Create" (wow, maybe we should all listen to this!) Our sages teach that “whoever commits a sin, acquires an accuser for himself.” These are negative forces that become our persecutors, and we actually create these forces through our own misdeeds. They are nourished through our misguided energy and unless we act to correct the situation, they will rise up to accuse us. G-d “bears the iniquity” of these accusers, which we have brought into the world, who pollute His creation.

From 5:30 - 6pm We're playing the classic Israeli folk duo "High Windows" (Melvin, this one's for you!) :)

6pm - 11pm: The last, the very last of our 3-day tribute to the 41st Anniversary of WOODSTOCK continues with music from Country Joe and the Fish, the Jefferson Airplane, The Band, Arlo Guthrie, Canned Heat, Janis, Joe Cocker, some of the "Lost Performances" and of course, The Grateful Dead.

At 11pm on our "Dead or Dead-Related" Show we're honoring the 1200th Facebook Friend we've made by playing DICK'S PICKS 12! All 3 CD's!!! Recorded June 28th 1974 at Boston Garden. That will take us into the wee hours of the morning ... stay tuned for more!

Hey, do you LIKE Radio Free Nachlaot? Tell a friend! Share a link to our site! Re-post some of our Facebook tweets! SHARE THE LOVE - there's plenty of it to go around!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 41st Woodstock Anniversary

Whatever happened to Love, Peace and Understanding?

Starting at Noon - Woodstock Music all day long. Performances from Woodstock itself by:
Richie Havens, Sweetwater, Bert Somer, Arlo Guthrie, Quill, Country Joe, Santana, Keef Harley Band, The Incredible String Band, The Grateful Dead, Credence Clearwater Revival, and Janis Joplin. We also will mix in sets by Joni Mitchell, The Doors and Tommy James and the Shondells. They were some of the bands that were were invited, and decided not to play.
Woodstock at Radio Free Nachlaot - and the bands we don't get to today? well it was a 3 day festival, wasn't it?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shavua Tov

We're back - its' Motzoei Shabbos, and we are heading into the Shlomo zone - What would a Radio Free Nachlaot Melave Malke be without Shlomo - some music, some teachings, and then we'll merge carefull, without looking over our shoulders - just using the mirrors - into Saturday Night -- what does that all mean? I guess you'll have to check-in to find out, won't you! But i will give you a clue:
Midnight - Bruce Springsteen - Live
1:00 Am - Warren Haynes with Gov't Mule
2:00 Am - The Grateful Dead - East Coast Tour - 1973,
first we'll play 4/2/73 from The Boston Garden, and then about 5:30 AM we'll play 9/8/73 from Nassau Colosium
9:00 Am - The Counting Crows - Live - New Amsterdam Heineken Beer Festival
to be followed by a double dose of Pentangle, and some Fairport Convention from the BBC.
Remember - 8/15/69 was the beginning of the Woodstock Festival. At 12:00 we'll start off our celebration with Richie Havens - he opened the show in 1969, and i think he'll do it for us as well.
We'll play Woodstock performances all day, so stay tuned!

Friday, August 13, 2010

As we melt into Shabbos

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos

Yesiree, It's that time already. Time to renew, refresh, REHYDRATE. Time to Sanctify the day with a glass of wine. Time to watch the sun set in the sky and relate to the CREATOR, May His Name be Blessed, knowing that He knows why it's so darn HOT!. Yes, it's time for all good broadcasters and their equipment to power down, cool off, and recharge.
Radio Free Nachlaot thanks everyone for listening, and reminds you that we will be back Motzoei Shabbos, Saturday night 9:30 PM 'ish - Jerusalem Time -- (might be a bit later 'cause it's so hard to leave Shabbos ) for our Melave Malke meets Saturday night program.

Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos, everyone, everywhere.

Happy 3 in 1 Celebration Friday

In spite of all the bad press that Friday the 13th gets (you know that Friday the 13th is rumored to be a "bad luck" day) we are celebrating today, Friday the 13th as a great 3 in 1 combina! How do we figure that, you ask? Well, let's just take the number 13 - and turn it around -- 3 and 1 - the 3 in 1 perfect "combina!"
And today's "winners" are:
Number 1 - (and we'll follow the life-cycle chronology for this) - Happy Birthday to my daughter Chava Sara -- who is (Hashem should love her) 17 - Baruch Hashem.
Number 2 - the official "welcome as a Jewish Male" to your Heritage, the People of Israel, to Yehuda Reuven Gusovsky who's Brit Milah (circumcision) is today (was this morning).
Number 3 - the Yahrzeit of Rav Avrohom Yitzhak Hacohen Kook, who's 75th Yahrzeit is today.

Birthday, Brit, and Yahrzeit - The Cycle of Life. We should have the privilege and honor to celebrate these events with our loved ones, our friends and community - even our "world-wide" neighborhood - B'simcha, B'ahava, (in happiness and w/love) and in Peace.

Remember 3:30 - 5: "Not for Kids Only" Childrens' Hour
5 - 6:30: On the road to Shabbos - where Jerry meets Shlomo...
and then Motzoei Shabbos, starting again about 9:30 PM, Melave Malke meets Saturday Night, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yesirree Mark (Knopfler) - It's your Birthday!

It's Thursday - already! But not just any thursday. Today is Mark Knopfler's (Dire Straits) 61st birthday. Happy Birthday Mark. To celebrate we're going to be playing Mark Knopfler's music - his solo music, his music with Dire Straits, and a bunch of other stuff, all day long. Yessiree, it's so nice to celebrate someone's birhtday while they're still alive??!!

In addition to Mark-fest, we will bring you:
1:00 PM - Israeli Soul
3:00 PM - Rabbi Avrohom Sutton's shiur on Elul - part 3 (which we re-broadcast at 3AM)
5:00 PM - Nach, Nach, Nachin' on Heaven's Door -- more divrei torah from some of our favorite teachers - Today, Rabbi Yaakov Aharon Shapiro (shlita) - Ramchal, Derech Hashem - part 1
6:30 PM - Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris
8:00 PM - Rabbi Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman's Shiur - Live from Pesach and Sara's apt.
9:30 PM - Steve will be "Cookin' for Shabbos" - providing the soundtrack for all of our Sabbath preparations.
And yes, there will be a Dead or Dead-Related concert around 2 Am --
so, stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot - you can't afford to miss a beat!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Klezmer in Tzfat - on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Tzfat's annual Klezmer Festival is in full swing and Lorelai brought her portable radio station with her all the way from Jerusalem ... we hope to be able to broadcast live from the Carlebach Stage at the Beirav Synagogue's "Songs and Stories of Shlomo Carlebach" tonight around 8pm.

Everybody knows that Tzfat is to Jerusalem what Nachlaot is to The Old City ... they're connected by an invisible umbilical cord. There are four special Holy Cities in the Land of Israel, corresponding to the four elements: Jerusalem (Fire), Tzfat (Air), Hevron (Earth) and Tiveria (Water). We hope to be able to broadcast live from all four locations one day! Meanwhile, thanks to the magic of wireless internet and the ingenuity of our friend Andy Alpern, we've already brought you many wonderful concerts live from the Khan of the White Donkey in Tzfat ... we're already mamash so very connected!!!

Stay connected with us at Radio Free Nachlaot. Today's schedule looks like this:

2pm: Rabbi Chaim Richman's Parsha Shavua - "Shoftim"
3pm: Rav Avraham Sutton's Series on the Jewish Holiday Cycle - Elul, part 2
5pm: Rav Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman Shiur from last Thursday August 5th.

Interspersed throughout the Torah is music from Simply Tsfat, The New Klezmer Trio and David Grisman's "Songs of Our Fathers"

6pm: "A 3-Cornered Shoe" - The Soundtrack from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" followed by Ritchie Havens from Woodstock and Otis Redding from Monterey Pop. The 3-Cornered (triangular) shoe is a concept from Rebbe Nachman's story "The Tam and the Cocham" (the Simpleton and the Sophisticate). 

8pm - if everything goes well - we'll be live from Tzfat's Klezmer Festival!!! Stay with us!

Wednesday, Already?

Happy mid-week everyone!
We've made it to Wednesday (Day 2 post the 9 days of Jerry)-
Lorelai is in Tzfat and will be checking in this afternoon - but before we go north, at 11:00 AM we will travel into the world of Yitzhak Marmorstein, which is also the world of Rav Kook, ZT"L.
Rav Kook's 75th Yahrzeit is 3 Elul, and Yitzhak will tell us about the Haorot project, the upcoming Yahrzeit Concert, and a whole bunch of other stuff - so, STAY TUNED!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wanted Dead or Related, Live!

Are you ready for your Daily Dose of Dead? Well, you've come to the right Place. RFN will feature your DDD tonight (and every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night) at 11PM!
Tonight - The Grateful Dead from Buckeye Lake - 7/1/92.
This one's Deadicated to Shira Rachel Robin Grunland (pictured here at last year's "Jerry Day" Tribute by Aryeh Naftaly & The Elevators, with our friend Shaul Judelman) - 'cause you missed it the first time!
(you see how we want to please?)
Post Dead until 2:00 AM - Assorted Little Feat
2:00 - 3:30 Rabbi Avrohom Sutton - Elul part 1
3:30 AM - one of the shows we didn't get a chance to play -
The Rhythm Devils (Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzman, Steve Kimock, Mike Gordon, Jen Durkin(vcls) and Sikiru Adepoju (percussion)) from Milwaukee - 10/25/06
and from there - the library's the limit!
And then Stay Tuned! Wednedsday from 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM -A special few hours with our friend Yitzhak Marmorstein to talk about Rav Kook, this Thursday night's Rav Kook's 75th Yahrzeit concert at Gush Etzion Community Center (9- 11PM), music in general, and whatever else might cross our minds.
Don't you miss it!

Rabbi Chaim Richman's Torah of Music and Holiness

Rabbi Chaim Richman, Director of the International Department of The Temple Institute, brings down and gives over the Torah of Music and Holiness like no one else can.

CLICK HERE TO Download this 11-minute piece of passion and purpose and enjoy Rabbi Richman's Parsha Shavua, "Light Unto the Nations," specials on The Holy Temple and Rena Richman's "Bat Melech" Series on a regular basis on Radio Free Nachlaot.

We feel it's an especially appropriate time to release this piece, just coming off of The 9 Days of Jerry and suddenly it's Rosh Chodesh Elul and we're rushing towards the High Holy Days. The Chaggim are practically upon us. Music is more important now than it's ever been. Listen and find out why.

Chodesh Tov - The King is in the Field - The Jewish Holiday Cycle with Avraham Sutton on Radio Free Nachlaot

Radio Free Nachlaot brings you the best music, talk & Torah live 24/6 from Jerusalem, and we have the honor to host some of the highest and holiest Torah teachers in the Holy Land, if not the entire World!

Rav Avraham Sutton teaches through the Jewish Holiday Cycle and we begin (aptly enough, since it's Rosh Chodesh Elul 5770 today) with his classes on the Month of Elul. Learn with Rav Sutton at 3pm Jerusalem Time Mondays - Thursdays on Radio Free Nachlaot.

Avraham Sutton is an Orthodox Torah mentor, teacher and author. For over 30 years, he has been learning and teaching prophetic Torah, kabbalah, talmud, midrash, chassidut, prayer, meditation and sacred song. He has translated, edited and/or authored over 20 major works in English on the deeper significance of Torah for our age.

Rav Sutton's Shiurim (which will air Mondays - Thursdays at 3pm on Radio Free Nachlaot) are available for SPONSORSHIP. If you'd like to Sponsor one of Avraham Sutton's teachings please contact us by email: for details about "How-To."

There's no better way to start the Month of Elul than by Sponsoring a Torah Shiur on Radio Free Nachlaot!


Thank you to our friends and fans who are  using the PayPal icon on our web
pages to send us donations and  kesev-love - not a surprise that $18 is
the favorite donation amount  - 18 is CHAI which means LIFE in Hebrew -
$18 goes a long way to  help us build a decent infrastructure for our Internet  Radio Station - thank you for giving us LIFE!

Jerry Isru Chag - Basking in The Afterglow

Isru Chag is the day after a chag (holiday). Isru means to bind. The day after the chag enjoys an afterglow of the chag and is therefore "bound" in some sense to the chag.

The term comes from a verse in Psalms 118 which refers to the festival offering as a chag and mentions that it was bound to the altar. The words that are used in that verse are Isru Chag.

So there we were at about 2am, the 9 Days of Jerry were officially over, and yet there were all these listeners who just ... stayed. Because they couldn't really go anywhere else - the Light we brought down during The 9 Days of Jerry was too good - so according to the tradition of Our Mamas and Our Papas, we instituted Jerry Isru Chag - a little bit more Jerry to help us find our way home ... but that dosen't mean we want you to go home - not without us! If you've only just discovered Radio Free Nachlaot during The 9 Days of Jerry don't run away - stay! Just a little bit longer ... stay, say you will!

Just to break the fast - gently - we played Neil Young's "After the Goldrush" which was probably just right in terms of tone and vibes with our audience, not to shell-shock them with anything too radical - then for Jerry Isru Chag we played Jerry Garcia and David Grisman from Squaw Valley, the PERRO Sessions and finally the Jerry Garcia Band at the Warner Theater 3/18/78 ... which is still playing as this is being written.

We'll hear Rebbe Nachman's "Tikkun HaKlali" at 9am Jerusalem Time this morning and then a couple of hours of Lorelai's "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" Show - an eclectic mix of music today populated by tunes from Michelle Shocked, Tom Paxton, The Tzimmies, The Turtles, John Prine, Tina Turner, The Pretenders, The Kinks, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, Sublime, Suzanne Vega, Gypsy Kings, Jefferson Airplane, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac, Stan Getz and more.

At 12:15pm we'll hear all of Jerry Garcia's first solo album "Garcia" and that should take us to about 1pm - when we'll be treated to the music of Israeli Super-Group TAMMUZ (they were "The Israeli Beatles" and still enormously popular here in Israel) until 2pm when Steve will take over the stream.

We've got Torah from Rav Avraham Sutton at 3pm as we begin Rav Sutton's "Through the Jewish Holiday" Cycle with teachings about ELUL - yes, it's the first day of Rosh Chodesh (the new month) Elul, 5770 (as we Jews reckon time) and "The King is in the Field" - HaShem has come down off His throne and walks amongst us, close to us and beckons us to come close to Him during this special time of Elul, the month preceeding the High Holy Days - and we'll take you even HIGHER on Radio Free Nachlaot - stay tuned!

Jerry Fans - don't despair! We promise to keep it coming. In case you're concerned with having any post-Jerry anxiety, know our NEW AND IMPROVED REGULAR BROADCAST SCHEDULE (stay tuned for the colorful grid!) features "DEAD (OR DEAD-RELATED) ALIVE" Jerry and Jerry-related music every Tuesday and Wednesday night from 11pm - 1am. Plus we're also playing "A Dose of Dead" Thursdays and Fridays from 5 - 7am Jerusalem Time.

That's not of course to the exclusion of any random Jerry-ness we may feel like putting into our regular schedule, of course! It's our radio station, we can do what we want to!

Chodesh Tov! Happy Jerry Isru Chag!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The 9th Day

We've made it to The 9th Day of Jerry, together!

Listeners from around the World have joined Radio Free Nachlaot by the hundreds since August 1st (remember Day 1? It seems like so long ago now!) to celebrate Jerry Garcia in all his permutations.

We heard the last Jerry Garcia Band Show (The Warfield 4/23/95), then we heard the last Grateful Dead Show (Soldier's Field, Chicago 7/9/95) earlier this afternoon.

Now we're playing "Comes a Time" the Jerry Garcia Tribute Concert that took place in 2005. Warren Haynes, Trey Anastasio, Bruce Hornsby, Bob Weir, Jimmy Herring and more got together at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles on 9/24/05 to bid goodnight and goodbye to Jerry.

At 8pm tonight (Jerusalem Time of course) "Reb Moishe" - that is to say Moshe Pesach Geller, World-renown Deadhead and Universally-known Shlomo Carlebach hassid - will be IN THE HOUSE with Steve and Lorelai as we do our "GRAND FINALE YARTZEIT SHOW" Live tonight from 8pm through Midnight. Moishe is going to bring down and give over "The Torah of Jerry" and play us his fantasy / dream Show ... the one that never happened, but should have.

Will there be life after Jerry? Of course there will be - don't forget, "The Music Never Stopped!" Stay tuned for WHAT'S NEXT - Jerry Isru Chag - AND BEYOND?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

On The 9th Day of Jerry My Radio Free Nachlaot Gave to Me...

"On The 9th Day of Jerry my Radio Free Nachlaot gave to me ... another whole day of JERRY..."

No matter how you measure time, there's never enough of it. We've crossed so many time/space barriers together during The 9 Days of Jerry, and all of it has come from Jerusalem, the heart of the World, where (some are amazed to find) Deadheads live in abundance, especially in Nachlaot. Our Special Guest DJ tonight Drew Tick made the point during the show that until he moved to Nachlaot a number of years ago he didn't know there was a community of Jerry Head and Shlomo Heads until he moved here...and then he found out, indeed he did.

This morning - the morning of The 8th Day, of course - we had a Brit-Milah on the air - Pesach & Kari Sara Rothberg's third son was welcomed into the community of Israel & we rejoiced together with the baby, little Ariel Yaakov Ben Pesach Benzion v'Sara. Radio Free Nachlaot was proud to host the first-ever Internet Radio "Bris-Cast" for the Rothberg family.

Tonight's Show with Drew Tick was a gevaldt when Steve and Drew (who have never met each other) discovered they are both from Western Massachusetts and played "Jewish Geography" on-air. Drew is someone who has incorporated the best of Shlomo Carlebach and Jerry Garcia into his life and lifestyle, and it was a pleasure to play some great tunes with him tonight.

Steve's theme right now is ... help on the way! Day 9 continues with ...

  • 1am: Acoustic Dead (originally released as "Reckoning")
  • 2:30am: Electric Dead (originally released as "Dead Set") both from 1981,
  • 4:30am: The Allman Brothers 12/31/1883 - the second set with Jerry Garcia - then at
  • 6am: The Grateful Dead at RFK Stadium 6/10/73 with The Allman Brothers
  • 11am: Jerry Garcia Band's Last Show - 4/23/95 at The Warfield
  • 1pm: The Grateful Dead's Last Show - Chicago 7/9/95
  • 3:30pm: The Concert for Jerry: 1995 All-Star Jerry Garcia Tribute Concert
  • 6:00pm: Surprise "Whatever We Missed"
  • 8pm: The Grand Finale Yartzeit Show with Reb Moishe (Moshe Pesach Geller) and his "Ultimate Dream Concert" as he brings down "The Torah of Jerry."
Don't forget to Download our soon-to-be collectible and suitable-for-framing PROGRAMMING GRID, it's constantly updated - things may still yet change!

Stay with us ... more to come, you can be sure!