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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bus Bombing in Jerusalem Today

The #74 bus in Jerusalem was the object of a terrorist attack today when a yet-to-be-identified man left a bomb at the front of the bus and detonated it by some means of remote control. 50 injured, 1 confirmed dead, 3 others in critical condition - this is our day today in Jerusalem.

So please forgive us for canceling Maya's show this evening - she'll be back next week - and stay tuned to Radio Free Nachlaot's Facebook Page for more updates as they come in.

We're playing some jazz and blues right now, then some Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan - we'll be live on the air Thursday afternoon at 2pm with "Heart to Heart" (Lorelai's special guest will be Chana Klein) and "The Returning Light" with Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer at 4pm.

On a personal note, the #74 is the bus both Steve and Lorelai take to get to "Undisclosed Studio G" every day. Today Lorelai was early & decided to take the #60 instead, today Steve was late but still early enough to be on the #74 RIGHT BEFORE the one which exploded.

Rabbi Chaim Richman, Yitzchak Reuven and Yosef Adest of the Temple Institute were in a cab on their way over to our studios where we were scheduled to meet - they walked into the meeting with looks of dazed incredulity - "We just saw a peguah (terrorist attack) as we drove by the #74 bus at Binyamei Haouma!"

Followed by a good 20 minutes of calls and SMS's between family members and close ones, confirming their whereabouts. Everyone checking on everyone else. 8 people in the studio, each huddled around their cell phones, checking on everyone, being checked on by everyone.

Pia, Steve's 18 year-old niece, was actually ON the #74 which exploded - she was in the BACK of the bus, the explosion happened at the FRONT of the bus - so for all of our personal family members & close ones, we all seem to be ok for now, thank G*d - but there's the family and friends of the 50 injured, the 1 dead and the others in critical condition ... Surely by the time we're live on video radio with you tomorrow we'll know if anyone we know was on that bus or around it

This is the reality of living in Jerusalem, the holiest city in the World, the center of the eye of the hurricane, the flash and focal point for all things spiritual.

IT'S REALLY INTENSE LIVING HERE.  Just in case you wanted to know. We're going to soothe you tonight on the radio - there are other place in your media consumption world that will surely get you even more upset - but right now WE need comfort, so that's what we're giving you -

May we ALL be comforted, and may we soon have no more reason to NEED comforting.