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ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence

ZOOM: The Leader in Field Recording Excellence
As Aretha Sang: "Who's Zoomin' Who?"

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Jazz to the Beatles - Wednesday on Radio Free Nachlaot!

Wednesday is Jazz at High Noon Day on Radio Free Nachlaot! Last week we debuted the "Skruffy Jazz" Show with mystery DJ "The Crimson Stone" (yes, really!) - and he's back this week in live streaming video radio - you can watch His Skruffiness live right here on this web page and hear his awesome jazz selections, 12pm Jerusalem time today and every Wednesday.

Tonight our DJ Maya brings us the Beatles - two hours of our favorite Brits - starting at 9pm. Because it's ALWAYS the right time for the Beatles!

 The big news of course is that STEVE IS BACK FROM THE U.S.A., finally! Keep your ears tuned here, it's very likely Mr. Levine will be jumping into the stream - after all, how can he resist? The microphone is calling his name (and saying, in a very Jewish guilt sort of way: Nu! So what took you so long!). We're all looking forward to the return of our beloved Musical Director.

We're cookin' up amazing stuff for the summer. Stay tuned for MAJOR musical announcements - you'll be hearing from us soon on what's coming next ... and "see ya on the Radio" - in live streaming video via BE THERE ISRAEL live streaming real-time video broadcasting services (check them out for all your "got to be there" (but can't!) broadcasting needs from anywhere in Israel to anyone, anywhere in the world!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Last Steve-Less Day, B"H

Tuesday - our last day without Steve Levine, thank G*d, who is on his way back from the U.S. - back to where he belongs, in front of the microphone at Radio Free Nachlaot.

We've had quite a lot of Guest DJ adventures while Steve has been gone - but it's time our beloved Musical Director was back in the driver's seat! Meanwhile - what are we doing on our last Steve-less day?

DJ MAYA has a special show at 10am this morning - she's bringing her friend Shani haCohen (who just turned 13) in the studio as her special guest - we're about to find out what kind of music teenagers are listening to these days! If that's not a musical adventure, I don't know what is! Listen to Maya's show today at 10am Jerusalem time and keep your eyes open for more announcements ... Radio Free Nachlaot: NOT just a radio station, it's a family affair!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Steve Levine is LIVE tonight 8pm Jerusalem time (1pm NY time) - live from "Undisclosed Studio L" as in LONG BEACH, that's right - "The Other Long Beach," (as Lorelai says), meaning LB NEW YORK, at the undisclosed studios of Blanket Statementstein. HESHY R ("The Hesh, Inc.") joins Steve as well as other surprise guests - maybe you'll recognize some of them - ya gotta listen! TONIGHT!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Shabbos is Coming! Shabbos is Coming!

We wait all week to be able to say this, but it's true even on Sunday - Shabbos IS coming, Shabbos IS coming - it's only a matter of time. Usually 6 days or less. Sometimes the week seems like forever, other times it seems like only a moment.

Either way, as Shabbat approaches here in the Holy City of Jerusalem, the week and it's pleasures and pains, cares and woes, responsibilities and accomplishments all recede into the background of our consciousnesses as we prepare to welcome the Sabbath Bride. "Boi, Kallah! - Come, O Bride!" - yep, here comes the Bride!

Let's rejoice that we get to go to a wedding every week - and that we're reunited with our Shabbos Spirits which come upon us for the duration of the holy hours that we live in a time-out-of-mind place that is BEYOND time and space: Shabbat, a taste of the World to Come. Taste and see that the LORD is good!

We're playing Reb Shlomo and the Grateful Dead to take us into Shabbos ... and we'll have Reb Shlomo meeting Saturday Night when we come out of Shabbos ... and Sunday - Steve Levine LIVE from Long Beach, New York with special musical guests - it's going to be gevaldik, but first ...

Shabbos is coming! Shabbos is coming!

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem to the World!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bye Bye Clarence, Bye Bye

We will certainly miss the Big Man --
Join us tonight, during Steve's "Cookin' For Shabbos" show for his tribute to Clarence Clemons.
You know it'll be Bruce and a whole lot more.
That's right -- Steve will be on the radio, coming to you from an undisclosed studio deep in the heart of dare we say, Nachlaot - I mean, Nachlaot:  Not just a neighborhood, a state of mind! -
So, let's just call this Studio F - Nachlaot West!!!!

C Ya On the Radio!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Maya's "Songs of the Night" Night on Radio Free Nachlaot

We don't know what our DJ Maya thinks about all these Guest DJ's we've been bringing in since Steve has been in the U.S. We're assuming she's tolerant of them because everybody knows Maya rules 80's music AND the night - join Maya for "Songs of the Night" 9pm Jerusalem time ha lila ha zeh, and find out: mah nishtana?


SKRUFFY JAZZ debuts on Radio Free Nachlaot today! High Noon's the time, Radio Free Nachlaot is the place - watch and listen to DJ Skruffy's Jazz Show ... it's time for some alternative latitudes around here, right?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Being a Guest DJ on Radio Free Nachlaot is a LOT Like Playing Tree House as a Child!

It's been pointed out by more than one person that "playing radio" on Radio Free Nachlaot feels a lot like "playing tree house" as a child.

Everyone who has ever been a child understands what that means - whether you've ever had an actual tree house or not. Every child has a private place where they go to play, away from the prying and critical eyes of adults who all too obviously have had all sense of wonder, mystery and most importantly, fun, stripped from their personalities. Who wants to be around that? We don't! Which is why we've made Radio Free Nachlaot our "tree house" - that magical, safe and buzzkiller-free zone where our inner children (and inner rock stars and such) can frolick together and do what we love to do - play radio!

Tuesday's lineup includes our beloved regular DJ MAYA, followed by Guest DJ BEN BRESKY (he of Israel National Radio fame!) at 2pm, Israel Sports Radio's ARI LOUIS at 3pm, Shimyahoo Z. Newman at 5pm, and co-hosting the HOMEGROWN HOUR with Lorelai tonight at 7pm, SuperSonic Studios Producer and Engineer AMIT GOLAN, bringing his favorite SuperSonic tunes along with him ... we're going to have a fun radio play day today - join us!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, Sunday! BEN SCHWED and MOISHE GELLER Play DJ!

It's a new week of Video Radio programming while Steve is visiting the U.S. ... today SUNDAY: Special Guest DJ BEN SCHWED at 5pm (should be an extra-high energy show!) and ...  SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE: Xtra Xtra Special Guest Co-Host REB MOISHE (Moshe Pesach Geller) will join Lorelai, live in the DJ Broadcast Booth on Video Radio, Sunday Night at 8pm. Who better to stand in for Steve, after all? Find out what happens when two Sagittarius gurus (that would be Moishe and Lorelai!) get together, armed with a lot of music and a microphone. Airwaves, beware!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rockin' It From Far Rockaway - Shabbos is Coming! Shabbos is Coming!

It's Friday - and it feels WEIRD going into Shabbos without Steve Levine at the helm, but a guy's gotta do what he's gotta do - like, travel to the U.S. for his daughter's wedding!

Last night Steve "cooked for Shabbos" on-air with us, remotely from Far Rockaway, NY where he gave a full (and very cool) report on the wedding of Shulie Levine and Matt Cohen - mazal tov, mazal tov to the new couple! Grandson Shmuel and Grand-daughter Orly got in the act too, playing radio with their Zaydie (that's Steve). Radio Free Nachlaot: TOTALLY a "family affair"!

Steve will be back with us, Cookin' for Shabbos again NEXT Thursday night (June 23rd) at 10pm Jerusalem time. Rumor has it (Steve said!) that on Sunday June 26th, Steve will be broadcasting LIVE from the mysterious studios of one of our favorite bands in the U.S., BLANKET STATEMENTSTEIN (whose song "Hippies" is the unofficial Radio Free Nachlaot theme song). Should be quite a TRIP!

Meanwhile - Lorelai. What about Lorelai? "HOME ALONE" with the radio? Well, it takes a village (to coin a phrase) to run a radio station when the musical director is away! This week has seen some great Guest DJ's come all the way down to mysterious Undisclosed Studio G to "Play Radio" with Lorelai while Steve is gone. This week we had the amazing Josh Hasten, Ofer Golani, Yosef Ibn Mardychia and Ernie Singer join Lorelai in the DJ Booth (in live video AND radio!) and this is the Guest DJ lineup (so far) for next week:

Sunday: BEN SCHWED (7pm)
Tuesday: BEN BRESKY (2pm), ARI LOUIS (3pm), AMIT GOLAN (Co-Hosting THE HOMEGROWN HOUR with Lorelai at 7pm)

Plus: our regular (if you can call her "regular," we really can't!) DJ MAYA will be doing her thing (we think she likes the video in the DJ booth thing now!) Tuesday at 10am and Wednesday at 9pm. Additionally, Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer's "Returning Light" will return (DJ Booth version) on Thursday at 4pm, and we'll be broadcasting Rav Ozer Bergman's Thursday Night Rebbe Nachman Chebura next Thursday at 7:30pm (as per our usual minhag!) in live streaming video goodness, and, b'ezrat HaShem, simulcast on the radio.

So ... you see, we've got a full plate of music and fun on order for you!

Thanks Steve for taking the time out of your U.S. trip to rock it for us from Far Rockaway last night ... can't wait to hear you again (and surely the audience agrees!) - and if you're in Jerusalem and want to "Play Radio" with Lorelai, send us an email at: - we want to hear from you!

Today on the "Not For Kids Only" Children's Hour (3:30pm) we're going to play  MARY POPPINS. At 6pm we'll let Reb Shlomo take us into Shabbos the way only he can. Because the bottom line is this: SHABBOS IS COMING, SHABBOS IS COMING! Whether you're here or there, far or near - Shabbos is coming - may we all have a sweet and restful one, and we'll "See You on the Radio" Moetzi Shabbos - Good Shabbos, Shabbat Shalom everyone!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"It's Like 1969 Around Here, All The Time!"

Can I just say how much fun it is to "Play Radio" with you?

Yesterday (Tuesday) our friend Josh Hasten (from Israel Sports Radio and Israel National Radio) dropped by and was Lorelai's Special Guest DJ for the kick-off of the "When Steve's Away the Guest DJ's Will Play" mini-season here on Radio Free Nachlaot - and oy, was it fun!

We talked about sports (yes, the Lakers and the long-lost and lamented L.A. Rams, amongst other topics) and players (Vlade Divak's thighs - but we digress!) and how messed up it is that men can't multi-task (yes, really). As Josh said in amazement shortly after the show began: "It's like 1969 around here, all the time!" We even played a few tunes (Michael Jackson somehow managed to work his way into the playlist).

Ofer Golani joined Lorelai to co-host THE HOMEGROWN HOUR last night at 7pm, and it was a whole hour-plus of the ultimate Ofer Golani "Homegrown" - gevaldt, we had fun with that too! Ofer has so much music, he's an ultra-prolific Virgo - check him out under "Jerusaleman" on YouTube!

Today (Wednesday) our friend Yoseph Ibn Mardachya joins us at 4pm, Ernie Singer (from Israel National Radio) at 6pm, and our regular and beloved DJ Maya will be live with us at 9pm for her "Music of the Night" Show - and tonight we're going to INSIST she do her show in video radio (because for G*d's sake, we're doing this for the team and to keep up morale while Steve is away!). Expect to see Lorelai sitting in with Maya, at least for the beginning of the show, because - ironically, as she's very very beautiful - she (Maya) is also shy about cameras (go figure!).

That's 3 - count 'em - 3 video radio shows today!  Coming up in the next week, we're expecting to play radio with Ben Schwed (Sunday at 7pm), Israel National Radio's Ben Bresky (Tuesday at 2pm), Israel Sports Radio's Ari Louis (Tuesday at 3pm), SuperSonic Studio superstar audio producer Amit Golan (co-hosting the HOMEGROWN HOUR with Lorelai next Tuesday at 7pm), and Rusty Mike Radio's Nettie Feldman next Thursday at High Noon.

Yesterday Josh asked, is it ok to mention other radio stations?


That's why we're Radio Free Nachlaot. We're the only ones who do what we do - and we don't have any competition, we only have colleagues and friends!

If you want to "Play Radio" with Lorelai while Steve is chutz l'Eretz - send an email to:

... and remember - IT TAKES A VILLAGE to make a radio station! :) Especially when the Musical Director has to go to America for his daughter's wedding!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

While Steve's Away the Guest DJ's Will Play!

"Wow, I'm not even gone yet and already you're replacing me!" joked Steve Levine during our last "Sunday Night Live" Show - a joke made while packing a suitcase in one hand, holding the microphone in the other. Yes, our beloved musical director Steve Levine is gone - only for two weeks! - and while Steve's away, the Guest DJ's will play!

Lorelai has invited friends to come "Play Radio" with her during Steve's absence - we're going to have a party, everyone's invited ... and today we've got three AWESOME live "video radio" shows in store for you!

Our DJ Maya (ok, she's our REGULAR DJ, not a special guest!) will be doing her show from 10am - 12noon, Jerusalem time. Following Maya, we've got JOSH HASTEN, a DJ from both Israel Sports Radio AND Israel National Radio, who will co-host with Lorelai (sports? Does Lorelai know anything at all about sports? We'll find out!) who will be with us at High Noon, and our old friend OFER GOLANI will join Lorelai as special co-host of THE HOMEGROWN SHOW tonight at 7pm.

If YOU want to "play radio" with Lorelai while Steve is in the U.S. - send an email to: and we'll see if we can find a slot for you (they're almost all full, gevaldt!) ...

STEVE and the whole Levine Family - have a wonderful trip, mazal tov to Shulie Levine upon her upcoming wedding (which is the only thing that would make Steve leave the DJ booth!) and ... LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL, we're playing your song - literally!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's the "I'm leaving on a jet plane" edition of Sunday Night Live!

That's Right. Steve is on the way out of the country, but that won't stop Sunday Night Live from one more
broadcast "to go!"

8:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Tonight - Sunday Night Live from Undisclosed Studio B - just the like the old days!

C Ya on the Radio.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Behaalotcha et Haneirot

Aharon is told not to feel left out. He didn't have the privelege to bring korbanot with the other heads of the tribes. He felt left out. HKBH told him, not to worry - his job, lighting the Menorah, would light a light that would be eternal, not limited to the time and place of having a Sanctuary, as is the case with the korbanot of the other tribes.
The Slonimer Rebbe says that this eternal light the light of the Menorah is the connection between the Supernal light of creation, hidden away for the righteous, and the Light of each and every Jew. ..and this Hidden Light is actually hidden in plain view -- right there, where? hidden in the light of Shabbos!  And the more we connect to Shabbos, to bring out the light of Shabbos, the more revealed that light will be.
Light the Lights. Connect to G-d. Sounds like Shavuos. Sounds like Chanuka. Sounds like Shabbos.
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos
We'll be back after Shabbos with our Melave Malke meets Saturday night extravaganza - this week it's the packing for chutz l'aaretz edition. Listen in as Steve prepares to leave! (but don't worry, he'll be checking in from time to time....)
N E Way --
Raza D'Shabbos Ihi Shabbos - The Secret of Shabbos is Shabbos! It's the Light of Shabbos.
Connect, and Shine, Shine, Shine!
Good Shabbos, Good Shabbos

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 49 today - Day 50 - Shavuos - Coming Up!

Chag Sameyach, Chag Sameyach
Shavuos is upon us.
And whether the Torah is that which sets us free, or is that which teaches us how to be free,
Shavuos - the end day of Pesach is teaching about love, freedom and the ability to receive. The ability to stand together, ish echod, blev echod - one man, one heart.  At the Red Sea we sang a song, we all knew the words (without having to follow the bouncing ball) and we all sang together. At Mt. Sinai, we only saw the good in each other, we connected and made ourselves such a vessel to recieve G-d's light that we reset the world to a time before the mistake of Adam and Eve --
Dedication, Holiness, Connectedness.
That's what I'm talking about.
One ness
Shema Yisroel, Hashem Elokeinu, Hashem Echod.
Wherever you are, and of whatever tradition is the source of your soul, I bless us all that we can receive the Light of the Torah as it comes down on Shavuos. Remember, The Mountain was trembling 'cause HKBH - the Holy One Blessed  be He descended on the mountain.
The light of HKBH is Coming Down Upon Us. Let's rise up to greet the light.
....and let's not forget about the cheesecake!
Music is our gift to you -- a background to help you prepare for this great Chag.
We'll be back after Chag on Wednesday night  and be waiting for Chutz :L'aaretz 2nd day people on Thursday.
Good Yom Tov. Good Chag!

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yankala Shemesh on "Sunday Night Live" TONIGHT!

"Gevaldt," for once, just doesn't seem to cut it. What can we say when presenting the world with Yankala Shemesh, one of the original chevre most core-connected with Reb Shlomo Carlebach? Words almost fail us. But wait - before we get too tongue-tied ... Yankala Shemesh is coming! To "Sunday Night Live" this Sunday, June 5th at 8pm Jerusalem time!

The slightly younger crowd may think of Yankala Shemesh as Oneg Shemesh's dad, and of course they would be right. Yankala (Jeffery Shames) Shemesh is a father, a musician, a Torah teacher, and someone with such rich life-long associations with Reb Shlomo that undoubtedly we could do a week of programming with him and never get to the end of the stories! An original founder of Moshav Mevo Modiin as well as a lifelong "Shlomo Chassid," Yankala promises songs, stories and memories only he can share with us ... join Steve and Lorelai on "Sunday Night Live," 8pm Jerusalem time June 5th and "Watch us on the Radio" with Yankala Shemesh (in live streaming real-time video, thanks to the video ninjas at BE THERE ISRAEL Live Streaming Video Services).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's VIDEO/RADIO Thursday

That's Right. Come watch us on the radio!

2:00 PM - Heart To Heart - This week Lorelai will go deep with Naftali Abramson and 2 of his 18 year old students - 1 year Yeshiva students - all about their experience learning in Israel, and so much more....

4:00 PM - The Returning Light - Lorelai and Benzion Eliyahu Lehrer discuss all things Torah, Health, Cosmic Cycles, Calendar and some music, to boot! (including that pianoplayero mysterioso - heard, but never seen).

7:30 PM - The Rebbe Nachman Chabura led by R' Ozer Bergman, and brought to you video only.

Video/Radio Thursday, brought to you by Radio Free Nachlaot, and Be There Israel - - for all your live, streaming video needs.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

They say it's your birthday!

It's Maya's Birthday. It's Maya's Birthday. Happy Birthday Maya!
What else can I say?  Happy Birthday to Maya - our mid-morning and almost midnight disc jokey who will celebrate her birthday by playing the music that has made Maya, Maya. I mean the music will say it all - which is why i have nothing to say but Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!

Yom Yerushalyim 5771 - Jerusalem Day 2011 - 44 Years!

It's Jerusalem Day again - the day we celebrate the reunification of the eternally indivisible Holy City of Jerusalem, which occurred 44 years ago this week.

Here we have with us so many people in whose living memory - and recent lives - a united Jerusalem was a dream that actually came true. So many Israelis tell us stories about what it was like to live in Jerusalem during the time part of the City was occupied by Jordanian troops. Everybody remembers the 1967 "Six Day War" during which Jerusalem was liberated and thousands streamed into the Old City, in such a daze of incredulous happiness it seemed as if in a dream. Now we go there every day, as if it were simply regular ... how often do we remember those who fought and died to open the gates for us?

Today we remember the triumph and the price we paid ... and perhaps the price we are still paying, for the massive miscalculation of granting the Muslim Waqf jurisdiction over the Temple Mount after it had been delivered, miraculously, into our very hands.

We're celebrating Jerusalem Day, all day, right here on Radio Free Nachlaot ... Lorelai is going out on a video roam this afternoon with our video ninja and we'll be posting some video of our adventures today ... meanwhile, Steve is programming all the best Jerusalem Day music - gevaldt, what a privilege it is for us to bring you the sights and sounds of this special day!