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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Thursday, March 31, 2011


YISHAI FLEISHER!!! He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Back from his tour of the U.S. where he created quite a stir with his "Eye on Zion" Tour. Welcome home, Yishai!

Yishai will be joining us today LIVE on video radio for a special visit - 2pm Jerusalem time today (GMT+2) - you'll be able to watch it right here on our streaming video courtesy of Be There Israel Live Streaming Video!

Yes, we know Yishai is a big macher in the radio world, after all he was the program director for Arutz Sheva / Israel National Radio for many years, and he's an internationally acclaimed speaker and founder of KUMAH, the Neo-Zionist organization ... what is Neo-Zionism anyway? Don't know? We'll find out today on the show! But he's also a friend, radio colleague, awesome broadcaster and (as Lorelai is constantly saying: her choice for Prime Minister!) budding politician? Maybe? We can only hope!

Watch Yishai Fleisher live at 2pm today with Steve and Lorelai ... and don't forget we'll be broadcasting Rav Ozer Bergman's Thursday Night Rebbe Nachman Chebura tonight at 7:30pm from 23"A" Betzalel Street in Nachlaot - you're invited to learn Rebbe Nachman with us in person or "Watch us on the Radio" - right here on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Watch our Commerical for the 2nd Annual Temple Mount Awareness Day Program!

DJ Maya's "Dirty Dancing" Debut 9pm Jerusalem Time Wednesday Night!

Our DJ Maya (who, for a 28 year old Israeli girl, has preternaturally retro musical influences) presents her tribute to the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing," starring the late Patrick Swayze and (a nice Jewish girl) Jennifer Grey tonight during her "Maya at (Almost) Midnight" Show 9pm Jerusalem time tonight.

WHY "Dirty Dancing?" Is it an Israeli thing? A girl thing? IS there such a thing as "Dirty Dancing" anymore and if so, how much LESS dirty can it be than this '80's movie about a shy and innocent young girl in the Catskills who becomes entranced by what was a new fad in dancing during the early 1960's?

We don't like the word "Dirty." It's so ... dirty! But really, all things considered, by anyone's standards in this day and age, the movie "Dirty Dancing" is far from dirty, and the dancing is ... quite HOT, as a matter of fact! So we're going to let Maya explain it all to you (and us) and by the time her show is over around 11pm we should all be dancing - in our own way - because you know, gevaldt, sometimes you just have to get up and DANCE - and as now we're moving towards Pesach where "gettin' out the dirt" is so important - maybe we could incorporate some "dirty dancing" in our pre-Pesach cleaning around the house activities! Like, we could wear a swing-y little dress and put on the soundtrack to "Dirty Dancing" and leap around the house with our sponga mops and feather dusters - that's right, nobody puts Baby into a corner!

Whew. Tired just thinking about it! So - join us at 9pm Jerusalem time tonight and find out just how FUN  our dear DJ Maya can make this "Dirty Dancing" experience for us - who knows, we hope to be surprised and come out of the experience feeling squeaky shiny clean!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday - Countdown to Rosh Chodesh Nissan! DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

Lorelai is programming today! Gevaldt, it seems like forever since I've had the radio - now that we're living this accelerated video radio lifestyle, it's not like the "olden days" of Radio Free Nachlaot when I had the leisure to program at my pleasure. No! Now it's this and that, live video shows, media interviews, a whirlwind VIP all-access backstage pass lifestyle ... right! In my dreams ... or maybe in my reality.
What's the difference, anyway? Between dreams and reality?
A lot of dreams are about to come true. Trust me on this.
Dream #1 coming true: - legendary internet radio host YISHAI FLEISHER (you know Yishai from his long-time association with Arutz Sheva / Israel National Radio , not to mention his great organization KUMAH) joins me on Thursday for an extended version of "Heart to Heart," 2pm Jerusalem time! Yishai's been on the road in the USA, he's just returned to the Holy Land, he's moving his entire household from Beit El to Jerusalem, and lots of other changes that he'll clue us in about - don't miss this show, especially if you want to know what's REALLY going on with Yishai and friends!

Dream #2 coming true: - We're counting down to THE 2nd ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL TEMPLE MOUNT AWARENESS DAY EVENT - and rumor has it that an article about Radio Free Nachlaot and our association with this event will be published on FRIDAY in the print edition of THE JERUSALEM POST - buy the paper! Buy every copy you can! Because it's likely the digital edition will be featured in "Premium Content," which means you'll have to pay for it to read it online - but what the heck, isn't it worth whatever it costs to read about us in the JPost? Gevaldt, dreams are coming true all over the place.
"We're almost famous, Steve"  I said to Steve after our interview with the Jerusalem Post yesterday.
"Oy,"  he replied. 
"Oy gevaldt,"  I answered. "Don't worry, people will still mistake you for Jerry Garcia on the street!"
Dream #3 coming true: YEHUDA GLANTZ will be our Special Musical Guest this coming Sunday, April 3rd at 8pm on "Sunday Night Live." This is really big, because he's hard to schedule - after all he's constantly running around the world performing, and he's amazing, and we've been playing calendar catch-up with him for months - but at last, our time has come and he'll be joining us on live streaming video radio Sunday April 3rd, 8pm Jerusalem time from our Studio G location.
Dream #4 coming true: Sponsors for the 2nd Annual Temple Mount Awareness Day are sending in their sponsorship pledges - won't you join the wonderful, generous people who are helping underwrite the costs of producing this 6-hour Holy Temple extravaganza? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SPONSORING THE EVENT AND TO MAKE A CONTRIBUTION - 100% of your donation will go to this event!
We'd so like to deeply thank the following people who have already stepped forward to sponsor the program!

  • Sam Peak
  • Chava Devorah Hosler
  • An Anonymous Donor in the name of the Fogel family and all the Holy People that live in Itamar.
  • Lester Goldsmith
  • Janelle Williams-Young
  • Tuvia Holzhausen:  In memory of the Fogel family (Rabbi Udi, Ruth, Yoav, Eldad, and Hadas).
  • Claude Perkins
  • Philip Averbuck
  • Carmine Davide Delle Donne
So - what's YOUR dream? We want to know! We're in the dream-come-true business!
    Today on Radio Free Nachlaot:
    A special Monday Morning Edition of "Morning Dew for the Morning Jew" featuring a live Elton John concert right before 11am, plus more great "musical cholent" mix

    Starting at 1pm: Israeli Soul Afternoon – the “Long Play” Edition featuring music from Yehuda Katz, Semantra, Rami Kleinstein, Ben Yomen, Oneg Shemesh, Nomi Teplow, Niro Abekasis, Noah Lubin and Mindy Ribner
    Today's Torah schedule:
    1pm, 7:45pm Rabbi Chaim Richman on the Red Heifer Parshas Para
    2pm Rav Sholom Brodt on preparing for Pesach
    4pm & 6pm Rabbi Chaim Richman and Musicologist David Louis on Music of the Holy Temple
    The Not for Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Show – 8pm – West Side Story (Original Soundtrack Recording)
    9:30pm – The Last Waltz with The Band
    11:45pm – Grateful Dead Long Beach Arena 12/15-72
    The music never stops ... except on Shabbos, B"H! Stay with us - we're DREAM-COME-TRUE-ENABLERS!

    Sunday, March 27, 2011

    Old Friends, New Friends, Best Friends! Welcome SHLOMO KATZ to "Sunday Night Live" TONIGHT 8pm Jerusalem time!

    Old friends - there's nothing like old friends, and when old friends and new friends get together, it's like ... SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE!!!

    We're so proud to present our old friend Shlomo Katz - who we fondly like to call the "Cohen Gadol" of the Carlebach Jewish music genre - who just this very weekend welcomed his second daughter into this world and still finds time to drop by Radio Free Nachlaot to perform tonight! 8pm Jerusalem time is when it will all be happening - right here, live in real-time streaming video courtesy of BE THERE ISRAEL Live Streaming Video.

    Mazal Tov to Shlomo and his wife Bina on the birth of their new baby girl. As Shlomo said to us this morning on the phone - "I'm the luckiest man in the world!"

    That's how WE feel. We feel like we're the luckiest Internet Radio Station in the world. After all, we're living in Jerusalem, making our dreams come true, helping other people make their dreams come true, bringing people together - that's what it's all about on Radio Free Nachlaot. We're connecting old friends, making new friends, bringing it all together with music that's "The Soundtrack of our Lives..." thanks for being our friend and making OUR dreams come true!

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    Shabbos is coming! Shlomo Katz is coming! The 2nd Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day is coming!

    Shabbos is coming, the end of what has been a very intense week here in Jerusalem. Oy, do we need Shabbos this week - like, we need it EVERY week, but sometimes we need it MORE, and this is one of those weeks. 

    We like to say: "Shabbos fixes everything." May whatever is broken be fixed, along with our hearts that ache over the loss of life and tragic events not only of this week - we're referring to the bomb attack at a Jerusalem bus stop earlier this week - but in weeks past ... Japan, Itamar, so many people in so much pain...

    And yet, and yet. And yet we are told to rejoice, to remember that the essence of our faith is belief in the goodness of G*d, to recall His mercies which are new every morning - you know, the prophet Jeremiah wrote that verse which appears in the Book of Lamentations when the Children of Israel were being led away to Babylon! How could Jeremiah at the lowest point in the life of our Nation - the eve of the Babylonian Exile, the destruction of the First Temple - write those words?

    "HaShem's kindness surely has not ended, nor are His mercies exhausted, they are new every morning;  great is Your faithfulness! 'HaShem is my portion,' says my soul, 'therefore I have hope in Him.' HaShem is good to those who trust in Him, to the soul that seeks Him." 
    - Eicha (Lamentations) 3:22-25

    We trust and hope in the mercies of HKBH. That's all we can do - and bring you great music, talk & Torah, 24/6 from Jerusalem to the World.

    To help refocus us on faith and joy, we bring you the Cohen Gadol of the Carlebachian branch of Jewish music - SHLOMO KATZ! SHLOMO KATZ! SHLOMO KATZ IS COMING TO RADIO FREE NACHLAOT! "Sunday Night Live" March 27th at 8pm Jerusalem time - "Watch us on the Radio" - you'll be able to see and hear Shlomo Katz perform LIVE - thanks to our friends at BE THERE ISRAEL Live Streaming Video.

    Not only is the "Cohen Gadol" of music coming to us - but on April 5th (Rosh Chodesh Nissan) we're bringing the 2nd Annual Temple Mount Awareness Day event to the whole world on live streaming video radio - from 2pm to 8pm Jerusalem time, we'll be bringing you original compelling live programming ALL ABOUT THE HOLY TEMPLE featuring our special guests Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute's International Department.

    The Holy Temple - Har HaBayet, the Temple Mount - is the focus of the show, and how appropriate to focus on the things of the Holy Temple on Rosh Chodesh Nissan as it was on that day that Moses erected the Tabernacle, the day the Divine Service began, the day that 10 crowns descended upon Israel, the day that G-d's Presence rested on Earth, the day that Israel's offerings were accepted by Heaven!
    Rabbi Chaim Richman is the Director of the Temple Institute's International Department and the world's leading English-language expert on the Holy Temple. He will be sharing special Torah teachings all about the Temple's building, service, history, dimensions, inner meanings, past and future!
    We'll learn about how the Temple was and will be "A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL PEOPLE," about the current political situation that keeps the Temple Mount nearly inaccessible to religious Jews, and about the halachic restrictions and requirements for those who want to ascend to the Temple Mount in the required state of ritual purity.
    Join us as we welcome Rabbi Richman, Yitzchak Reuven and special guests who will teach all about -
    Archeology of the Holy Temple
    Clothing of the Priests of the Holy Temple
    Music of the Holy Temple
    ... and more!
     We have so much to share about this program, you're going to be hearing a LOT about it in the coming week - but please note YOU CAN BE A PART OF THIS SPECIAL PROGRAM IN MANY WAYS INCLUDING SPONSORING THE SHOW! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SPONSORING THE PROGRAM!
    For now - good Shabbos, good Shabbos, may we all have a sweet and peaceful Shabbos wherever we are and whomever we are - we'll be back Moetzi Shabbos with our Melava Malka, and then Sunday Night Live with Shlomo Katz - "WATCH US ON THE RADIO!"

    Thursday, March 24, 2011

    It's "Video Radio Thursday!"

    Thursday is one of our favorite days, primarily because we're doing not one but three "Video Radio" shows today - it's your chance to "Watch us on the Radio" thanks to the live streaming video stylings of BE THERE ISRAEL Live Streaming Video Services!

    At 2pm "Heart to Heart" returns with special guest Chana Klein who will reveal to us the "Secrets of a (Former) Haredi Housewife" - and we're not just talking about the secret ingredient in cholent, either! Chana lived inside the inside of the very very black & white world of Haredi society and although she is still Orthodox (and rather Breslovian these days) she left the Haredi world and will share the "hows" and "whys" of her decision as well as some fascinating insights into the lifestyle, mentality, spiritual practice and conditions for women within a very closed society that many of us don't understand.

    At 4pm our friend and teacher Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer is back with "The Returning Light" - we've just had Purim & now we're rushing towards Pesach - where are we in the Jewish Year, what's happening in the Parsha, how should we be aligning our eating habits and our spiritual focus to stay in shape and in tune with the times? Watch "The Returning Light" at 4pm Jerusalem time today and find out!

    At 7:30pm we will feature Rav Ozer Bergman's "Regular Thursday Night Rebbe Nachman Chebura" live on streaming video right here on our web page - even though we're using Be There Israel's live streaming technology to broadcast this show please don't attribute the production values of this particular show to them, THEY are professionals and Lorelai (who streams Rav Ozer's class from a web cam on her laptop) is NOT a professional videographer (she just gets to use professional equipment). Even if the camera work is amateurish the class is still GREAT - tune in at 7:30pm Jerusalem time tonight!

    Then - my goodness, it's Thursday night again and that can only mean one thing - Steve Levine will be Cookin' for Shabbos! Starting around 9pm tonight - Steve will bring you the musical accompaniment you need to put all the love and joy into your Shabbos cooking!

    But that's not all, that's not all - there's much, much more ... you'll be hearing us talking up our special "Sunday Night Live" show which this week features the one and only SHLOMO KATZ - yes, the "Cohen Gadol" of Carlebach music will be our live guest Sunday at 8pm, and YES it WILL be brought to you by BE THERE ISRAEL, you'll be able to watch AND listen to what is sure to be an outstanding performance by Israel's top musical talent,  and you'll be able to watch it again and again in our video library - is the address to find recordings of some of our past shows - check it out, won't you?

    Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming! Shlomo Katz is coming - and on the following Sunday nights we'll feature live performances from Yehuda Glanz (April 3rd) and Shtar (April 10th). Did you know you can SPONSOR these shows? Call (054) 817-7935 from inside Israel or (562) 219-2339 to find out how!

    And then of course, the biggest of the big - we're gearing up for Rosh Chodesh Nissan 5771 - Tuesday April 5th - THE SECOND ANNUAL TEMPLE MOUNT AWARENESS DAY - which we'll be broadcasting LIVE on Radio Free Nachlaot in conjunction with the Temple Institute - six hours of live programming all about the Holy Temple - it will be BEYOND gevaldt and stay tuned for more about this incredibly special event and how YOU can participate!!!

    Radio Free Nachlaot - bringing you the BEST music, talk & Torah LIVE 24/6 from Jerusalem to the World - thanks for being with us and don't forget to "WATCH US ON THE RADIO!"

    Wednesday, March 23, 2011

    News on Today's Bus Bombing in Jerusalem

    From the Jerusalem Post 

    Bus Bombing in Jerusalem Today

    The #74 bus in Jerusalem was the object of a terrorist attack today when a yet-to-be-identified man left a bomb at the front of the bus and detonated it by some means of remote control. 50 injured, 1 confirmed dead, 3 others in critical condition - this is our day today in Jerusalem.

    So please forgive us for canceling Maya's show this evening - she'll be back next week - and stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot's Facebook Page for more updates as they come in.

    We're playing some jazz and blues right now, then some Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan - we'll be live on the air Thursday afternoon at 2pm with "Heart to Heart" (Lorelai's special guest will be Chana Klein) and "The Returning Light" with Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer at 4pm.

    On a personal note, the #74 is the bus both Steve and Lorelai take to get to "Undisclosed Studio G" every day. Today Lorelai was early & decided to take the #60 instead, today Steve was late but still early enough to be on the #74 RIGHT BEFORE the one which exploded.

    Rabbi Chaim Richman, Yitzchak Reuven and Yosef Adest of the Temple Institute were in a cab on their way over to our studios where we were scheduled to meet - they walked into the meeting with looks of dazed incredulity - "We just saw a peguah (terrorist attack) as we drove by the #74 bus at Binyamei Haouma!"

    Followed by a good 20 minutes of calls and SMS's between family members and close ones, confirming their whereabouts. Everyone checking on everyone else. 8 people in the studio, each huddled around their cell phones, checking on everyone, being checked on by everyone.

    Pia, Steve's 18 year-old niece, was actually ON the #74 which exploded - she was in the BACK of the bus, the explosion happened at the FRONT of the bus - so for all of our personal family members & close ones, we all seem to be ok for now, thank G*d - but there's the family and friends of the 50 injured, the 1 dead and the others in critical condition ... Surely by the time we're live on video radio with you tomorrow we'll know if anyone we know was on that bus or around it

    This is the reality of living in Jerusalem, the holiest city in the World, the center of the eye of the hurricane, the flash and focal point for all things spiritual.

    IT'S REALLY INTENSE LIVING HERE.  Just in case you wanted to know. We're going to soothe you tonight on the radio - there are other place in your media consumption world that will surely get you even more upset - but right now WE need comfort, so that's what we're giving you -

    May we ALL be comforted, and may we soon have no more reason to NEED comforting.

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011

    You Say it's been Tuesday? All Day?

    No, I wasn't hung-over. No, I wasn't all "partied-out."  As a matter of fact, I was blissfully so wrapped in Purim that i could have been mistaken for a slightly over-sized Shalach Manos... well, not exactly...
    Purim has come, but has it gone? As I like to ask, "How are we the day after?"  Now, I know it may take a few days after to answer that one, but that's ok too -- I mean what's a day or two in the cosmic picutre, or, then again -- maybe there is no time, and i'm out of time, and i better know how I am everyday cause everyday is the day after!!!!! You know what I mean???
    I can tell you one thing - the "day after" has been our regular Radio Free Nachlaot Tuesday, if you can believe it. 
    Mid Morning Maya took care of our Mid Day Musical Munchies, as she does every week,
    we're playing Homegrown now - new music from new friends, and then at 8PM it's time to work oursleves into a state where we're sitting by the radio saying, "Yes! That's Rock and Roll!"  What you've never been moved to slap your knee and stare round the room and proclaim, That's Rock and Roll! -- Listen between 8 and 11 PM (J-Town TIme) and you'll see what I'm talking about.
    Rock and Roll Radio - There is no other way!!!!

    Sunday, March 20, 2011

    All Things Purim!

    It's almost Purim in Jersualem! I know the partying has begun all over the world, and Radio Free Nachlaot is not going to be left out of this celebration!

    We've already begun our Purim Programming -- lots of Purim music and Torah mixed in with our songs of Joy, Victory, Pleasure and overall happy music, including music by: Purimm, Aron Raazel, Naftaly Abramson, Acharit Hayamim, Lazer Lloyd Blumen, and many more. 

    Now, while that's happening on the radio, just to keep you jumping, our Video Channel will be rebroadcasting our past shows, including Naftaly Abramson, Lazer Lloyd Blumen, Purimm, Noah Lubin, Sharya Witt, just to mention a few.

    Of  course there'll be plenty of Grateful Dead mixed in as well, 'cause what's a Radio Free Nachlaot Party withouth the Dead?

    And let's not forget, Purim means PURIMM! Our favorite Purim band, Purimm has "shalach manos (free music) and all sorts of info on their web page -, and you can hear the podcast of their Sunday Night Live performance (which we co-hosted with Ben Bresky of Israel National Radio,) on  Israel National Radio by going to their web site:

    As for other important information - here's the Megillah Reading Roundup:
    Thanks to HaOhel for this list!

    Shuls & Organizations Megillah Readings: please bring your own Megillah!
    Kol Rina: 18:30 Ma'ariv followed by festive Megillah reading. 07:30 Shacharit followed by Megillah reading.
    Ve'ani Tefila: 18:20 Ma'ariv followed by Megillah reading. 05:10 Nietz Shacharit followed by Megillah reading.
    Tiferet Yisrael (Corazine St): 18:25 Ma'ariv, 18:40 Megillah reading. 08:30 Shacharit, 09:00 Megillah reading.
    Ma'ayanot Shul: 18:46 Ma'ariv, 19:00 Megillah reading. 08:30 Shacharit followed by Megillah reading.
    Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo: 19:00 Ma'ariv, 19:20 Megillah reading and 10:30 Megillah reading in the morning.
    Shmaya (Ezra Raphael St): 20:00 Megillah reading (night only).

    Women’s Megillah Readings: please bring your own Megillah!
    Chana Mason’s Home: 43 Be’er Sheva St. at 20:30 and at 09:15. There will be raffle tickets being sold for 5nis to support Yesh Shabbat (an organization which supports Nachalot’s needy).
    Sharon Millendor’s Apartment: 23 Chacham Shalom St. the apartment is on the Betzalel side of the building, behind the white fence, at 18:30. Contact her for more info:
    Shoshi Greenfeld’s Apartment: 1 Givon St. at 20:15 and at 11:30. Contact her for more info:

    Vzeh Hu! For the rest of the fun, just turn on your radio and let us be the Soundtrack for these 2 days of Purim, just like we are for the rest of the days of your lives!

    Saturday, March 19, 2011


    It's Purim Everybody! And even if you're in Yerushalayim and Purim isn't really until tomorrow night, It's still PURIM! Purim is in the air. Purim is Everywhere!
    Our Melave Malke tonight will feature a "learning on Purim" with Shlomo - and then for the next two days our regular music programming will be injected with "Songs of Victory," "Songs of Pleasure," and "Songs of Joy!"
    It's our Shalach Manos to the world - Music to Party by!

    Now, you're wondering what kind of Shalach Manos you can send Radio Free Nachlaot?

    It's easy: Send us your 3 song sets of "Songs of Victory," "Songs of Pleasure," or "Songs of Joy!" to - lists are ok, include song, artist and album, or mp3 files, if you'd like.  ..and if you include a Purim message with the songs, we'll read your message before we play your songs on the radio!

    GOOD PURIM! GOOD PURIM!   Let the Party, begin!

    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    Taanis Esther

    The Fast of Esther. Time to go deep and connect with Esther.  Think of her situation.  Caught in the middle - the "double agent" of all time! And what do we know - who's side did they (Achashverush/Haman) think she was on? Had they no intel regarding her past? The Maharal says an amazing thing - King A, who knew nothing of Esther's past, loved her each day like the first time -- he had nothing to connect her to, or to connect to her. Esther the Trickster. Maybe she read Mother Rifka's instructional manual on disguise, planning and pullingoff the impossible plot.  Did they have the help of G-d? Duh... the eternal master-mind, the Chess Player par execellence --the Ribbono Shel Olam -- the Master of the Universe - By G-d they had his help.
    The Fast of Esher - going deep - going deep down the well of knowing and not knowing, seeing and not seeing, understanding and understanding that its' all beyond our mind, our experiences, our ability to connect -- and yet, we do connect. We feel the pain and the suffering all around us, and we relate to the underdog who will come out victorious.  We understand the kicks in the butt that we need to wake us up, and we understand that all we really need to do is to cry out - G-d Save Us!
    And guess what folks, even for this we have a soundtrack!
    Starting at 12:15 pm'ish - we have Shlomo, and then at 1:00 we have our Israeli Soul afternoon today featuring:  Aaron Razel, the Diasporah Band, Purimm, Simply Tsfat,and R' Yitzhak Marmorstein and Greg Wall and the Later Prophets. Torah Today will be at 2:30 PM - and feature: R' Avrohom Sutton, on Purim.
    7:30PM we'll go back to the 2nd session of the Rebbe Nachman Chabura with R' Ozer Bergman.
    8:30 PM we begin "Cookin' for Shabbos" - Again, Already????
    and the beat goes on.....
    As far as the overnight goes --
    11PM - 1:30 AM - The Grateful Dead - 3/18/71 St. Louis, Mo.
    2:15 AM - Jimi Hendrix - Winterland - 1968
    3:20 AM - Sting - Bring on the Night
    4:45 AM - The Grateful Dead - 3/17/75 - from Ace's farm.
    and don't forget - between 8 and 9:30 AM - Music for the morning, or Music if you've been up all night -
    submitted by our own....
    ...and Friday's Plan, you ask?
    Let it remain hidden until is is revealed.

    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    It's Wednesday - it's Maya at (not quite) Midnight - it's a Cover Story!

    Wednesday is upon us! With all that's been happening, it's important to remember that it is Wednesday, which means that tonight, 9 - 11 PM Jerusalem time we will be journeying into the world of music with our DJ Maya -- Maya, at almost Midnight, tonight playing covers and originals. Is it real, or memorex?  Will Maya uncover the truth? Is she hiding under the covers, or covering up an even bigger story - and is it just a cover story? All we know is she promises to present especially selected songs and "the best cover versions EVER" of those songs - and you know how passionately opinionated she is about music! So stay tuned and you'll find out just how deep the cover goes! Don't forget to check out Maya's blog ("Maya's World of Music") for in-depth philosophical musings on the undercover meanings of lyrics, and don't be shy about posting comments - she would love to hear from you - but don't cover up how you REALLY feel! Tell it like it is, she can take it - and dish it right out again, hot and tasty - "Maya at (Almost) Midnight", Wednesdays at 9pm only on Radio Free Nachlaot!

    All of our Souls are Bound Together

    It's not that we're oblivious to the news - oh no, far from it. If you've been listening to us on the radio you've heard our ongoing narration - through voice and music - of the beyond-tragic events that are going on in this world, both here in Israel and far away in Japan.

    Everybody knows by know about the murders in Itamar - the Fogel family were laid to rest on Monday with what seemed like half of Israel in attendance. The anguish of our people over this brutal crime in which 3 children (including a 3 month-old baby girl) and their parents were butchered in their sleep this past Friday night by Arab Terrorists (the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has "claimed responsibility," may they all spend eternity nostril-deep in molten pits of burning excrement) is palpable everywhere you go. The surviving three Fogel children are now "everybody's orphans" - the Israeli public is reaching out to them in touching ways including grocery store magnate Rami Levy who has hand-delivered groceries to the Shiva house every day and has pledged to continue to do so "until the youngest orphan reaches 18."

    It's a well-known fact that tragedy brings us together and brings out the best in our people. It's a SAD fact that sometimes (ok, more often than not) it takes tragedy to make us remember that we're a family, and that all of our souls are bound up together in one big bundle, and that bundle is held in the Hand of our Creator.

    All the more true with Japan - and why you may ask is an image of Iris petals being used to illustrate this point?  Well, here comes the eerie part ... from a dream Lorelai had 25 years ago.

    "25 years ago (when I was pregnant with Cameron and living at the beach in Oxnard) I had a dream about a horrible disaster in Japan involving fire and water, I saw all the souls of those who lost their lives floating like purple Iris flower-petals across the Pacific Ocean while I watched from (what felt like) a boat far away on the horizon. The purple Iris flower-petals that were the souls of everyone who had just died floated right THROUGH me, I felt their souls pass through me and pass on (continuing) to the other side ... the souls felt SURPRISED to suddenly be released from their bodies, as if it had happened very suddenly, and I felt an ineffable sadness that was so extraordinarily powerful... Such a vivid dream, never forgotten. So now in light of what is happening and still MAY happen in Japan I'm worried. I think this was a prophetic dream and there's a reason it stayed with me for all these years. I'm afraid there's going to be one HELL of an explosion in Japan very soon. Let's pray that dream was just a result of pregnancy hormones and an overactive imagination."

    Japan, as everybody now knows, has been devastated by the biggest earthquake in recorded history followed by a tsunami and now followed by explosions at a nuclear power plant, which is currently spewing radiation into the air and may completely melt down within days. Millions of Japanese have been without electricity, food or water for almost a week now. Only this morning a magnitude 6.0 earthquake hit the region again, and the foreboding feeling is that this story is not over. The suffering of the Japanese people is indeed floating through the atmosphere like millions of Iris petals - and the death toll at this point far exceeds 10,000. No one knows how or when this will end, or G*d forbid how much worse it might get.

    The human family is one and all of our souls are bound up together whether we want to agree on that point or not. Just because you don't want something to be true doesn't mean it isn't. A friend expressed his inability to care about what is happening in Japan because of what happened in Itamar - and the reply he received went like this:

    "Compassion is like love. There's always enough to go around. When I was pregnant with my second child I was secretly worried because I couldn't imagine how I could love anyone as much as I loved my oldest son. When I gave birth to my daughter my fears were immediately quelled as I realize I didn't have to DIVIDE my love, that my love had MULTIPLIED instead - and that I had more than enough of it to give to two - and eventually four - children. Compassion is the same as love. It's not a pie with only so many slices. When your heart and soul connect to the suffering of others it arouses empathy, which multiplies."

    So ... no. We're not completely oblivious to the events of the past days - it's just that it's been too intense emotionally to write about it here until now. The suffering of the Jewish people, the Israeli population, the surviving Fogel children and their extended family isn't being weighed against the suffering of the Japanese nation, as if one kind of pain is more worthy of compassion than another. True, the disgusting murders of the Fogel family was a man-made disaster, born of incomprehensible hatred, blood-lust and betrayal of the most basic of human values, and the Japanese disaster is what we call a "natural" disaster, in that no mere human pushed a button or pulled a trigger. The Fogel family murders give us someone to blame, whereas the ongoing destruction and devastation in Japan isn't providing a place for us to point a finger - unless we point that finger UP, to the Source of all things.

    So where does that leave us?  It leaves us right here, alone together on a big planet getting smaller by the minute, where the pain and suffering of the few or the many surrounds us daily. The antidote? "Maasim Tovim" - good deeds (such as what Rami Levy is doing for the Fogel family), prayer (which is what countless millions world-wide are doing) and, what we can do right here on Radio Free Nachlaot, an ongoing musical narration of our emotional journey as we continue, putting one foot in front of the other because we HAVE to. We can't give up, and G*d forbid we can't give IN either - to despair, to hatred, to small-mindedness, to complacency, to isolationism, to the false belief that we're not all ONE in this world together - and not only in this world, but in the world from which our souls came before they were within these bodies, one together in the world to which our souls will continue onwards towards when they leave these bodies. 

    As U2 sings: Yes, we're One - but we're not the same, we've got to carry each other, carry each other...
    and as CSNY answer .... Carry on, love is coming, love is coming for us all....

    Monday, March 14, 2011

    It's My 4-Year Aliyah Anniversary & I'll Play What I Want To!

    March 14th - it's 4 years ago today that Lorelai landed at Ben Gurion airport with three suitcases and a dream!

    Celebrating 4 years of living in Eretz Yisrael - and here's today's musical menu:

    Leonard Cohen Live from London 9am - 11:35am 
    Van Morrison & Bob Dylan 11:45am - 1pm
    Lorelai's Musical Cholent Mix 1pm - 3pm
    Israeli Soul Afternoon 3pm - 6pm featuring Holly Shere's "Wild Earth SheBrew," JudaBlue, Kirtan Rabbi & In Lakesh
    Hot Tuna Live from The Egg - 6pm
    Les Miz on the "Not for Drag Queens Only Show Tunes Show" 8pm - 10pm (the Broadway Cast Recording!)
    Grateful Dead Live from Fillmore East 2-14-70 10pm - 1am

    Sunday, March 13, 2011


    In light of the tragic events which happened in Israel (and around the world) over Shabbat, it's very hard to be "b'simcha" - to have joy, when faced with suffering and loss.

    But on the other hand - isn't that the point? Overcoming evil with good? Overcoming those who want to destroy us with our own joy in living?

    Pey Dalid will be performing for New Olim at Beit Canada tonight - people who have left behind friends, family, careers, material benefits and cultural comfort to come live in the Land of Israel - and if anyone needs encouragement and simcha, it's people who just got here and are confronted with some of the scariest stuff like terrorism, murder, etc.

    So with that in mind, we remind you, our audience, to "Watch us on the Radio" tonight - we'll be broadcasting in live streaming video (via Be There Israel live streaming video) AND on the radio - PEY DALID bringing their joyful Roots, Rock & Reggae sounds to Israel's newest citizens - and to you, wherever you  are, whatever you are doing. NOTHING CAN STOP US from coming here, living in our land, and celebrating our lives as Jews - not terrorists, not governments, not world opinion, not hatred. WE KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON - join us live at 8pm Jerusalem time tonight on Radio Free Nachlaot!

    Friday, March 11, 2011

    PEY DALID on "Sunday Night Live" - this Sunday March 13th!

    We're going on the road with PEY DALID! Everybody's favorite "Roots, Rock & Reggae" band is back in Israel and taking their jazzy funky rockin' simchalicious sounds to Jerusalem's Beit Canada on Sunday Night, March 13th. Radio Free Nachlaot will be there bringing the show to you in live streaming video (courtesy of Be There Israel streaming video services of course!)
    Stay tuned for more information about the show - but mark your calendars NOW - Sunday Night in Jerusalem with Pey Dalid and Radio Free Nachlaot - a winning "combina!"

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    "Call of the Shofar" - "The Returning Light" - Rebbe Nachman : It Must Be THURSDAY!

    Today on "Heart to Heart" Lorelai will be joined live in-studio by Benzion Shamberg from the organization "Call of the Shofar" which we'll be learning more about together. "Call of the Shofar" is about empowering Jewish men, women and families to live more authentic, vital, positive lives - and it's a group that is changing lives right here in the Holy Land (and around the World). Don't miss this sure-to-be-enlightening interview at 2pm Jerusalem time today!

    At 4pm we'll have our normally scheduled episode of "The Returning Light" with Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer. We'll be going through the Parsha Shavua with a special emphasis on the Hebrew Calendar, the Jewish Year, and a deep understanding of how the mystical teachings of Judaism pervade the times we live in.

    Benzion is not only a dedicated student of Torah and a teacher himself, he's also a healer and nutritional specialist. Benzion's web site ( is the place to go to find out more about his health and healing educational information and services - check it out!

    At 7:30pm tonight we'll be broadcasting live from Rav Ozer Bergman's Thursday Night Rebbe Nachman Chebura - which takes place at 23"A" Betzalel Street in Jerusalem's Nachlaot neighborhood. You are so invited to join us in person or if you can't - watch and listen on the radio!

    By 9pm we should be Cookin' for Shabbos with Steve Levine - how can this week have gone by so quickly! Shabbos is coming, Shabbos is coming - and so many things are happening, we have BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS coming up, you'll be hearing from us!

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    Lazer Lloyd Live at the Yellow Submarine WEDNESDAY NIGHT

    Steve Levine, intrepid radio DJ will be taking our mobile broadcasting unit down to Jerusalem's Yellow Submarine tonight in order to bring YOU, our listening audience, the sounds of Lazer Lloyd Blumen, one of our all-time favorite rockers, who performs his rock & blues set tonight starting about 10pm Jerusalem time. (Doors open aprox. 9:30pm.)

    Tune in and listen to the show tonight - or if you're in Jerusalem, make your way down to the Yellow Submarine in Talpiot and check out the show yourself (don't forget to say "hi" to Steve - he's the one who looks like Jerry Garcia and he'll be sitting there with headphones and a broadcasting computer, you can't miss him!)

    It's only Wednesday but it's not too early to think about Thursday on Radio Free Nachlaot! Lorelai's "Heart to Heart" Show at 2pm will feature Benzion Shamburg of the "Call of the Shofar" organization - a group that brings empowerment, enlightenment and clarity to Jewish men (and women, and families) in a uniquely positive, results-oriented way. Watch and listen (on "Video Radio") 2pm Thursday, Jerusalem Time.

    At 4pm Thursday Lorelai is joined by Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer and they'll once again invite you to step into the light - watch "The Returning Light" 4pm Thursday. You can find out more about Benzion Lehrer's work at his web site: The Returning Light (click on the link and check it out!)

    7:30pm on Thursday we will, b'ezrat HaShem, be broadcasting live from Rav Ozer Bergman's Rebbe Nachman Chebura (if you're in Jerusalem you can join us live at the class - 23"A" Betzalel Street in Nachlaot) - and then we'll be cookin' for Shabbos - again! - with Steve Levine!

    "As the days fly past will we lose our grasp / or fuse it in the Sun?" asks Neil Young. Can't answer that question - too much to do!!! It's all happening right now, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot!

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011

    We are women, hear us sing!

    Today is International Woman's Day on Radio Free Nachlaot, and our DJ Maya is bringing us a special set of music celebrating the Double X's amongst us - listen to her show at 11am Jerusalem time today!

    Have you checked out Maya's Blog? Click HERE to see Maya's World of Music!

     Lorelai is playing all women vocalists this morning until Maya's show at 11am - which will be followed by our favorite female vocalists during "Israeli Soul Afternoon" - and don't forget HOMEGROWN HOUR tonight at 7pm!

    It's International Women's Day - Rock and Roll Tuesday, and Mardi Gras - all rolled into One!

    Because it's all about THE ONE, isn't it!
    Radio Free Nachlaot, in keeping with our tradition that music helps bridge the gaps between people, places, lifestyles, will try to create our own special one-ness, today mixing New Orleans, Women and Rock and Roll all into a cholent that will make you smile, tap your feet, shake your head, and even might want to make you get up and dance.

    We'll get started with Mid-Morning-Maya, dedicating her show to the Women of Rock and Women in Rock.  She will paint the banner for International Women's Day, as only she can.
    ...and we won't ignore women just because Maya ends her show at 1:00 PM -
    Our Israeli Soul afternoon show, (1-3) will also feature the Soul of our Jewish/Israeli Sisters. We'll spotlight Bnos Nechama, Neshama Carlebach, Maera Maryam, Nomi Teplow, Anaelia, Shayna Bracha Farber, and others too numerous to mention.
    7:00-8:00 will be Homegrown hour, and then 8 -11 PM, "That's Rock and Roll" will look at New Orleans and the New Orleans contribution to Rock and Roll (not just the jazz that New Orleans is known for)!
    Remeber, about 9:30 we will have our "foundation stone" album of the week, which, although i could guess at what it will be, still has not been selected.  You've got to listen to find out, and that's that about that!

    Israeli Soul
    That's Rock and Roll
    International Women's Day
    Mardi Gras
    Yerushalayim --
    this sounds like Radio Free Nachlaot.
    Remember, Nachlaot:  Not Just a Neighborhood, A State of Mind!

    C Ya on the Radio!

    Friday, March 4, 2011

    Purimm is Coming! Purimm is Coming!


    Mark your calendars for 8pm Sunday Night, Jerusalem time and join Steve Levine & Lorelai Kude as they welcome Jerusalem's favorite all-star musical merry pranksters to "Sunday Night Live" - Jonathan Fialka on bass, Leib Levnter on violin, Aryeh Naftali on guitar and sax, Avraham Berke on trumpet, Akiva Gersh on drums, Moshe Epstein on guitar and Rav Eli Ganz & brother Avi Ganz on vocals - there will be some rockin' good times going on via "video radio," "VISUAL RADIO" or whatever you want to call it: brought to you via the live streaming real-time video magic of BE THERE ISRAEL the live streaming video experts!

    DON'T MISS THIS SHOW, don't miss Purim (the holiday!), don't miss your chance to start out Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet the best way possible - with double-double simchaliciousness - with love from us to you!
    Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos!
    Chodesh Tov, Good Purim!

    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    We're Under Construction!

    But that won't stop us!!!
    Undisclosed Studio "G", home of your favorite Video/Radio Station is Under Construction.  But don't you worry, the cameras may be off today, forcing us to reschedule today's Heart to Heart show with Lorelai (and her weekly guest), and The Returning Light with Lorelai and Benzion Lehrer until next week, but we will be ready in time for Sunday Night Live! That's right - this Sunday Night between 8-11PM Steve and Lorelai will welcome Israel National Radio's Ben Bresky and one of our favorite Adar (but not limited to Adar) bands, Purimm in to our almost built, almost newly renovated Undisclosed Studio G.  You want to know what the new Sunday Night Live set will look like?  Well, so do we!
    Until then -- Radio Free Nachlaot continues to bring you our regularly scheduled mix of Music, Torah and Talk, 24/6 - right here from Undisclosed Studio "B." 
    That's Right! Tonight, Israeli Soul between 1 - 3 PM, music, music, music, and then 8:30 we begin to prepare for Shabbos, 10PM we are "cookin' for Shabbos", Friday we head down the road to Shabbos, with a stop for the Not For Kids Only Childrens' Hour between 1 and 2:30 'ish, and then ... Shabbos, Shabbos, Motzoei Shabbos Melave Malke, and then it will be Sunday, and that's right -- Sunday Night Live!!!
    So you see, everythings different, yet nothing's changed.  Everything that's old is new again. Hitchadshut. Titchadesh Studio G - we can't wait to come play with you!!!

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    It's Wednesday. It's Almost Shabbos.

    ...and when it's almost midnight -- 9:00 PM to be exact, Maya will be on the radio, ready to take us all for a journey into the night-time world of music.
    Tonight's show is dedicated to Inbal Amoyal, a criminologist who was killed in the fire in Carmel on Hanuka. She was 26 years old. She was Maya's friend from the University. Tonight's show, which follows a memorial service for Inbal Amoyal will be dedicated to Inbal, Aleha Hashalom, and to all of us who have ever lost a loved one.
    Music. The Soundtrack to our lives. 
    Music the best medicine when we need a cure.
    Maya on the radio -- 9-11PM - Tonight!

    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    If it's Tuesday, It must be Rock and Roll!

    That's Right! Rock and Roll Tuesday is "Coming Down Upon You!"
    Mid-Day Maya has been rocking our mid morning as only Maya can. Maya in the Mid-Morning, a new time for our favorite "rock star" morning D.J. (other than Lorelai, of course!) playing music that is meant to remind us that we are ALIVE and ready to rock!  She's announcing that Spring is in the air, so that can't be so bad -- Spring, are you listening???
    Our Israeli Soul afternoon will follow Maya (1-3) featuring music from (but not limited to) The Diaspora Band, Ehud Banai, Anaelia, Noah Lubin, Acharit Hayamim, and Naftali Abramson.  Hey some of those folks have already been our guests on Radio Free Nachlaot's Sunday Night Live  - what? you missed them?
    Well, you can catch them "on demand" right off the Video Library which can be found by clicking on videos right below the video image on our web site.
    Tonight - 7-8 PM - Homegrown Hour - you can still send us your homegrown, radiofreenachlaot@gmail,com - mp3 files prefered -- send us the best of your personal stash (u know, music you've recorded on your own, not your favorite rolling stones songs) and we'll try to get it on the air - even tonight, maybe...
    8:00 - 11:00 PM - "That's Rock and Roll!"  - 3 hours of music that is bound to get you to exclaim, "Yes, That's Rock and Roll!" 
    Tonight's Featured Foundation Rock and Roll album will be.......ha, thought i'd give it away?? Listen around 9:30 PM -- if you want to know!!!
    And that's it -- Rock and Roll Tuesday is on the go!!!!