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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DJ Maya's "Dirty Dancing" Debut 9pm Jerusalem Time Wednesday Night!

Our DJ Maya (who, for a 28 year old Israeli girl, has preternaturally retro musical influences) presents her tribute to the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing," starring the late Patrick Swayze and (a nice Jewish girl) Jennifer Grey tonight during her "Maya at (Almost) Midnight" Show 9pm Jerusalem time tonight.

WHY "Dirty Dancing?" Is it an Israeli thing? A girl thing? IS there such a thing as "Dirty Dancing" anymore and if so, how much LESS dirty can it be than this '80's movie about a shy and innocent young girl in the Catskills who becomes entranced by what was a new fad in dancing during the early 1960's?

We don't like the word "Dirty." It's so ... dirty! But really, all things considered, by anyone's standards in this day and age, the movie "Dirty Dancing" is far from dirty, and the dancing is ... quite HOT, as a matter of fact! So we're going to let Maya explain it all to you (and us) and by the time her show is over around 11pm we should all be dancing - in our own way - because you know, gevaldt, sometimes you just have to get up and DANCE - and as now we're moving towards Pesach where "gettin' out the dirt" is so important - maybe we could incorporate some "dirty dancing" in our pre-Pesach cleaning around the house activities! Like, we could wear a swing-y little dress and put on the soundtrack to "Dirty Dancing" and leap around the house with our sponga mops and feather dusters - that's right, nobody puts Baby into a corner!

Whew. Tired just thinking about it! So - join us at 9pm Jerusalem time tonight and find out just how FUN  our dear DJ Maya can make this "Dirty Dancing" experience for us - who knows, we hope to be surprised and come out of the experience feeling squeaky shiny clean!