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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Things Purim!

It's almost Purim in Jersualem! I know the partying has begun all over the world, and Radio Free Nachlaot is not going to be left out of this celebration!

We've already begun our Purim Programming -- lots of Purim music and Torah mixed in with our songs of Joy, Victory, Pleasure and overall happy music, including music by: Purimm, Aron Raazel, Naftaly Abramson, Acharit Hayamim, Lazer Lloyd Blumen, and many more. 

Now, while that's happening on the radio, just to keep you jumping, our Video Channel will be rebroadcasting our past shows, including Naftaly Abramson, Lazer Lloyd Blumen, Purimm, Noah Lubin, Sharya Witt, just to mention a few.

Of  course there'll be plenty of Grateful Dead mixed in as well, 'cause what's a Radio Free Nachlaot Party withouth the Dead?

And let's not forget, Purim means PURIMM! Our favorite Purim band, Purimm has "shalach manos (free music) and all sorts of info on their web page -, and you can hear the podcast of their Sunday Night Live performance (which we co-hosted with Ben Bresky of Israel National Radio,) on  Israel National Radio by going to their web site:

As for other important information - here's the Megillah Reading Roundup:
Thanks to HaOhel for this list!

Shuls & Organizations Megillah Readings: please bring your own Megillah!
Kol Rina: 18:30 Ma'ariv followed by festive Megillah reading. 07:30 Shacharit followed by Megillah reading.
Ve'ani Tefila: 18:20 Ma'ariv followed by Megillah reading. 05:10 Nietz Shacharit followed by Megillah reading.
Tiferet Yisrael (Corazine St): 18:25 Ma'ariv, 18:40 Megillah reading. 08:30 Shacharit, 09:00 Megillah reading.
Ma'ayanot Shul: 18:46 Ma'ariv, 19:00 Megillah reading. 08:30 Shacharit followed by Megillah reading.
Yeshiva Simchat Shlomo: 19:00 Ma'ariv, 19:20 Megillah reading and 10:30 Megillah reading in the morning.
Shmaya (Ezra Raphael St): 20:00 Megillah reading (night only).

Women’s Megillah Readings: please bring your own Megillah!
Chana Mason’s Home: 43 Be’er Sheva St. at 20:30 and at 09:15. There will be raffle tickets being sold for 5nis to support Yesh Shabbat (an organization which supports Nachalot’s needy).
Sharon Millendor’s Apartment: 23 Chacham Shalom St. the apartment is on the Betzalel side of the building, behind the white fence, at 18:30. Contact her for more info:
Shoshi Greenfeld’s Apartment: 1 Givon St. at 20:15 and at 11:30. Contact her for more info:

Vzeh Hu! For the rest of the fun, just turn on your radio and let us be the Soundtrack for these 2 days of Purim, just like we are for the rest of the days of your lives!